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Teachable Review

Teachable Review – All You Need To Know

The world we are living in is one that is increasingly expanding in its field of knowledge and skill sets of the people, and being in full control of your own career is super achievable. That’s why more people are turning to coaching services like Teachable because it allows individuals to launch their own courses to teach.

The concept of traditional teaching in which students have to physically attend classes is fast becoming obsolete, especially in the post-COVID era. During COVID-19, when many people were left stranded in their homes due to government-imposed restrictions, people even in most developing countries had no other choice but to switch to online mode of classes i.e., learning online courses and coaching. The majority of people realized that being physically present in the classroom is not the only option to gather knowledge and information.

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Nowadays, you can access any course you want through online classes, as long as you have an access to the internet to own online course; a fact that has surely revolutionized the education system. Unlimited students around the globe have benefitted from an online education system through unlimited courses or an affiliate program during the COVID era

The online education system has many advantages. The first aspect which really gathered attention was the system’s flexibility. Depending on the working schedules and ability to afford a certain program, the timings and fee structures can be flexible, even for each course and online lessons. In addition, people have a vast majority of programs and subjects to choose from. They just have to get online and take the online course. If a student is really interested in researching the right course material and content, there is a major probability that they may be able to get their hands on a free course. Above all, it gives a chance to both the teacher and the student to have more interaction as compared to the physical classes.

In this Teachable review, we’ll be looking at Teachable as a course-creating website and how its service works. We will also briefly compare it to some of its biggest competition, whilst looking at benefits and flaws the service may have.

The teachable platform is an online course creation software that came into being originally in year 2013, with the first instance of fedora. The CEO and founder of teachable Mr. Ankur Nagpal were using another teaching platform for teaching an affiliate marketing program. Since his experience was not so memorable, he decided to go all in and created his own online platform for the creation of courses i.e., teachable.

Since its inception, the teachable platform has successfully helped more than 100,000 course instructors in creating online courses as well as selling courses, which resulted in a revenue of more than $500million. As per the latest rankings of online tools published by Capterra, a free online marketplace vendor, teachable achieved a popularity score of 31/50 and rating score of 45/50 through many teachable reviews which are quite impressive, considering it is quite new as compared to most of its counterparts.

Some teaching online schools in teachable also offer free courses and coaching services. The offering of free courses not only serves as a great opportunity for people to learn skills online free of cost but also gives a chance to instructors to publicize their own online school by advertising their own courses. Teachable is also a very good platform, especially for a technically inclined person or a tech-savvy who intends to learn a course through distance learning.

In this Teachable software review, we’ll be looking at Teachable as a course-creating website and how its service works for selling online courses. In this teachable review, we will also briefly compare it to some of its biggest competition, whilst looking at the benefits and flaws the service may have.

This Teachable review should edge you closer in the right direction as to whether or not selling a Teachable course is for you and your aspirations.

How Does Teachable Work?

Teachable is a great online course platform that essentially allows members of the platform to create online courses and sell online courses. You can sign up for a free trial to get a feel for the site or choose between a Basic, Professional, or Business plan in order to sell courses.

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It is basically an online courses creation, online learning, and courses selling platform that allows instructors, creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to create and sell their own personalized, engaging, and informative online coaching courses, contents, and coaching products. The tool allows them to complete their course production of multiple courses with the help of lectures, quizzes, assignments, and videos.

A major attractive aspect of teachable is that the instructors or entrepreneurs can collect their teachable payments directly from the platform, rather than having to go through the hassle of value-added taxes (VAT) and author payments. Authors also have a console through which they not only can track their teachable sales of multiple courses but also gain insights into the sold courses. A facility of unified dashboard is provided through which student feedback regarding a particular course is collected through surveys.

Once signing up with your name and email address, course creators have full control over their own professional plan and the online training courses they wish to execute. Once you have signed up with Teachable, you can get started on building a course. A wide range of features are available to make this happen but will vary slightly depending on your chosen plan. Teachable also allows memberships and has options like course marketplace as well.

Teachable has been developed based on the ideology that anyone who is interested in transforming knowledge through small passive income can benefit from this particular platform.

This easy-to-use platform helps online course creators get their courses up and running, and ready to engage students. Through launching these courses and sharing knowledge, you can expect to see some revenue coming in through your sales page, which makes Teachable legit a great option for aspiring multiple teachers.

Key Features

Teachable Features and Resources for Students

It’s important to review key teachable features for any platform that works around selling online courses. Teachable gives personal customization on all plans from the basic plan to the business plan. Teachable understand the importance of making your course individual to you and achieving the style and format that you want. During your free plan, you should be able to explore Teachable course options and third-party teachable features.

The fundamental step in teachable is to create and sell your own product i.e., teachable courses. By clicking a “+” sign, teachable courses or coaching product types can be selected.  A course product is based on a specific curriculum and you may include quizzes, assignments, videos, and tutorials. A coaching product is one in which an instructor can interact one on one with the client and offer coaching based on the client’s requirements. Once the type of product is selected, then the instructor has to fill out basic information forms to complete the data. Once the data is finalized and pricing is mentioned by the instructor, the course can be successfully published.

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