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The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning

The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning

BlackBoard LMS is a leading Ed-Tech company that serves clients in higher education, industry, and government worldwide.

They combine a profound understanding of education with the power of technology to bring learning to new heights.

BlackBoard LMS works with the global education community and witnesses an unwavering commitment to ensuring that all learners can access the best education possible.

With your support, the BlackBoard LMS will accomplish more, ensuring that all students have access to the best education possible.

The BlackBoard LMS assists you in providing an interactive experience that meets individual needs and assists educators in shaping each learner’s path to prepare them for the future.

What is BlackBoard LMS?

The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning 1

According to the BlackBoard LMS, this massive online education platform is the world’s largest virtual learning organization.

With more than 100 million learners and 20 years of experience, BlackBoard LMS has mastered the art of active learning.

BlackBoard LMS research has been used by over 700 business and government organizations worldwide to deliver outcomes-based learning that leads to measurable employee growth.

This BlackBoard LMS discusses how the centralized learning ecosystem, which includes technology and resources, is a trusted one-stop-shop for learning programs that help workers and organizations excel.

The BlackBoard LMS research portfolio of products and services benefits students at all stages of their lives, from kindergarten to the workplace.

With such a vast library of knowledge delivered by expert instructors, BlackBoard LMS is the first stop for millions of businesses and individuals who want to support their growth.

Special features

The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning 2

Here are some of the essential aspects of BlackBoard LMS:

1. BlackBoard app

Learners can access their courses on the move with the BlackBoard Learn App.

With the notification-based system, they may participate in real-time virtual classes and discussions, take tests, and receive assignments, comments, and reminders. Software download is also available to Apple and Android users.

2. BlackBoard analytics

Administrators and students can use this feature to assess their success in each class or program. Students can use their student-facing dashboard to compare their activities to their peers.

Administrators may filter and drill down into their data to find specific metrics, such as students who are not performing well or the most and least utilized tools in a course.

3. BlackBoard Assist

The BlackBoard Assist feature is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist students in obtaining school services such as financial aid, mental health, and tutoring.

With the support of BlackBoard partners, administrators can design and distribute specialized modules (Bartleby Help, Bartleby Write, and GoPeer). This functionality is only available to higher education clients who use BlackBoard Learn in the cloud.

4. Integration

Organizations may integrate BlackBoard Learn with their existing systems thanks to its partner network of over 300 third-party content management and other solutions.

It also integrates with the virtual classroom application BlackBoard Collaborate.

5. Admin controls

You can use the main dashboard to manage groups, also known as organizations. Users also access the dashboard to control calendars, messages, grades, tools, and institution sites. The front page of your account is ‘Institutions.’

Ultra gives you the ability to create several institutions and brand them separately, which is a valuable option for sharing BlackBoard LMS online training with other corporations. Stream is a user activity and message feed. It’s well-organized.

BlackBoard LMS administrative tools are as extensive as you’d expect from a system with so much history. Even within courses, there are a plethora of alternatives.

Because the labels aren’t always the clearest, you’ll have to spend some time looking around to figure out what you can accomplish.

The platform comes with ten built-in roles solely for system users, as a sample of the depth and complexity of BlackBoard LMS admin capabilities.

Institutional roles, course roles, and bespoke roles are also available. The option to assign primary and secondary roles to users is an exciting feature.

Someone may, for example, be a student in multiple courses while also serving as a teaching assistant or instructor in others. BlackBoard LMS allows you to customize experiences and access.

Administrators can also utilize BlackBoard LMS Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocols to  regulate which system tools are exposed to users and incorporate other products.

This level of control is advantageous for firms that manage large groups of users and courses. It’s one of the areas where the BlackBoard LMS excels.

6. Group notifications

BlackBoard LMS also includes a robust set of automated notifications that give users complete discretion over how and when they get them. Users can forward messages through email, SMS, or push alerts from their profiles.

They can also pick and choose which messages are displayed in their streams. BlackBoard LMS allows you to create almost any type of automated notification.

Institutional announcements, assignments, grade updates, new discussions, due date reminders, events, and more are among the options.

7. Course building

You can upload or drag-and-drop files into Learn courses to add content. You can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud services to import them.

Documents, links, folders, examinations, conversations, and journals incorporate into courses by instructors.

You can also import complete course packages, copy an existing course, and pluck items from other courses in the system.

Setting prerequisites or time limits for seeing content is simple. Before discussing the next topic, you need a student to complete an exercise or obtain a specified score. Modules stitch together to be finished in a specific order.

The BlackBoard LMS platform isn’t for its course creation capabilities. Blackboard LMS course management and delivery are its strong suits.

8. Custom branding

Custom branding for each university in your account is possible with BlackBoard LMS. Create an appealing custom interface by uploading an image and assigning brand colors.

BlackBoard LMS allows you a lot of control over your user interfaces, which is a quality that many businesses appreciate.

9. Collaborate

BlackBoard LMS native video conferencing capability, Collaborate, is a feature that you must purchase separately. Users may meet, share files and apps, and even work on a virtual whiteboard in Collaborate, a virtual BlackBoard LMS classroom.

You can collaborate on mobile devices, allowing teams to stay connected no matter where they are. Due to system overloads during the COVID-19 epidemic, the BlackBoard LMS stopped the Collaborates recording functionality.

The organization provides bandwidth management guidelines for supporting the system’s data load. When assessing Collaborate, read the guidelines, and think about how you can best use this function to your advantage.

10. Assessments

Blackboard LMS allows you to create tests with a wide range of question formats, including formulas. Automatic grading of questions is possible, with options for sharing the correct answers and offering explanations. Randomization of questions is also an option.

The opportunity to create an access code to secure your tests is another beneficial feature of the site. Blackboard LMS also has a feature that allows you to lock the browser throughout the test to prevent cheating.

11. Portfolio

A portfolio feature in the BlackBoard LMS is a helpful tool for business training and performance management. You share portfolios with other users to show off a student’s achievements.

Administrators can create portfolio templates to maintain a consistent presentation. As many sections as you need, a header and footer and a navigation menu are all included in portfolios.

12. Reports

BlackBoard LMS comes with several pre-built reports, and many restrict specific user groups. Administrators access all attendance, use, and system recordings.

Course activity, performance against objectives, user engagement, and involvement in journals and conversations, among other indicators, are available to instructors. Reports generated for individual users or groups of users.

Only managed-hosted clients have access to advanced reporting in Blackboard LMS. Overall, Blackboard LMS reporting isn’t compelling.

Pros and cons

The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning 3

BlackBoard LMS is a well-known learning management system (LMS) with extensive course administration and delivery capabilities.

Branded and adjusted to fulfill specific requirements to build a Blackboard LMS online learning environment.

Within your account, you can have various organizations with different branded experiences. Some features, including user and account management, are well-developed, while others, like reporting and course creation, aren’t.

Let’s explore several benefits and drawbacks as reported by their users.


  • This LMS is simple to use, and two-way communication between the lecturers is efficient. This feature is handy for older lecturers who disliked the flashier aspects of Canvas.
  • BlackBoard is excellent for students because it is easy to use, and they are constantly updating the system to make it better.
  • This LMS is good for producing content and using this program as a student. Being an all-in-one stop is difficult, but Blackboard has significantly evolved over the years by trial and error.


  • Most software isn’t flawless, and this software is no exception. The mobile app is a little sluggish, but it works all the time, so it is still recommended to others.
  • There are some minor issues with function, but they are quickly resolved by following the problem-solving instructions.
  • Blackboard is large for teacher/administrator initial set up, so it takes time to load new classes. It is easier to maintain but takes a long time to set up the first time.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

BlackBoard LMS’s ease of use determines your hunger for thorough documentation and exploration.

It’s simple to log in and remain on top of your work as a student. It’s a beast for instructors and administrators, with a confusing user interface.

Furthermore, other tools specialized for educational use–such as a plagiarism checker–cluttering the UI. As a result, it’s challenging to suggest Blackboard over the several platforms designed specifically for staff onboarding and development.


Pricing is by the number of FTEs (full-time equivalent learners) who will use the system every year and tailored to the organization’s needs.

Unfortunately, BlackBoard LMS does not offer a free trial to its users.

The cost of a BlackBoard LMS evaluation is solely by a quote.

You can contact their support system for a quote.

Customer service

The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning 4

BlackBoard LMS shines in this area with phone, web, and chat support.

In addition to video lectures and online courses for instructors and administrators, the BlackBoard LMS includes a help center.

In addition, depending on the package you select, you may receive onsite or remote training. You can also get help and advice from BlackBoard LMS’s active online user groups.

If you need assistance with a product or want to learn something new, the BlackBoard LMS contains a wealth of information.

1. Support for students

Whether you’re attempting to log in for the first time or submitting a final paper, a BlackBoard LMS can assist you with any of your product-related questions.

The site makes searching easier by leading you to articles tailored just for students.

2. Support for educators

BlackBoard LMS Management System from K-12 to higher education and professional education, Help gives assistance and assistance to educators.

The site allows you to search for help by-product and discover which product your school utilizes.

3. System administrators

This BlackBoard LMS gives you helpful information relating to access to product support and reference materials, as well as software downloads, known issues, and account management.

The site is also used as a backup to your primary campus helpdesk.

4. Developers

Connect with the BlackBoard LMS developer community to obtain developer-specific resources, ask BlackBoard LMS employees and peers questions, and learn about upcoming developer events.

5. BlackBoard training

The learning services and training team at BlackBoard LMS can help you with your training needs by ensuring that your teachers and staff have the skills they need to optimize your technological experience with the system.

Offline and onsite training courses with content for all platforms are also available through Blackboard LMS.


The Essential BlackBoard LMS Review To Guide New Learning 5

The BlackBoard LMS appears to be an effective LMS that encourages educational growth and constructivist approaches.

In terms of communication, evaluation, and overall information management, the BlackBoard LMS provides a collaborative and user-friendly environment for teaching-learning.

It is also clear that increased interactivity can lead to increased learner engagement, which has a beneficial impact on learning outcomes.

However, training is critical for getting the most out of the BlackBoard LMS to improve knowledge, abilities, and attitudes. It motivates students to participate in an innovative manner of learning through interaction and collaboration during training.


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