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Martin Barrett
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What is a Master Class?

What Is A Master Class? Everything You need to Know

If you’ve spent any time online searching for courses, the term master class has undoubtedly shown up. But the term can be intimidating; after all, it sounds like it’s for more experienced students. But is that true?

So What is a master class? Let’s read this complete article to know everything about it.

A master class is a class for students of a subject taught by a renowned expert in a specific area. Traditionally, you would find master classes by musicians or masters in the arts.

But there are also websites devoted to teaching master classes in different subjects. Master classes are no longer only for the arts but for all kinds of disciplines. 

What is a master class?

A master class is a type of class that renowned experts teach. They are usually focused on their discipline, and because of that, master classes are highly sought after. In the traditional sense, master classes were taught by masters of music and dance.

However, there has been a growth in the types found, especially with the advent of online courses. So long as you’re an advanced student, you should be able to find one that you’ll understand. 

However, these should not be confused with traditional online courses. If anything, master classes are for those who have an interest in a specific subject, and won’t lead to any certifications upon completion. 

Where can you find master classes?

Master classes are easier to access than ever with the internet’s increasing use. There are sites dedicated to master classes that have a clear focus on helping students improve their craft. For example, here are a few places to find master classes online.

To find a master class, the best way to go is to head over to MasterClass, a website that is dedicated to that exact fee. You’ll most likely recognize a majority of faces there, and that’s because they go out of their way to find experts in different fields. 

There are also other places where you can find master classes, even offline, but those might not be as accessible. So, let’s take a closer look at MasterClass and what it has on there.

What is MasterClass?

Master Class is a website dedicated to finding lessons conducted by some of the best in the industry. All classes are taught through professionally made videos with around two to five hours’ worth of content. 

There are master classes in a variety of different video lessons in various fields. You can sign up for a 30-day trial, but MasterClass will charge you annually. Anyone can sign up for MasterClass, as they’re designed to be inclusive of all skill levels.

There are over 150 classes available from experts in different fields, with new classes added regularly. You can look for courses in so many various fields, including: 

  • Food
  • Design and Style
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Music
  • Business
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Writing
  • Science and Technology
  • Home and Lifestyle
  • Community and Government
  • Wellness

All of these courses are taught by professionals who are known for their craft. If you ever struggle with making a decision on which lessons you want to take, you can always check out the most popular and trending courses. 

If you have a business, you could even look into getting MasterClass to help your employees learn new skills too. All you need to do is contact MasterClass’s sales team, and you should be able to get a group rate on bulk orders.

However, the number of devices available for a family plan for MasterClass is up to six for one account.

How much is MasterClass?

How much is MasterClass?

Master Class is an annual subscription service, but it does promise a thirty day satisfaction guarantee. So, if you don’t like MasterClass or don’t find a course that interests you, you can cancel at any time. 

There are a variety of different membership plans available. These are individual, duo, and family plans. All of these have a variety of different perks and benefits that come with them, so let’s just take a closer look. 

MasterClass Individual

The individual plan includes the ability to view courses on one device on one account. You could expect to pay $180 for this plan. You can only watch your courses on one device, and none of the courses are available for offline viewing.

However, you will still have the basic perks where you can access all of the courses available where you can also access bonus guides and content.

If you’re worried about what device to use it on, then the good news is that you can watch it on either your computer, TV, phone or your tablet. So long as you use only one device at a time, you have the same access to the other plans, just without offline viewing.

MasterClass Duo

MasterClass Duo offers the same perks as the Individual plan, but they will allow you to watch on two devices at one time. So if you want to share it with a friend or family member, you can do so without losing out on your own time.

You can also download your courses to view offline, which may make this a benefit to anyone who wants to have this. However, it will cost $240, and the only real difference is offline viewing.

MasterClass Family

The only difference between MasterClass Family and the previously mentioned plans is that you can access it on six different devices at once on the same account.

You get all the same perks you would expect on MasterClass Duo. If you’re looking into MasterClass Family it will cost $276 annually.

Masterclass Stats

Final Thoughts

Master classes are no longer only for the arts, but they’re specialized courses that are designed for students in that field. Master Class is the best way to access master classes.

Many of the professionals on MasterClass are well-respected, and everything is professionally filmed. No matter your interest, you could easily get access to a variety of different courses in a collection of different categories.

So if you’re looking to know more about a new subject or skill, you can look at these lessons without worrying about how well you do.