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How Good Is The Teachable App?

Teachable App 2023: Details, Features & Pricing

As children, you might have been used to physically going to school and seeing your older siblings move abroad for university.

Fast-forward to the present day, and you’ll find online course platforms gaining popularity as people take to the internet for their needs.

People can learn valuable things for free while bundled up in the comfort of their homes. They can browse a variety of courses and pick any course under the sun.

While e-learning makes its place as the new normal, you’ll find a number of online course platforms that promise the best courses, variety, prices, and maneuvering.

The Teachable App is one such platform that allows anyone to design a course and sell it online to students who are greedy for knowledge.

However, other platforms, such as Udemy, Udacity, and Kajabi, are also making their place in the market. So, how good is the Teachable App, and why should you opt for this over all the other e-learning platforms?

What is the Teachable App?

Teachable is made especially for content creators, bloggers, and online educators and is a learning management system (LMS) where these individuals can create and sell courses online for their followers. Anyone can earn money on Teachable as a creative professional. 

If you are looking to grow and monetize a business, Teachable is the place for you. Based on your passion and new skills, you can create a course and design it based on your preference.

This easy-to-use platform allows course creation for those who do not want to get involved with technicalities, hosting, design, or marketing integration.

This means that instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty, all you have to do is focus on making a fantastic course. After all, in today’s world, creating a course is the single most constructive way of monetizing your audience. 

Teachable allows you to control the way your course is sold. You can also base its pricing according to your preference. However, you need to pay a small fee to publish courses on Teachable.

The best part is that content creators have access to various advanced tools that can help them customize the look of their courses and market them the way they want. You also have utter control over discounts or coupons that you wish to give to students.

How Much Does Teachable Cost?

How Much Does Teachable Cost?

Teachable offers three pricing plans. These include Basic, Professional, and Business. The Basic Teachable Plan costs $39 a month.

It charges a transaction fee of 5%, features monthly payouts, and allows two owners/ authors. This plan is best suited for those looking for affordable options to create a course online. 

The Teachable Professional Plan costs $119 a month. It does not have any transaction fee, and features instant payouts and advanced reports. You can make an unbranded website on the Professional Plan that can be customized based on your branding.

Moreover, this plan allows live chat with students and also portrays five admin-level users. This is made for those who have already created and sold their first online course, and are making more than the initial monthly fee.

Lastly, the Teachable Business Plan costs $299 a month. It allows student enrollments in bulk and up to one hundred authors/ owners.

This free plan has manual student imports as well as custom user roles. It is specially made for those instructors who are creating and selling lots of online courses. 


How Good is the Teachable App?

How Good is the Teachable App?

Did you know that more than 22,000 content creators and instructors have opted for the Teachable app (see also ‘What Is Teachable? Everything you need to know‘)?

Today, you will find more than 34,000 courses online being taught to approximately seven million students from different parts of the world. To understand how good the Teachable App is, consider the following:

It is Easy to Use

Teachable’s intuitive admin area and menu system are easy to understand and use, making it one of the best online course platforms available in the market.

Everything on this app is designed to be user-friendly and complication-free. Teachable drastically cuts down the learning curve between signing up for a course and selling a course for the first time on the platform.

It Helps Boost Sales

Teachable includes some features that help boost sales, regardless of the plan you opt for. These features include:

  • A built-in affiliate program
  • Upsell offers
  • Student coupons
  • Marketing integrations that help market your courses online, including MailChimp and ConvertKit


Customizing your courses is very important. Think of it this way: you have a plan in mind. Obviously, you’d want to plan your course in a way that matches your aesthetic and creativity. The Teachable App makes customization extremely simple.

It allows you to add custom branding and custom text to your courses. You can also use a custom domain and perform basically perform advanced customization to design bespoke Teachable courses online. 

It Supports All Content

Do you want to add videos, multimedia, and pictures to your lectures to keep students interested and engaged?

No problem! Teachable allows you to upload files while using images, audio, video, and PDFs. After all, studying with plain text can start to feel monotonous after a while. 

Keeps Students Engaged

The Teachable basic, professional, and business plans allow you to churn content out for students consistently.

Lectures can be released on a specific date or after a certain duration so that students are guaranteed new information and can stay engaged longer.           

Access to Support

In case you don’t understand how to upload a course or are stuck and can’t seem to maneuver your way through the application, don’t worry.

The Teachable app’s support system is loaded with in-depth, step-by-step instructions with a visual aid, including images and videos to help you get through any problem or issue you might be facing.

If you are part of the Professional Teachable App, you can take advantage of the live chat. Otherwise, simply create a ticket and wait to hear back within 24 hours.

Save Money

One of the best things about the Teachable App is that you don’t need any external hosting. All hosting requirements are met by the Teachable support team to ensure that you fulfill all requirements for your online school and seminars.

Not only does this help save technical headaches, you can also save money since you do not have to hire an external team to help you through the hosting process.

Do You Have to Make Specific Courses for the App?

Do You Have to Make Specific Courses for the App?

You can make any course you want on Teachable. Setting up courses on Teachable is pretty straightforward.

Based on your expertise, you can design any course and present it to your audience. The best thing about Teachable is that making online courses is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Organize a course that represents your brand
  • Design a course within the school
  • Build modules for your course
  • Diligently upload video lessons and plans for each module of your lecture quizzes
  • Publish your course and make it available to the audience
  • Put up your course for sale using the Teachable sales page