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Your Comprehensive AccessAlly Review To Guide New Learning

Your Comprehensive AccessAlly Review To Guide New Learning

AccessAlly has made it incredibly simple to set up and maintain a membership platform.

You can quickly build online classes and set up and manage your affiliate program right inside AccessAlly!

AccessAlly is one of the best WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugins and membership sites. It does an excellent job of creating visually appealing courses and having advanced marketing tools and high-converting features.

What is AccessAlly?

What Is AccessAlly

AccessAlly is a feature-rich course plugin built on WordPress, the most popular open-source platform on the internet that gives you the power and flexibility you need to grow a successful online business.

AccessAlly is a self-sustaining WordPress LMS plugin that over 2,578,387 people have used for training.

AccessAlly makes it simple to create WordPress courses, memberships, and digital goods, giving you the power and versatility to sell more, teach more, and interact longer.

AccessAlly integrates with your email marketing automation system to give your students a personalized, fully automated experience. This two-way integration allows you to build efficient workflows to keep things running smoothly.

As an LMS corporation, AccessAlly has three core values:

  • Core Value #1 DO FEWER THINGS, BETTER.

AccessAlly focuses on doing what they do best: creating powerful LMS software with solid marketing strategies built right in.


AccessAlly knows that what you measure improves, and they are constantly looking to data to make better decisions.

  • Core Value #3 BE AN ALLY.

AccessAlly strives to actively remove the barriers to success for others. They believe that technology and education have the power to eliminate the inequality that AccessAlly witness daily.

AccessAlly aims to assist leaders and educators in making their ideas a reality by eliminating the need for endless searching and worrying over technical issues.

Course diversity

Your Comprehensive AccessAlly Review To Guide New Learning 1

AccessAlly makes it simple to create WordPress courses, memberships, and digital goods, giving you the power and versatility to sell more, teach more, and interact longer.

1.   Sell more:

  • Conversion Focused Order Forms

Choose a theme for your order form, add custom fields, change the colors, and begin selling.

  • Recurring Payments with Stripe & PayPal

Upgrade and downgrade plans, as well as installment plans and annual payments.

  • Trial Offers

To attract more participants, offer free trials or paid trial periods.

  • 1-Click Upsells & Order Bumps

Sell more without having to ask customers to re-enter their payment information.

  • Coupons

Deadline coupons, timed promotions, and daily coupons are all produced.

  • Bulk Course Enrollment

Sell to companies and teams and help them handle participants.

  • Affiliate Tracking

Establish tiers, affiliate ties, and sales data for promotional partners.

  • Abandoned Cart Follow-Up

Recover missed revenue by contacting customers who did not complete their purchases.

  • Cross-Selling Dashboards

Make more purchases by showing free and paying members what else is available.

  • Multiple Currencies and Tax Tracking

Accept payments in local currencies and charge local taxes.

2.   Teach better:

  • Flexible Course Builder

Create courses with as many modules, tutorials, quizzes, and other features as you like.

  • Progress Tracking

Allow students to track their progress and pick up where they left off.

  • Video Bookmarks and Tracking

Create video breakpoints to make finding and viewing videos easier

  • Audio Bookmarks and Tracking

To fast-forward or monitor listening habits, play audio files, and add bookmarks.

  • Objective Checklists

Create checklists on every website to use as a reference for students.

  • Live or Dripped Courses

Unlocking modules is possible based on development, a predetermined timetable, or a dripped release.

  • 3 Quiz Types

Create ratings and personality tests and the ranking and pass/fail quizzes.

  • Assignment Submissions

Provide a dedicated location for students to submit assignments and receive feedback.

  • Private Notes

Switch on questions and answers or have a space for private notetaking.

  • Auto-generated Certificates

For your certificates, upload a blank PDF that will auto-fill with your students’ names.

3.   Engage longer:

  • Gamification & Points

Create a flexible points system that allows participants to gain access to bonuses.

  • Badges

Members will earn badges for completing courses, which can then be shown in folders.

  • Login Follow-Up

Keep track of members who haven’t signed in, in a while and try to reactivate them.

  • Individual Coaching Portal Pages

Create a single page for all your coaching clients (see also our guide to starting a coaching business) to access their specific information.

  • Secure File Hosting

Files can be password-protected and uploaded to Amazon S3 or locally.

  • Searchable Member Directories

Members apply filters by fields or search terms, and they can be shown publicly or privately.

  • Customizable Member Profiles

It is possible to add custom fields for members to fill out, and you can monitor what is shown.

  • Leader boards

Member grading based on Gamification points or paid featured listings. It is possible to buy listings.

  • Snappy Login Links

With an email link, members can easily log in even if they don’t have a password (see also our favorite alternatives to LastPass) (see also our favorite alternatives to LastPass).

  • Engagement & Sales Metrics

Find out where people experience issues and identify retention patterns by tracking what matters.

AccessAlly highlights pros and cons

Pros Cons

AccessAlly has the advantage of requiring only one WordPress plugin to handle anything from payments to membership access, learning management, and CRM integration.

You have complete autonomy and versatility in terms of adding new features, using the open-source platform and designing for your preferred themes.

Since WordPress provides a secure framework and AccessAlly integrates with several CRMs, you can transfer or switch platforms without starting from scratch.

No matter how many courses, memberships, or members you have, you only pay one flat fee, and your progress is mirrored in your bottom line.

AccessAlly is self-sustaining.


  • Unlimited Courses: There is no limit on the number of courses you will take. You could use AccessAlly to create an entire online learning empire if you have enough bandwidth.
  • Gamification: Benefits for students who win and spend points. It keeps them focused on their studies and provides them with tangible rewards without costing you anything.
  • Team Accounts: You should have several admin members, which means that as your educational material becomes an archive and your student numbers rise, you’ll have someone to help you keep track of everything.
  • Payments: PayPal and Stripe are payment-approved types, but other currencies, methods, and subscription payments are also accepted. AccessAlly also applies state-specific taxes automatically.
  • Video Content: Courses include video material, and AccessAlly provides a unique and fast way to incorporate videos without disrupting the learning process. It’s more valuable than you would imagine.


  • No Mobile Support: Since it’s a plugin, there’s no real mobile help. Your students would not be able to do anything from an app if they are mobile and on the go. Though it’s inconvenient, they can still visit your mobile-friendly WordPress platform and log in using their smartphone or tablet’s internet search browser.
  • You Can’t Host Webinars: Yes, you can host live online classes. On the other hand, Webinars enable you to interact directly with your students and audience. You’ll have to use a third-party text-based chat feature, which means you’re better off just live streaming from an unlisted connection to a YouTube stream at this stage. The live video feature is completely useless.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

It’s never easy to move the content and members from one channel to another.

AccessAlly has developed a migration plugin to assist you in importing current members and additional migration tools to assist you in importing courses from other standard LMS plugins.

When switching to a new system, there will always be extra work, but AccessAlly has made the transition as painless as possible for you and your members.

Integration of modern email and marketing CRM software gives you the ability to automate and expand your company, but only if it works with the rest of your tech stack.

AccessAlly is a CRM-first LMS plugin that allows you to customize each student’s learning experience by sending data back to your CRM. This two-way street integration is what allows your company to grow in a customized, cost-effective manner.

Many plugins and LMS systems struggle to do what AccessAlly does, which is to bring in complex results with simple input.

You need to follow the steps outlined to construct the ideal course.

1.   Setup

Setting up a course entails a great deal of anxiety. You want to make sure you’ve done it correctly and that it’s user-friendly, and AccessAlly alleviates a lot of the tension.

Setting up courses and other materials is relatively easy once the software has been installed. All you must do is start a course and walk through the steps from course identity to integration and testing in six steps.

It’s all laid out in front of you.

2.   Hosting

It does not provide any hosting options as a plugin, nor does it imply that it’s associated with any hosting options. The course will be hosted on your WordPress account, but AccessAlly will not enable you to host a separate site or subdomain.

3.   Domain setup

Although you can’t set up your domain with AccessAlly, if you’re migrating from another domain or host, AccessAlly can help you easily incorporate all your content and courses into your new site.

Thanks to AccessAlly, you can make it seem as though your site never changed hosts or went down in the first place.


Pricing Udemy

You’re already in the online course market if you’re reading this, which makes choosing the right plan that much more straightforward.

AccessAlly offers three main plans:

  • AccessAlly Essentials – This package, which costs $82 a month and provides various e-commerce features for small businesses and solopreneurs, is currently available. It would be best to move on because it lacks both LMS and course development capabilities.
  • AccessAlly Pro – This package currently costs $108 per month and contains everything in the Essentials plan plus LMS and e-learning features, making it an excellent choice for educators and advertisers.
  • AccessAlly Done For You – This plan begins at $4500. It includes everything in the Essentials and Pro plans, plus the option to employ a professional expert to help you with everything from site migration and setup to site construction, design, and implementation.

The Essentials plan lacks the basic LMS and course development capabilities. “AccessAlly Done For You” is something of a luxury, a convenience for companies and edupreneurs who don’t want to take on the exciting challenge of creating their own platform.

However, getting set up and developed isn’t tricky. As a result, the AccessAlly Pro is obviously the best choice!

Quizzes, progress tracking, checklists, private notes, tasks, video bookmarks, and other features found in standard LMSs are all included in the Pro. However, it has other distinguishing features that set it apart from other LMSs, especially as a WordPress plugin.

It combines interaction and interactivity. For example, its e-commerce features no unrivaled capabilities. Registration forms that migrate well, member lists, and affiliate marketing integrations are all available.

Customer service

After contacting their own customer service for a problem, AccessAlly decided to see what they could do to help.

“Their customer service wasn’t spectacular, but they knew how to walk us through the issue. I wouldn’t grant them any prizes because of it. While the tone wasn’t exactly upbeat, we did receive assistance, so can you really complain?”

What their clients have to say:

  • Marc Wayshak

“Since joining AccessAlly, my membership platform has tripled. The opportunity to do one-click upsells accounts for a quarter of my revenue.”

  • Amanda Goldman-Petri

“AccessAlly is by far the most attractive, practical, and strategic.”

  • Alexia Vernon

“Through AccessAlly, I can host all my speaking membership content on my WordPress site; we never have access or loading problems, and the platform is so user-friendly that even my non-designer/non-programmer team members can manage the backend. I’m so happy we decided to invest!”

  • Carly Seifert

“I’m migrating an existing membership platform to AccessAlly and amazed at how much more stable and effective it is. Via all the little stuff incorporated into AccessAlly, there are so many ways to cultivate and engage my membership. I’m so happy I made the switch!”


Choosing the correct LMS is a huge step!

Is AccessAlly really an all-in-one solution, as they claim?

They certainly are. Among the various LMS systems examined, AccessAlly essentially is what it claims to be, with few exceptions.

You won’t be met with any unexpected costs, and you won’t be saddled with features you don’t want or need; everything has been carefully considered.

It’s easy to see how anyone could use this as their sole LMS device for the rest of their lives and be fully satisfied.


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