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Layla Acharya
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Kajabi Vs Teachable: Similar Ideas Different Implementation

Kajabi vs Teachable 2023: Which Should You Use

Kajabi vs teachable – Online Course Selling courses platforms review.

Are you trying to hop onto the bandwagon of online learning and teaching?

Get in line! Trying to choose the perfect Learning Management System (LMS) to devise, create, and publish your online course can prove to be a struggle, especially with the number of platforms available today. This review is mainly targeted at course creators.

How do you decide what platform suits your course needs best?

There are a number of reviews out there comparing Kajabi vs Teachable. However, this review will be different in that it will focus on the features that are unique to each platform and how they help you sell unlimited online courses. Moreover, it will explore the features that are similar between the two platforms.

Kajabi and Teachable are two of the most famous and best online course platforms available today.

Apart from functionality, this article will also compare the marketing capabilities of both platforms while analyzing each of their features. After all, you need to know the good and bad before you make a choice, right?

What is Kajabi?

What is Kajabi?

Founded in 2010, Kajabi is an all-in-one innovative online platform that allows users access to a simplified and flexible tech system. Kajabi offers a number of features under one roof such as creating online courses, coaching, podcasts, memberships, and others. Kajabi offers a growing section where you can create websites, pages, emails, and funnels.

The main aim of Kajabi is to provide users with a platform to build their online business by selling online courses without any complications they might encounter when usually managing online entrepreneurship. 

The entire online course business model of Kajabi is based on SaaS. This is an all-in-one platform where creators can build their own online course business.

Kajabi is an online course creation platform as well as SaaS and online course marketplace. The membership sites on Kajabi offer the ability to create, sell online courses and deliver online courses.

The benefit of creating membership sites on Kajabi is that it allows instructors to quickly and easily connect with potential students and customers. In addition to this, Kajabi provides members with a variety of benefits such as access to online course materials and personal training.

Uploading courses on Kajabi is easy and convenient. Once you have signed up for a Kajabi account you can upload your courses from the dashboard. All you have to do is click on the upload button and choose the file that you would like to upload.

Then you can either save the file or upload more. Kajabi also offers bulk uploading options. Bulk uploading allows you to upload multiple files at once.

Building course pages on Kajabi is easy and intuitive. Kajabi offers many templates which are highly customizable to meet the needs of the instructors. The course pages contain all of the content that is made available to the students. It is a great way to present the online course to the students.

You can create pages by simply clicking on the Create page button and dragging and dropping different elements onto the page. Kajabi is offering much more features than Teachable. These pages can be used to update once the students complete their course or intermediary tasks. The customization options are unlimited and easy to use.

Members of Kajabi can sift through a selection of integrated marketing tools in the website builder that introduces them to web hosting, different marketing features, payment checkout pages, sales page, course creation, similar member communities, and website pages. Excellent marketing campaigns can be made using these tools.

From a student’s point of view, the course player of Kajabi is simple and intuitive. The course player is a great visual tool for instructors to show their course material in a visual manner.

Course players can be customized to show different content on the left and right sides of the player. The course player is customizable in a way that the instructors can add their own content to the player. The customization options are unlimited and easy to use. There are 10 customizable themes available for course players.

Kajabi is made specifically for people who wish to find sales and marketing funnels under one roof for the convenience of the user and customer. These tools enhance online business performance. Kajabi is an all-in-one solution to get a start in creating online courses and marketing them.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for course creation, email marketing, content creation, and many others.

The customer support of Kajabi is excellent. Both creators and students have always been quick to respond to any queries that have been sent to them.

It is also worth noting that the training videos that are made available to members are top quality and cover all of the basics of using the platform. When compared to Teachable, Kajabi has better customer support and a more professional feel. Kajabi provides profitable online business-creating tools.

The course-level analytics of Kajabi is very useful in terms of understanding how the students are interacting with the course. This can be done by taking a look at the course analytics. Course analytics can help the instructors understand what types of content are getting the most engagement.

Moreover, course analytics can also help the instructors identify what types of content need to be more in-depth or updated. The analytics also shows the course progress of each student. These analytics helps course-level customization.

Before finalizing your decision, let’s check out what Teachable is offering in the comparison.

What is Teachable?


Teachable is another platform that is part of the eLearning industry. Teachable offers a range of free tools to help educators create courses. With Teachable, teachers and instructors can upload their own lessons. Moreover, Teachable offers a range of features to help educators manage their courses.

It is a cloud-based, white-labeled platform that allows high-end organizations to sell courses, teach online, and train employees. This Learning Management System (LMS) allows content creators to devise and sell courses online as well as complete control over student management.

The easy-to-use online course creation platform allows users to devise courses without paying attention to tech, hosting, design, or marketing integrations.

The marketing campaign creation is a breeze. The platforms allow the creation of marketing campaigns within the website as well as offer third-party integrations. Third-party integration is one of the best things about Kajabi. The many third-party tools that are integrated with Kajabi make it so much easier for instructors to create their online presence.

The most popular third-party tools include Wistia, Asana, Slack, MailChimp, and Stripe. These third-party integrations make it so much easier for instructors to create and manage their courses.

Anyone can create online courses and sell them on Teachable- it does not require any tech experience. The course creation process is simple and straightforward. There are also training programs available for course creators to help them choose their topics and create and launch their online courses.

Teachable offers secure payment gateway options both for students and teachers.

The advanced marketing tools of the Teachable platform allow educators to create and market their courses to a wider audience. These advanced marketing tools include social media management tools, email marketing tools, and landing page tools.

The landing page builder of Teachable is quite simple and allows educators to create landing pages for their courses. These landing pages can be used to promote the courses to students and to generate leads for marketing campaigns.

The user interface of the landing page builder is quite easy to use and allows educators to design and customize their landing pages.

The course completion rates of Teachable are quite high because the quality of content that is offered to students is very engaging and informative. Student engagement is high. Moreover, it does not overload the students with a lot of content.

The course player of Teachable is simple and has only one theme. The benefit of the Teachable course player is that it allows you to change the appearance and feel of the course player using the simple interface. The course player is also easy to use. Not as good as Kajabi’s, it performs its function very well.


The Main Difference Between Teachable and Kajabi (teachable vs kajabi)

The Main Difference Between Kajabi vs Teachable

Comparing Kajabi vs Teachable, both e-Learning platforms (online course platforms) that allow users to create and sell their courses online.

All the tools are provided for them to build their course website and engage their respective audience. All content, including videos, pdf, and quizzes, can be structured into lessons and modules spread out over a period of time. This course structure helps students learn faster.

Neither of these platforms requires you to hold an official certification or degree. Basically, anyone can build a course and sell it.

What makes both Kajabi and Teachable online course platforms different than other online course platforms (such as Udemy and SkillShare) is that they are not online marketplaces, so you will have absolute control over paid plans and policies.

Course Completion Certificates

Course completion certificates in Kajabi are awarded to students who have successfully completed the course. The teachers need to send the course completion certificates to the students. Teachers are first required to create the website and then send the course completion certificates to the students. The option is available in the dashboard.

In the Teachable course, completion certificates are awarded to students automatically who have successfully completed the course.

Comparing Kajabi vs Teachable – What is the major Difference?

You might be thinking that Kajabi vs Teachable (much like Teachable and Thinkific) provides the same basic functions, so what is it that really makes them different?

Remember, we previously mentioned that Kajabi is an all-in-one online platform that allows users to build and market their courses online.

Teachable, on the other hand, is a standalone online course platform that only allows users to create and sell an online course.

Not only can you create and sell your course online on Kajabi, you can also create your website and take over your marketing process on the platform. The website builder is intuitive and easy to use. Using the website builder course creators can create a user experience that is different from others.

Kajabi aims to provide its users with everything under one platform so that they do not need to run around to learn different other tools and focus their energy in one direction. This is essentially Kajabi’s main selling point, as it saves u