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Learnworlds Review

Learnworlds Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features [Updated]

So many different LMS (Learning management systems) say that they’re user-friendly, but they end up being complicated enough that you look up YouTube videos, and guides, and even contact customer support.

That’s not what your LMS should do, especially if you’re a one-person army.

Learnworlds Review


Learnworlds is different, but not without its faults. While the user experience is excellent, they do need to make some improvements to how everything flows on your end of things, even if the student experience is well thought-out. Don’t worry; we’ll talk about that and more.

In our Learnworlds review, we’ll discuss every little pain point that you can imagine, and talk at length about the setup, hosting, integration, website builders—the whole nine yards. Strap in, because we’re taking a deep dive into all things LearnWorlds.

What is Learnworlds?

Learnworlds is a white-label full-service LMS system. What that means is they’re not like Udemy which has to host your classes or Skillshare which sells your classes to people for you—they’re a service that puts you in control.

Your website is yours, your online courses are yours, and everything appears as though you built it from the ground up with no help from a service, agency, or LMS system.

Why is that a good thing? How Good Is Learnworlds

It shows brand diversity and authority. You come across as a unique learning platform or online school that doesn’t have to host courses on big brand websites. While there are certainly perks to doing that, you become tied to their payment systems and their teaching methods.

With your own site, course creation and building out your online school or first online course is truly in your own hands.

Who Should Use Learnworlds?

Based on features, pricing, and ease of use, individual entrepreneurs will flourish under Learnworlds and the way their system is designed.

You have the power to create and sell online courses, and modules, and implement social learning tools and materials as well as video and text content without requiring assistance from a customer service team. With Learnworlds, the solo entrepreneur can do it all.

That’s not to say that corporations can’t benefit from Learnworlds as well. For large-scale corporate training programs, Learnworlds gives you an opportunity to ramp up production, make a site in a short amount of time, and spend less on intensive labor and coding to get your courses off the ground.

Essentially, they’re a money-saving, cost-effective option that won’t bleed your budget dry to maintain.

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What Is Learnworlds Used For

Learnworlds Ease of Use for Online Courses

learnworlds homepage

Learnworlds has two learning curves: short and steep. You can learn a lot about Learnworlds in a week or two, set up your courses, and hit the ground running for visual and textual clues.

However, there are a lot of complex features and elements to this LMS that can take up to a month to get familiar with. Video tutorials will be your best friend here (see also, how to sell tutorial videos)

Course Creation Setup

Setup is going to have its ups and downs. Once you get your subscription lined up and you have what you want, it will open up the different options available to you.

Get familiar with your level of access, and then begin making your membership site. You have to add in DKIM and SPF record information if you choose a domain provider like GoDaddy (which is why they didn’t appear in our review guide), so be sure that whatever host you choose, you know how to set things up.

Once the site is live and your SSL is up and running so you can accept payments, you have to individually set up the modules for your courses.

Create email signatures, newsletter sections, notifications, course enrollment notifications, and more. There’s a lot to set up, but it’s all that makes it an in-depth learning experience for your students.


Learnworlds does not host your website. Instead, they direct you to host services that the internet has trusted for years.

Learnworlds can be a pretty hefty program when you factor in webinar hosting, unlimited video hosting, and all the little tidbits in between. For this, we recommend either going with Bluehost or Dreamhost (you can view full reviews of these and more in our online hosting guide here).

That being said, they’re not as simple as WordPress to install on your hosting site, but the process is still relatively quick.

Learnworlds Pricing

prices on learnworld

Learnworlds is in a sweet spot between being cost-effective and priced according to its worth. They could charge 40% more for this service on an annual basis and many people would still use it (we would likely still recommend it).

If you pay annually, you can get the Starter plan for $24 per month,  or $29 per month on a subscription basis. This includes best course sales, admin controls, SSL certificates, and email support 24/5 (no weekends). Coupons, payment gateways, and unlimited courses are included.

What you will most likely need is the Pro Trainer setup, which includes zero transaction fees, unlimited landing pages, affiliate program management, question banks, file assignments, custom certificates, and so much more. This allows up to five admins, so a small team to help you manage everything. This is $63.20 per month on an annual plan or $99 per month on a subscription basis.

The thing is, the Pro Trainer annual price of $758.40 is only available for your first year, after that it’s $99 per month or $1,188 per year with no way to lower it.

You could eventually upgrade to the Learning Center option, which is $199.20 per month for your first 12 months on an annual plan, or $299 per month for your second and subsequent years.

This includes everything that the Pro Trainer bundle has, plus automated reports, up to 20 admins, premium onboarding, and unlimited multimedia and SCORM files.

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Learnworlds Templates

Learnworlds includes a fair amount of templates that you can just hit the ground running with, but their best service has to be the Magic Templates option in their website builder.

Use your page builder, modify landing page templates on the fly, and then apply it to a template to make everything fit cohesively. It’s a brilliantly simple tool for creating effective, eye-catching pages.

How to Use Learnworlds

If you go with Learnworlds, it’s important to have a crash course on how to use it. Let’s take a look at course building, website building, and Zoom integration real quick so you aren’t walking in blindly.

Course Builders

The dashboard can feel a bit clunky, but all you have to do is click on “Create Course”, which will be along the top of your screen with a few other options.

Give the course a title, and a URL slug, and decide if it will be a draft (unseen by the public and search engines), paid, or free. Free courses are a good way to provide value to your potential customers and have them upgrade later on.

Website Builders

Building an entire site is easier than ever. This is basically a drag-and-drop site builder for all intents and purposes, allowing you to click on fonts, text sizes, images, and entirely new sections of a site.

Change the section layouts through Magic Templates, and preview how everything looks in mobile, tablet, and desktop views. It’s simple to use, though there are a lot of features, so be careful not to get lost in the fray.

Zoom Integration

Zoom has been the go-to app for many, and as a result, they’re able to integrate with Learnworlds to provide a more seamless experience.

You’re still limited by Zoom’s maximum class sizes, screen sharing capabilities not being available on some browsers, and what-not, but if you plan on integrating Zoom from the start, you can tell your students to prepare by using Chrome to access classes, which allows for all of Zoom’s features.

How to Sell Online Courses and Market Your Course Via Learnworlds?

business options

Marketing is an ongoing effort, but thankfully, Learnworlds makes it easy to build your own marketing plan with its built-in features.

Learnworlds Sell Courses

  • Free Course Offers: Build a course for free, prove yourself as an educator, and then link to other courses at the end. This is a common tactic used by course creators on Udemy.
  • Coupons/Promotions: Make a special, time-sensitive offering on a landing page, or offer coupons and put them up on sites like Groupon to attract customers.
  • Free Chapters: Like a sneak peek of a course. Offer the first “chapter” or two for free, and then when your customers are hooked, they’ll want to continue. Just don’t enrage them on a bad cliffhanger; make sure they walk away with value no matter what.
  • Subscription Tiers: This is a marketing tactic, not just an affordable pricing structure. Make the plus or pro version of your plan offer a lot more, but only at a slightly increased price. You already have all these features in your course, right? There’s no extra work involved, but you could be making extra money.

Does Learnworlds Use SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, which is basically a roundabout way of saying “This is how a learning platform teaches you”.

SCORM models are some of the most-effective models out there, time-tested and proven to help people learn through online education more than other methods.

But it’s more than just that—SCORM is also a file type, and when you design a course, you can use SCORM files to upload to multiple course vendors (if their ToS allow it), which helps minimize your course-building efforts. You make it once, and then it’s good to go, stored separately off of your course builder site like a master file.

Learnworlds allows SCORM files to be used, including SCORM 1.2 files (the newest version). This is something that you will see on LMS systems, but rarely on WordPress plugins for course builders and membership sites.

Does Learnworlds have a CRM

What Makes Learnworlds Stand Out From the Competition?

Learnworlds is an all-in-one solution from course creation to selling online courses. It gives you control over everything, and while no service is going to do everything for you 100% of the way, Learnworlds gives you all the tools related to marketing to let you take your courses and website to the level that you want.

LearnWorlds Competitors

Regardless of which of the online course platforms you choose, with Learnworlds alternatives you’ll have to customize options like custom code, SEO efforts, and things of that nature, but again, that’s going to be an issue no matter where you look. Learnworlds lets you make landing pages, courses, and websites, and manage memberships.

Apart from being intuitive and extensive, they also allow for more benefits in their Starter package than most LMS systems allow in their mid-tier packages, such as custom domains, multiple payment gateways, and unlimited paid-for course creation options.

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LearnWorlds Vs Teachable
Learnworlds Vs Thinkific
LearnWorlds Vs Podia
Learnworlds Vs Kajabi

Learnworlds Analytics


Learnworlds integrates with your Google Analytics, but they can also integrate well with Mixpanel. While Learnworlds doesn’t give you the chance to gather analytics directly from your site, a lot of analytics use the back end of Google as it is.

You can’t really get better results than Google Analytics. Integration is easy, and because you can see everything in one place instead of having to migrate to another service or page, it’s pretty intuitive. Learnworlds does a good job of incorporating GA into its service.

Learnworlds Customer Service

Any LMS should have a top-notch customer support team who actually knows what they’re talking about. Learnworlds does an above-average job at making sure their customer support agents are well-trained on most of the topics at hand.

To be fair, I don’t think most of us could remember a rap sheet of solutions with all the things that can go wrong on the back end of an LMS, so props to them for what they’re able to do.

You have access to a 24/7 support team, and while we’re not going to pretend that it’s the same level of quality at all hours of the day, it’s there for you.

Pros and Cons of Learnworlds

Learnworlds pros and cons



  • Endless Courses: Some services try to limit the number of courses that you’re allowed to have, but with Learnworlds, they don’t put a cap on it: go crazy, make as many as you could ever want. This not only removes restrictions but gives you the option to mess around with a faux course just so you can get familiar with all the features and options without accidentally making a mistake within your primary, money-earning courses.
  • Fully Responsive Templates: More than half the world accesses the internet through mobile devices: smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Learnworlds has responsive templates that look excellent on every single device, screen size, resolution, and orientation that you could ever want. All done for you with no work required; they’ll even show you previews of how your site and courses will appear on alternate devices.
  • 30-Day Trial: Who doesn’t love trying new things for free? Some LMS systems either restrict you to a 7-day trial, or they don’t even offer a trial in the first place (more common among plugins than anything else). Learnworlds gives you plenty of time to explore every angle of their service. LearnWorlds Free Trial.
  • Affordable Pricing: Starter, Pro Trainer, and if your needs are tall enough, the Learning Center options are all excellent options with affordable pricing. Compared to a lot of other LMS systems and even some WordPress plugins, Learnworlds comes with an agreeable price. It’s not the cheapest out there, but for what they offer, we didn’t expect that going into this.
  • Interactive Videos: Have your students get hands-on with a lot of different course options or the interactive video. When you immerse your students, their online learning style improves. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Interactive learning is the way to go.
  • How To Download Video In Learnworlds


  • Assistance Comes at a Cost: Choose anything except for the best package on the list, and you do not have that 24/7 customer support we mentioned. From one stance, you can see how their lower-paying customers have less priority access to customer care, but you’re still paying for the service regardless of what package you’re on. You should be treated with the same urgency as everyone else.
  • Known Bugs: Learnworlds has been known to push out new features without properly testing them on their Learnworlds online testing engine, meaning you’re going to get a few bugs here and there. Nothing creates disdain for the service, but you can definitely notice them and they do get in the way of productivity from time to time.

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Learnworlds Could Be the Last LMS You’ll Ever Need

Learnworlds has caveats, but any LMS system does. What you can expect from them is an easy and intuitive UI, great user experiences, and custom solutions that don’t look like cookie-cutter websites and online courses.

Their pricing is beyond reasonable, but we do wish that they had a freemium version. The trial lasts long enough to know if this is the right LMS for you, but based on the way they’re constantly improving, they could end up being the last LMS you’ll need for the foreseeable future. Let us know what you are using Learnworlds for and why you think it’s the best course platform for online course creation or building out an interactive online school.

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