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Your Comprehensive Udemy Review To Guide New Learning

Udemy Review: Benefits of This Online Learning Platform

Our Udemy review indicates that this educational platform is vast, successful, and attracts millions of enrollments.

Individuals and companies take advantage of the benefits of the Udemy learning platform to bridge the divide in skills.

Since Udemy’s inception, millions of students have benefitted from short and longer courses to educate themselves. Courses are affordable, and the platform is conducive to learning new skills at your own pace.

This Udemy review takes you through everything you need to know about this platform, its pros and cons, courses, pricing, ease of use, and customer service.

Read this article before deciding whether Udemy is suitable for you.

What is Udemy?

What Is Udemy

Udemy is known as a provider of massive open online courses.

Since its inception in 2010 in San Francisco, it has scaled the heights of education success.

Udemy is known to be a popular online learning platform that offers thousands of courses to students and businesses.

Anyone with qualifications can offer their courses for sale after approval, and up to 58,000 instructors do just that.

With such an abundance of expertise in one place, students can choose from over 150,000 courses, divided into many modules and formats.

Course subjects cover business studies, IT, the arts, music, languages, digital marketing, management, programming, project management, and so much more. Instructors design course material for individual and corporate use.

Corporate users can access tailor-made learning portals for ongoing corporate training in various subject matters.

Course material is also available in various formats to promote learning and maintain interest. Expert instructors provide lessons in text format, ZIP files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, live classes, discussion boards, audio, and video. 

Naturally, prospective students cannot download and view courses offline as this will lead to abuse. As an additional attractive feature, you can use the company’s mobile app to check classes offline or listen to podcasts of lectures throughout your day.

Another valuable function is that students get to see courses via Google’s Chromecast or Apple TV, contributing significantly to the overall learning experience.

Instructors offer tests to check proficiency throughout their courses. You can even obtain credits for some technical courses while working toward full certification.

Additionally, this Udemy review shows how the platform reaches students in 180 countries and provides tutorials in 65 different languages with their unique video player, allowing closed captioning.

Moreover, students will enjoy the note-taking feature on these videos that provide additional study value to Udemy’s courses.

An Udemy notes how students can access free and paid courses on this platform. Following its inception in 2010, over 480 million people have enrolled to use this learning platform because it is cost-effective and easily accessible.

Companies also use this valuable online tool to upskill their employees to close gaps in their training without breaking their budgets.

Udemy Highlights Pros and Cons

Pros Cons

All comprehensive reviews must include pros and cons, and this Udemy review is no different.

Pros and cons help customers weigh their options, which is why it is vital to include these aspects, both favorable and unfavorable.


  • Course prices are generally affordable, which makes them accessible to most people.
  • Many free courses are available to give aspirant students a taste of what this learning platform offers to add value.
  • Students can access up to 6,700 courses at no charge, which is beneficial in anyone’s language.
  • If you purchase a course and find it isn’t what you expect, you can apply for a refund within 30 days.
  • Students can access any course they purchase for the rest of their lives.
  • There are many courses to select with more than 13 categories and numerous subcategories, giving you an excellent idea of just how much you can broaden your skills over a lifetime.
  • Paid courses offer a certificate of completion. Although official educational institutions don’t recognize these certificates officially, there are specific technical courses that you may be able to use to apply for credits towards recognizable accreditation.
  • Live sessions with lecturers, Q&A, discussion boards, and many other teaching modes enhance the learning experience.


  • Certain students who struggle with online learning may find it challenging to remain engaged with lectures.
  • Students cannot download course material for use offline, which is problematic in certain instances.
  • The platform doesn’t always get their category grouping right for courses, making it challenging to find the course you’re after at times.
  • Several students find that their course trajectory is slow, which challenges engagement and interest in completing the course in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Questions surround how well expert educators are vetted, which raises doubts about the credibility of course information.
  • Course material delivery is incremental, but many students prefer access to the entire course to facilitate study planning.
  • Udemy’s app and website user interface (IU) is slow, which can be frustrating.
  • Many courses provide a record of lecturer instruction rather than live classes.
  • Tests in the form of quizzes tend to be extremely easy following the completion of a module, which can diffuse the learning experience.
  • Udemy’s platform organization is confusing.

The credibility of Udemy is clear from the millions of students who take advantage of the opportunity to improve their education. Despite the list of pros and cons, the benefits of signing up for a course on Udemy speak for themselves through student enrollment figures.

Course diversity

Udemy Course Adversity

Considering there are over 150,000 courses on Udemy, it is not surprising that there are few topics that this platform does not cover.

More than 13 major categories and multiple subcategories ensure that almost any upskilling is possible, especially in the business environment. Moreover, the fact that students can access 6,700 free courses adds to the value of Udemy.

Course diversity in this Udemy review covers a range of primary categories, including:

  • Bestselling courses.
  • IT development.
  • Design.
  • Business.
  • Personal development.

Not all course material and categories can be addressed in one article, but here are a few hints at what these categories offer.

1. Bestselling courses

The range of IT, software and programming courses is mindboggling. Prospective students can try their hand at Python, Excel, Web Development, Microsoft Certification, SQL, C++, Project Management, or English, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Many other bestselling courses are available to upskill yourself in diverse fields. Choice of these bestselling courses is indicative of the areas where these skills are the most vital.

2. IT Development

IT Development topics are prevalent, demonstrating how these fields prevail in the 21st century. Under this category, students can broaden their knowledge in diverse areas such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development Fundamentals, Django, and HTML5, to name a few.

If you wish to learn more about the world of programming and computers, this is the category to choose.

3. Design

Udemy’s Design category is incredibly appealing for creative individuals across the world. Here, you will find courses such as Web Design, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Motion Graphics, Mobile App Design, and dozens more.

Not only does this category cater to the creatives, but it offers the chance to broaden your existing skill range to accommodate the growing demand for diverse skills.

4. Business

Some students start their academic careers by specializing in IT, natural science, or other areas of expertise to find that their business knowledge is deficient. An Udemy highlights the potential to complete your learning with diverse business subjects.

You can complement current learning with various business modules such as Business Fundamentals, Leadership, Management Skills, Human Resources, Business Plans, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and dozens more.

5. Personal development

If you have met your need for career development, it is time to explore personal development. Better yet, you can explore career and personal development simultaneously to augment personal growth as a vital skill in the corporate environment.

A few of the top courses under this category encompass Life Coach Training, Personal Development, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Delve a little deeper into an Udemy, and you will find other fascinating courses that cover Mindfulness, Personal Transformation, Voice Training, Creative Writing, Resume and CV Writing, and Spirituality.

There is nothing quite like growing personally with practical and spiritual skills to enhance your life quality.

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Ease of use

Ease of Use

In this Udemy review, we look at several issues relating to ease of use and generally finding your way around the site.

An evaluation of the ease of use of this platform is pleasantly surprising.

Users want to know that a site is easily navigable, and they can find what they need within seconds rather than minutes.

Udemy incorporates several features that make using their site a simple process. Course categories are intuitive to find and use. A search function facilitates the process if you don’t find what you want while browsing drop-down menus.

After settling on a specific course, the page is generic but comprehensive. You will find videos, course descriptions, and user reviews to help guide your choice among the same course offerings.

User reviews are especially helpful in recommending you to find quality course offerings, mainly when many instructors offer the same courses.

Course payment is equally as convenient as course selection once you know what you want to study. Follow the prompts for a streamlined payment process that accommodates multiple payment methods, or select a free course as quickly as you choose one that requires payment.

Besides the site being easy to navigate, the customer reviews give prospective new customers the confidence they need to confirm the site’s legitimacy. Forge ahead with your education goals on this site in the sure knowledge that you will receive expert instruction.

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Pricing Udemy

Udemy allows instructors to set the prices of their course offerings.

It is up to students or customers to decide whether the price reflects the course’s value or is market-related. Having said this, the course prices adapt to country exchange rates and range from being free to between $20,00 and $200,00.

Despite an absence of course accreditation, this Udemy review confirms knowledge testing on completing subject matter through quizzes. Course material further provides the chance for professional and personal development.

Course costs are also far more cost-effective than any formal educational institution. The pricing model that Udemy course instructors use is highly individual and is incredibly convenient when companies or individuals only need a quick filler course to increase their marketability or productivity.

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Customer service

Udemy offers a comprehensive collection of customer services to help make your learning journey enjoyable. Students and businesses can access Udemy customer services throughout the day and night via several methods:

  • FAQs are a quick, popular way to get the information you need without picking up a phone or using a contact form.
  • FAQs cover various common issues for students and instructors, including finding missing courses, accessing completion certificates, obtaining refunds, finding out more about payment methods and issues, and resolving other issues.
  • Help with setting up profiles, accounts, accessing the course material, mobile access, and many other issues are addressed.
  • Udemy users can also access the site’s customer services in several languages, which adds to the quality of customer service provision online.
  • If the comprehensive FAQs section doesn’t give you answers, you can use the online form to look for more help.

This review has yet to uncover a direct phone line to speak to live customer support, which is often a drawback on this and similar platforms. However, Udemy makes up for this drawback by providing a relatively complete list of FAQs covering many potential areas where customers look for solutions.

Also, the sheer volume of students and instructors who use this platform makes it virtually impossible to offer live customer service. Despite these pros and cons, few users report problems with customer services other than, perhaps, waiting for refunds.


Our Udemy review highlights the benefits and disadvantages of using this platform to augment your knowledge. The Udemy site is easy to navigate, offers multiple courses in various categories, and is affordable for many people.

Instructors set their prices, leaving customers free to choose the best course based on reviews. Overall, Udemy is a thriving online learning platform that changes lives daily throughout the world.


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