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Review of Kajabi

Kajabi Online Course Platform Review

If you’re trying to break into online teaching, it is easy to become overwhelmed with trying to learn about every component that is needed. While some online course platforms attempt to assist you in every area, it is hard to review them all to know which platform will suit your needs.

Kajabi is one of the best digital platforms we’ve found to create, publish, and sell online courses. They are a fully integrative online platform that allows their users to access a simple, easy to use, and flexible tech system. Kajabi’scourse creators and web design features will streamline the business portion of your work, so you can focus on what really matters: creating teaching material for your online course.

Unlike other course platforms, the ease of use Kajabi offers makes their platform one solution that covers the needs le offering In this review, we’ll cover what features and tools Kajabi offer to help you decide if it will work for you.

1. What Can Kajabi Do?

Kajabi (see also ‘What Is Kajabi and how does it work?‘) is a powerful online resource designed to help you with every aspect of creating and selling online courses. They provide you with all the tools you need to successfully grow your small business.

Since Kajabi’s platform will help you build your content and assist you with any technical needs you have, you do not need any prior tech experience to get started. Kajabi keeps ease of use in mind while helping you create digital products.

Though not an all-encompassing table of contents, they offer a range of tools like:

  • Website building
  • Marketing features
  • Tools for professional landing pages
  • Payment processing directly within the site
  • Blogging tools
  • Built-in video hosting and streaming
  • A private community social space and membership site
  • Email marketing tools for affiliate marketing
  • Pipeline builder for automated marketing funnels
  • Ability to create an affiliate program
  • Online course software
  • 24/7 customer support

In the website builder, Kajabi offers templates for every page you may need to create to sell your digital products. And for some pages, all you even have to do is drag and drop your information onto the page.

All-In-One Integration

One of the things we love best about Kajabi is that you will not need to sort through multiple systems and logins to run your business. This makes things easy to use since you can keep track of all your information in one place. Using Kajabi is the one solution that will also save you hours of time in the long-run.

The course platform is designed so that you can import and integrate previously used websites and marketing processes into one easy to access location. The Kajabi platform allows you to use a drag and drop system for different tasks. This makes content easy to create and rearrange swiftly.

The all-in-one integration that Kajabi offers will also make selling online courses easier. Your students will be able to able to navigate the landing pages, sales pages, and checkout pages for your course without having to leave your main site.

Online Course Creation

In addition to tools for building sales funnels, landing pages, sales pages, and checkout pages, Kajabi has several easy to use tools for course creation. This is one of our favorite features we found during this review.

Woman filming an online course for Kajabi

Kajabi is fully customizable based on your preferences. They offer a variety of website themes to provide a professional and attractive navigation experience. You can adjust the layout, color scheme, and even typography.

If you want to personalize the look of your site even further, you get access to the option of designing your own custom themes. You will need some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and the Liquid programming language to do so. However, this way you don’t need to use one of the preset options on their site.

Content Marketing

They also use analytic marketing tools to build stronger relationships with your students and entice them to sign up for more courses. Kajabi has email marketing features that come equipped with every level of subscription.

Their full-featured email platform gives you a visual editor that helps you to quickly create polished, high-converting email marketing campaigns.

With their email automation, you can utilize Kajabi’s preset options to maximize your outreach. This will help create a sales funnel. Kajabi will also handle customer payments and recognition, which helps you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Kajabi can also use timed videos and animations to make your marketing content more interactive and impactful. This way your marketing materials will stand out in your customer’s email list.

Build Pipelines

One of the ways you can use a Kajabi membership for is to build pipelines. These are mechanisms to gain customers by using more efficient sales funnel and marketing funnels.

With a Kajabi membership, you get access to their email automation marketing tools. These can include tools like pre-written copy that you just have to fill in some blanks to customize it to your specific business.

You will be able to use their analytics to track subscription metrics, revenue, and offers sold from one location. By utilizing a sales funnel, you will also be able to track your customers mindsets to predict future sales.

Kajabi vs Teachable

Teachable is another online course platform that is part of the e learning community. When comparing Kajabi vs Teachable, you’ll notice you can also use Teachable to for course creation and email marketing. However, that is primarily what you can use it for.

Teachable is a digital course platform that will only allow you to create, market and sell online courses. Kajabi, on the other hand, has everything you need and can be used for every process of running your small business.

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Customer Service

If you’re subscribed to the middle or highest plan, you’ll have access to Kajabi’s customer service team around the clock, for customer service whenever you need it. This can be especially helpful if you are working on growing your small business outside traditional working hours. However, the 24/7 customer support does not apply to the basic plan.

There is an online customer support chatbot that you can access during the day on weekdays if you need any assistance. If you are not particularly tech-savvy, you may want to consider subscribing to one of the higher levels for the guarantee of unlimited customer service.

2. Is Kajabi Mobile Friendly?

With a fully dedicated mobile app, Kajabi has everything you need for providing online course platforms on the go. They offer a mobile app that is available in both the Android app store and the Apple app store. This means both you and your students will be able to access your online courses at any time, making your e learning materials even more accessible.

With the website builder, you will be able to review how your course content will look and feel on different mobile devices. You can even access the course creators through a mobile device. This way you can be sure your online course will be responsive and optimized on any screen size.

Kajabi app on mobile

The mobile app is also designed so that all online courses and communities registered on Kajabi can be accessed by students in the same course platform. This means that if a student purchases courses from two different instructors that are both teaching through Kajabi, they will be able to access both online courses on the same page. This makes it easier for students to keep all of their e learning courses in one place, and avoid missing any important information.

3. Is Kajabi Good For SEO?

Kajabi offers a dedicated sharing section and Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) for each of your websites, pages, and blog posts. This makes it easy and straightforward to perform SEO on your site.

If you want to make the most of Kajabi’s email marketing tools and SEO capabilities to optimize your search result rankings, you will just need to fill out some required information. You can even enter this information directly onto your blog.

To get started, make sure that you have strong page titles. This can help your page to get ranked by Google or other popular search engines.

Next, you will need to create a page description. This doesn’t need to be lengthy, just a few sentences to summarize the main subject of the page. You’ll just want to use words or phrases that people searching for your services may use.

Finally, you’ll want to include an image on your page. Whenever someone shares a link to your site, this is the photo that will also be shared. Because of this, you’ll want to use a relevant and attention-grabbing photo to help increase site traffic.

After you follow these few steps, you can make the most of Kajabi’s SEO feature for your small business.

4. Is Kajabi Worth the Cost?

There is no getting past the fact that Kajabi charges a lot for their services. If you don’t have a ton of experience with their services, there is an option to pay for monthly subscriptions. However, there is a discount if you decide to sign up for a yearly subscription.

There are also three different levels of Kajabi pricing for membership, depending on the size of your business, each with different subscription costs. The basic plan starts at $149 per month. However, you can get the basic plan as low as $119 per month with the annual discount.

If you already have a customer base or are confident in your ability to sell online courses, you may want to start out with the middle or upper subscription level. These annually cost $159 and $319 per month, respectively.

While this may seem like a considerable cost, if you were to use different platforms for every step of your process, the prices for multiple memberships will add up quickly and can end up costing even more. Additionally, if you are paying for content marketing tools, course creators, a website builder, or a pipeline builder all independently of each other, not only will you end up paying more money, you will be paying in your time as well.

When considering pricing, it will ultimately be cheaper to use one platform to keep all of your information in one place instead of using third party vendors.

The time and money you will save by marketing and selling your online courses on a single online course platform are benefits of their own. With all of this in mind, we definitely think Kajabi is worth the upfront costs.

While all the Kajabi pricing plans offer the same core benefits, each higher plan services higher numbers, and offer additional benefits at each level. So be sure to check which services you may need before signing up for a plan. You can always upgrade to a higher Kajabi pricing plan if you realize you want to upgrade certain services.

Free Trial

What is a better way to put a course platform to the test than a free trial? While there is currently no free version of Kajabi, they do offer a 14-day trial to all new customers. This is a really easy way to get an in-depth look at how Kajabi can help your small business grow.

➡️ Check out our Kajabi discount page for the latest offers.

The Bottom Line

Kajabi is a membership site that is designed to be an easy to use, all-in-one digital platform that handles every aspect of your business. They condense the information and tools you would otherwise gain from multiple third party vendors into one platform. This makes it easy to focus more of your time on creating the course content you want to sell.

If you want to earn an income by selling knowledge online, you probably want to do so easily. If you love sharing knowledge and helping other people, you won’t want to be negatively impacted by a complicated technical platform.

When comparing online course platforms for your small teaching business, Kajabi is the best value for your money. This is because you are cutting out a bunch of other apps and services to just use Kajabi. We also think that this site is the best value because you won’t need to waste time switching between platforms

If you are still on the fence on whether you want to use Kajabi, they offer a free 14 day trial! Sign up for their free trial today to see if Kajabi will work for you!

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