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15 Udemy Alternative Competitors

Despite Udemy having one extensive market share for its online educational courses since its inception in 2010, it now has many competitors vying for customers in this industry.

Before you decide on Udemy as your learning platform of choice, do your homework.

It turns out that there is a long list of Udemy competitors who are making inroads into the marketplace.

Competition is always positive, if not welcome, across industries as it forces higher performance levels.

Where one online educational platform offers multiple courses, the learning experience on another may outstrip stalwarts in the industry.

Let’s take a look at who is challenging Udemy.

1. Skillshare


Skillshare also began its journey of providing online learning in 2010, just as Udemy did.

Skillshare has become a Udemy competitor due to its expansive course offering. Unlike Udemy, Skillshare’s USP (unique selling point) focuses on outcomes that the company bases on video training.

Project completion following each course is far more valuable than simple quizzes when testing knowledge as this teaching method challenges learning rather than simply accommodating new knowledge assimilation.

Skillshare receives high ratings from users in respect of multiple course offerings. This company also provides generous annual membership fee discounts, a 14-day premium trial offer, and interactive teaching methods.

Skillshare is clearly an Udemy competitor to watch out for as its popularity increases.

2. Pluralsight Skills


Pluralsight Skills also offers courses for individuals and businesses.

As an Udemy competitor, though, Pluralsight Skills takes a different approach by focusing on IT skills.

Additionally, this online learning platform offers a skills assessment function, allowing individuals and businesses to learn about what skills they need to fill productivity and market gaps.

Pluralsight Skills also provides a different pricing model to Udemy where you can pay monthly fees to access courses, rather than paying per course.

As valuable as this strategy may be for some businesses and individuals, it is worth exploring other online learning platforms for better deals, especially if you only need one course.

3. TalentLMS


TalentLMS proves to be a strong Udemy competitor with its customizable approach to solving corporate team learning challenges.

Small companies can access this platform free of charge for five users to uptrain employees on soft skills.

A selection of monthly package pricing allows businesses to enroll more employees for monthly training in various areas. One thousand employees can access TalentLMS’s premium package and enjoy learning from an unlimited number of courses.

Another benefit of signing up for a membership on this site is that courses are divided into lessons that last from two to three minutes. Mini-lessons also focus on storytelling to support practical application and memory retention.

If your company wants to augment the employee experience and promote productivity with unlimited learning, TalentLMS is definitely worth a closer look.

4. Infosec Skills


Infosec Skills challenges Udemy as a significant competitor in the cybersecurity area as students can gain officially recognizable certification for the courses they complete.

Course certification is possible when you engage in live team training led by an instructor. Boot camps and training courses also prepare teams for individual accreditation.

The NICE Workforce Framework is demanding, and Infosec Skills provides employee assessments to determine training needs.

Moreover, Infosec Skills courses align with the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework to ensure business IT, security, and engineering teams prepare for potential cyberattacks with comprehensive training skills.

Although Infosec Skills is a major Udemy competitor, it is mainly a threat in the specialized cybersecurity fields. Infosec Skills also wins out over Udemy because of its course certification.

Any medium to large business will benefit from upskilling its teams in the cybersecurity area since attacks are becoming more prevalent and threatening business survival.



EDUCBA is fast proving to be a challenge to Udemy, although its course library is still small.

EDUCBA offers a selection of free tutorials, certification courses, and resources to support student learning.

With the company’s skill-based education, students find that the guided learning method is convenient and speaks to successful learning paths.

Aspiring students prefer EDUCBA because the platform provides courses that link to job demand.

These courses also support a practical learning experience, making new learning easily applicable in the workspace.

You can sign up anytime to start your new career or augment current learning to enrich your knowledge base.

Alternatively, companies can offer EDUCBA training courses to employees as part of their benefits packages.

6. FutureLearn

Future Learn

FutureLearn is one up as an Udemy competitor as it partners with a range of official educational institutions.

Students can sign up with this company to earn full degrees through its partners.

This company also offers micro-credentials to gain valuable skills in fast-paced, growing industries without committing to the total price of degrees.

Students and companies also have access to a variety of courses. You can take short courses that last for two to three weeks or focus on more in-depth studies lasting between six and ten weeks.

Course selection is much smaller than what Udemy offers but is also more focused.

Anyone wanting to further their careers or personal development can sign up for free or paid courses in various subjects.

Course material is available for languages, culture, business management, science and technology, health, psychology, and many more.

7. Skillsoft


Skillsoft is one of the oldest online learning platforms, having opened its website in 1998.

Thanks to years of experience, courses, interactive hubs, and corporate training, this company focusing on training professionals and is a leader in its field.

As popular as Udemy is, it doesn’t compare with corporate training at the level that Skillsoft does, including 65% of Fortune 500 companies.

Individuals and teams have access to over 500,000 library assets that offer learning in various formats.

This learning incorporates practice to complement existing technology and developer skills, leadership training, business skills, digital transformation, and compliance.

Skillsoft is decidedly a major Udemy competitor with its professional corporate training and compliance offerings, which is why the company is so successful.

8. WeKAb


WeKAb is a small Spanish/English training platform that focuses on building a network of educational trainers with companies.

This small business emphasizes lifelong learning by expert trainers in specific fields. Companies can then source reputable experts to engage employees in different training programs where there is a shortage of skills.

Unfortunately, WeKAb’s presence appears to be isolated to Spain, so many companies in bordering countries miss out on this training opportunity.

9. Teachable


Teachable is much smaller than Udemy and offers far fewer courses.

However, like Thinkific and Coursera, Teachable comprises a business model that highlights course creation rather than course offerings.

Udemy combines course creation and course offerings, which concentrates the combined power of creating and selling on one platform.

Companies like Teachable diffuse the strength of their courses across websites that instructors create to sell their courses.

Because of the Teachable business model, the onus also falls on course creators to generate company profits. Unlike Teachable, Udemy’s profits come from course creators and customers on one platform, simplifying the process.

As an Udemy competitor, Teachable and similar sites comprise a different business model.

Courses available to the public are fewer than those available on Udemy and appear to cater to niche markets rather than companies or the public.

In other words, Teachable is like Shopify, except Teahcable focuses on course offerings. 

9. Thinkific


Thinkific is like Teachable when it comes to online education.

Like the Shopify platform, educators create and market their courses on this platform. Thinkific provides educators with multiple tools to support online teaching and studies.

The company offers marketing and customer support for its vendors.

Again, the focus of Thinkific is on course creators rather than course takers. This model differs from Udemy, and some prospective learners may find it more challenging to find the courses they need to upskill themselves.

As far as being a threat, Thinkific and similar platforms don’t fall into the category of primary Udemy competitors.

10. Simplilearn


Simplilearn began its journey into online education in 2009.

This company now claims that it is the premium provider of online boot camps for skills development in the digital economy.

Courses and training concentrate on data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and other business performance training.

Simplilearn captures a large portion of the market by focusing on rapidly changing industries where continuous learning is vital. More than 2,000 experts support current, continuous learning.

Eighty-five percent of training recipients report receiving promotions after completing Simplilearn courses, which place this company in an apex position.

If you’re wondering whether Simplilearn is a strong Udemy competitor, wonder no more.

11. LearnWorlds

15 Udemy Alternative Competitors 1

Like Teachable and Thinkific, LearnWorlds is also all about creating individual websites to offer online courses.

Instead of courses being the company’s focus, they sell platforms for others to build schools and deliver e-learning.

As much as this business model is appealing to entrepreneurs, it forces experts to spend time on promoting their courses to get value for money from monthly premiums rather than relying on chance customer purchases.

Udemy gets most of its money from sales commissions, which places LearnWorlds and similar platforms in a different category.

Market demand, therefore, determines whether companies like this are genuinely Udemy competitors.

12. BlackBoard LMS

BlackBoard LMS

BlackBoard LMS is a global learning management system rather than a course management system (CMS) like Udemy.

BlackBoard partners with communities, governments, and organizations worldwide to bring education and training to as many people as possible.

Anyone who signs up to provide online courses for this company must use the BlackBoard platform, which uses school information systems, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Unfortunately, the user experience is reportedly so poor on this online learning platform that its size and reach do not pose much of a threat as a serious Udemy competitor.

13. Learnetto


Learnetto is a small, up and coming, UK tech startup founded by Hrishi Mittal.

Learnetto’s mission is to support lifelong teaching and learning through various tools. Course offerings comprise writing, programming, nutrition, marketing, sales, design, and several other subjects.

To meet its goals, this company offers new learning experiences via books, courses, podcasts, and tutorials.

If you want to share your knowledge with others, you can sign up with this company to offer your classes.

Alternatively, suppose you want to build your knowledge. In that case, you can purchase online courses to improve your C.V.

As unique as this small company is, it has a lot of growth ahead if it is to become a serious Udemy competitor.

14. AccessAlly


AccessAlly is another LMS for ongoing online education.

This site offers powerful course-building tools for anyone who wishes to manage their own online school.

You can use this comprehensive plugin to build a WordPress site on this open-source platform to design and market a range of courses.

AccessAlly online learning creates a virtual classroom setting to support learning without attending physical classes.

This company leaves it up to educators and entrepreneurs to grow their teaching businesses by opting into this LMS.

These entrepreneurs have the full support of online LMS tools to create, present, and grow their client base through AccessAlly’s marketing functions.

Anyone who loves teaching and supports online learning is welcome to develop informative courses to increase personal knowledge.

15. Coursera


Coursera is a serious Udemy competitor that has been operating since 2012.

Like Udemy, Coursera is also a MOOC provider run by professors who received their education from Stanford University. Unlike many of the Udemy courses,

Coursera offers a lot more recognition for completing its courses in the form of formal certifications and degrees. This recognition beats Udemy hands down for most of the site’s course offerings.

Students are also not left wanting to select course material on this platform.

Ongoing learning in computer sciences, programming, psychology, business, public health degrees, and certifications are available to advance anyone’s career who doesn’t have the time to attend full-time classes.



Udemy competitors come in many sizes and forms.

Some competitors offer LMS, and others provide CMS to promote continuous learning. Individuals and businesses benefit from selecting online learning platforms that align with their interests.

Despite Udemy having loads of competition, it remains a popular platform for learning due to its intuitive platform and affordable pricing model.

If you or your company need new training, they should investigate the numerous platforms that support continuous learning using multiple teaching methods.

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