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Skool Review

Skool Review: Features, Pricing and Worth (Updated 2023)

The internet has long become an enormous presence in our lives, influencing almost everything we do and allowing us all to be connected to each other constantly.

Naturally, it’s also become a great place for people to learn, because it offers a near-endless amount of information and knowledge on just about anything, much of it accessible to everyone. 

What happens when you combine the ideas of learning and community? You get the Skool platform!

Skool is an online course platform for people to learn together over the internet, allowing them to create and join the community platform, as well as create courses.

Users can share, learn, and chat with each other on whatever topics they please, all through the easy-to-use course platform of Skool.

But just what all the advanced features does the Skool hosting platform offers? And is it worth its monthly subscription fee?

We’ve got all the answers and more in our detailed review! In the article below, we’re going to break down each and every feature that the Skool platform offers, as well as its subscription pricing.

By the end, you’ll know whether this is an online course platform and community feature that you want to join or not. Read on this skool review to know more!

Skool – An Overview

Building Own Community

Skool is an online learning platform, where Skool users can create and join and use this community tool based on specific topics or areas of knowledge.

On top of that, you can host courses on the platform, as well as schedule events and video chat with other users. 

Everything is in one easy-to-understand place, making it simple for you to manage a large crowd of people and express yourself clearly to them.

This is also endearing to your own community members because they’ll find it a big relief being able to access everything you need with just one login. 

No longer will they need to fiddle with things like chatting in a Facebook group feed, and having the same discussion in multiple groups.

In fact, Skool states that their groups are more engaging than Facebook groups, meaning that your members are going to be more involved within their community platform and more receptive to courses, events, messages, and more.

On top of that, it’s very quick to set up a Skool group and add your members to it.

It can all be done in under an hour’s time, and without the need for any instructions, since Skool is such a streamlined and straightforward platform.

This means you’ll be able to have your community up and running in a short time, without having to waste time on the parts that don’t matter. This community feature is really helpful to community member’s time zone.

There are also group features to encourage your community members to set up their own groups. If any of your members set up their own Skool group, then Skool will pay you 40% of that member’s subscription fee.

This is a neat bonus to encourage Skool communities to grow and expand their bases, bringing in more members to the platform.

Joint Learning And Fun

Joint Learning And Fun

As for the communities themselves, they act as a place for members to discuss and chat about whatever topics they want.

You’ll also be able to find the classroom here, which is where all of your courses will be stored, along with modules, resources, and more. 

To encourage learning, the community has a “gamified” aspect to it, where members will unlock levels and earn points and prizes.

This strategy helps motivate people to complete their lessons and learn, especially if they feel they’re competing (in a friendly way!) with the other members.

You can even have certain courses only unlocked at certain levels, locking off exciting course content until members have done enough work, enticing them to work harder.

Members can be notified of new posts, courses, and other things with an email marketing system.

On top of that, there is a Skool calendar feature for you to schedule all of the group’s events in, clearly laying everything out in advance and making sure that all members are aware of things.

This scheduling platform is great for attendance because the visual calendar is clear and even sends out reminder emails. 

What Features Does Skool Offer?

Creating A Community

The key point of Skool is to create an online learning community.

Online learning platforms have become massively popular over the last few years, and they’re only growing in popularity as the world starts to favor remote working and learning more.

With actual schools starting to adopt online learning spaces, it makes sense that there are lots of platforms outside those for other people to learn and connect with.

With Skool, you can create or join communities based around whatever topic you’re interested in.

Whether it’s learning about educational areas, like science and history, or a group based around the ins and outs of a piece of pop culture (like a community based around Harry Potter), there will be something for everyone.

As part of a community, you’ll be able to take part in community discussions with like-minded people.

You’ll be able to post comments, videos, photos, and more, all to help express yourself in the clearest and most enjoyable way. 

The community is also where you’ll find all the other skool features which we’re about to look into.

Learning In The Classroom

As we’ve said, every resource and skool’s online feature is neatly collected into your community hub area, making it very easy for members to find things.

This is especially true of the “Classroom”, which is a key part of a Skool community.

The Classroom is where you’ll find all of the learning materials for your community, collecting together all of the courses and modules and making them easily accessible and completable. 

Lessons can be broken down into weeks, letting community members easily keep up to date with what is being taught, and allowing them to see a progress bar that reflects how much of the week’s learning they have completed. This encourages members to complete their lessons and properly take part in your course.

You can also put transcripts of the lessons in the Classroom, allowing your members to refer back to the transcripts of each lesson video so that they can check facts and make sure their study notes are accurate and detailed. 

Any other resources you need can be stored in the Classroom too, allowing you to build a comprehensive library of learning material that is all easy to access. 

Gamified Learning

Everybody knows that learning can sometimes be a struggle, even if it’s an area that you’re really interested in. Thankfully, Skool has “Gamification aspect” their learning process, by making it more like a fun video game. 

As a result, members of your community can earn points as they complete more lessons and modules.

Naturally, earning a certain amount of points will unlock a new level, and they can progress their way through the ranks.

By adding this system of progressions to a learning platform, it encourages members to work harder and unlock more. 

As an extra pull, you can make it so that certain courses are locked until members reach a certain level.

This encourages members even more to learn, because they;ll be teased by the locked course and want to unlock it.

On top of that, there will of course be an element of friendly competition, where members will want to rank higher than their friends. 

You can name the levels too, making them related to whatever your community is about.

For example, if you had a Harry Potter group, you could have level 1 be called “Muggles”, level 2 be called “Hogwarts Student”, level 3 be called “Wizard”, and so on.

It’s a neat feature that makes the learning experience more relevant and fun.

Profiles And Interaction

Profiles And Interaction

Of course, members won’t just want to learn, they’ll want to communicate with each other.

Everybody needs a social break every now and then to break up the learning, and communication even acts as a great way to share your knowledge with others, improving the learning even more. 

On Skool, you can instant message other members just as you would on a social media platform.

You can chat about something random, the community itself, or even help each other with a tough module – it’s up to you!

On top of that, you’ll have profiles. It’s always nice to build a profile because it gives you a chance to show yourself off to others, as well as reflect on how far you’ve come.

You can set a profile picture, add details to your profile, and select your email preferences.

Tracking Performance

One of the major benefits of online courses is that they allow you to monitor progress a lot more easily than learning in real life and you will get access to unlimited courses as well.

While in real life, you would have to add up test scores and mark books, online learning tools can do a lot of the work for you. 

This is why Skool provides community owners with various metrics, allowing them to easily see how their members are doing and what areas might need improvement.

For a start, you can see how well your group is growing, seeing how many new members you’ve acquired in the past 30 days and how many of your existing members have been active in that time.

It’s a handy way to expand your community reach and make sure that the members you do have are taking part.

On top of that, you can track the progress of your community, either at a group level or by each individual member.

Tracking individual members is really handy, as you can see how much learning they’ve been doing and how their online course completion is going. If they’re falling behind, you’ll know and be able to get them back on track. 

All the performance is displayed in an easy-to-understand format, with clear graphs showing your progress.

Expanding With Auto Affiliates

As we mentioned earlier, if a member of your community goes and creates their own Skool group then you’ll get paid 40% of their monthly subscription.

This benefits everybody, because it helps to expand Skool’s number of communities and members, and helps provide you and your community with its own income stream. 

How Much Does Skool Cost?

Speaking of subscriptions, it’s important to look at Skool’s monthly subscription fee, which will be a big factor in whether people decide to use the platform. 

There is only one subscription plan, which keeps things very simple and straightforward.

Skool pricing start at$99 a month. For that fee, you get to create one group/community.

In this community, you can create and add an unlimited course, as well as have an unlimited number of members.

On top of that, you get access to all of the features that we’ve looked at. 

This is going to be an expensive fee for some people, especially when you’re having to pay it monthly.

The reason it’s so high is that your community will be reaching out to countless members, helping them to connect and learn.

The learning potential of an online course Skool community is massive, which is why the skool pricing is high. 

On the other hand, if one of your members then goes off and makes their own group, then you’ll be getting 40% of their subscription fee each month – so you can make some money back. 

Thankfully, there is a 14-day free trial for Skool, so you can try it for two weeks and see if it and all its features will be good for the education of your pupils.

Is Skool Worth It?

Skool’s online platform that has a lot of features, all geared toward offering an in-depth learning experience to community members.

It’s a very easy platform to use, with everything collected into one straightforward place. You can host unlimited courses and modules easily, track your member’s progress, and encourage learning with the leveling-up system. 

Admittedly, Skool is one of the more expensive online course platforms, and not everybody will have the money. If you do, though, it allows you to host an encouraging and packed learning platform.

We hope that this detailed skool review will really help you you to know about this platform.

Final Thoughts

Skool is an online course platform with lots of features, all of which improve member’s learning.