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Layla Acharya
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LinkedIn Learning Certificates Are They Worth The Money?

Are LinkedIn Certificates Worth It in 2023?

Skill development is a necessity for every professional in the digital era.

Your worth and demand in the professional world are now directly linked to your skill set’s versatility and the number of certifications you have to show for them.

The good news is you have various online certification programs such as Udemy courses and LinkedIn certification programs to refine and improve your skillset.

The plethora of online courses and certifications available in the digital era can confuse even the most sorted of individuals.

It is quite hard to determine which ones are worth paying for, which ones employers recognize, which skill set will strengthen your portfolio, and which ones will not.

In this article, we provide an in-depth Linkedin Learning review and offers to help determine whether they are worth your money, are any Linkedin Learning alternatives or not, and whether is Linkedin Learning legit.

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Worth It in 2023?

Yes, LinkedIn certificates are worth it. They offer advantages like demonstrating proficiency in specific skills, enhancing professional visibility, supporting job search efforts, and providing opportunities for professional networking. Although the impact may vary across industries and roles, LinkedIn certificates generally contribute positively to professional development.

What Are LinkedIn Certifications?

The LinkedIn account and Linkedin Learning courses recognized the professional online learning platforms connecting job seekers and job providers to achieve their career certificates. Even if you haven’t heard of their learning courses, you probably have a professional profile on the forum.

The platform ventured into the world of academics through a sister platform LinkedIn Learning.

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LinkedIn Learning
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There you can get access to Linkedin Learning and various professional courses that can help you develop expertise in different fields. No matter what your occupation is, you can find a course on LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘Is LinkedIn Learning Worth It?‘).

How Do You Get LinkedIn Certifications?

Getting a LinkedIn certification is relatively easy and quite inexpensive as well.

Unlike other popular online courses, the LinkedIn Learning cost is not much than you expected, but how much does Linkedin cost?

It starts at $29.99 per month, making it affordable and accessible for a wide range of audiences.

To get started with LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘What Is LinkedIn Learning?‘), you will first have to create a Linkedin Learning account. Once you get registered, you will have to select a few general skills you want to learn or are related to your professional field.

Make sure you pay attention to the skills you select and carefully think before choosing because your choices will determine the options you get if you don’t want to go the long way of hunting for courses yourself.

Once you complete the registration and selection process, LinkedIn will give you a few suggestions for the courses you can take based on your selection.

You can also manually search for courses from the Business (see also ‘Best Online Business Course‘), creative, or technology field. You can also browse through the Top Trending Courses or the most liked ones to find popular ones that may benefit your professional growth.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning courses fall into the following categories:

  1. Business Software and Tools: Courses range from basic computer literacy and proficiency in Microsoft Office suite to advanced database management and cloud computing.
  2. Leadership and Management: These courses help develop essential soft skills, such as decision-making, leadership, project management, and strategic planning.
  3. Finance and Accounting: LinkedIn Learning offers courses in financial analysis, investing, taxes, and other finance-related topics.
  4. Career Development: This includes interview skills, resume writing, personal branding, and other career enhancement skills.
  5. Data Science: There are courses on data analysis, machine learning, and various tools like Python, R, SQL, and Tableau.
  6. Sales: This includes topics like sales strategies, software, and customer relationship management.
  7. Software Development: Here you’ll find courses on a wide array of programming languages, mobile and web development, and software testing.
  8. Marketing: This includes digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing among others.
  9. Design: Courses cover topics like graphic design, web design, user experience, and popular tools like Adobe Creative Suite.
  10. Education and Instructional Design: These courses focus on teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and e-learning.
  11. 3D and Animation: These courses teach skills in various animation and modeling software.
  12. Photography: This category includes courses on various aspects of both digital and analog photography.
  13. Video: Here you’ll find courses on video editing, videography, and motion graphics.
  14. Cloud Computing: Courses focus on popular platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.
  15. IT Operations: Courses include topics like ITIL, cybersecurity, networking, and system administration.
  16. Human Resources: Topics range from talent management to compensation and benefits.
  17. Personal Development: This encompasses a wide range of self-help and personal growth topics.
  18. Health and Wellness: Courses cover topics from mental health to fitness and nutrition.

Learning Options

LinkedIn Certification Review

So you don’t just get access to a plethora of courses. You can also get proper guidance that will help you flourish professionally. You can learn through three different paths.

  • Via Subjects
  • By field
  • Softwares

If you have a particular subject that interests you, you can search for courses within that subject. If you want to switch fields, then LinkedIn Learning can help you find the right courses to start your field change process.

Switching a field isn’t easy, and people often get confused initially, not knowing where to start. LinkedIn learning will help you identify which individual courses to begin with and which to undertake to refine your skills once you reach the advanced level.

So, for example, if you want to become a digital marketer, then you can start with foundation-level courses and move on to more advanced SEO and advertising techniques.

However, the best and most relevant feature of LinkedIn learning is the option to learn the software.

With the pandemic bringing about increasing digitalization in the work sphere, professionals will have to learn their way around different software to ensure the smooth sailing of remote working models.

Once you complete the online course and watch all the videos in the Linkedin Learning course, you can get a certification of completion that you can include in your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

However, there is no testing mechanism, so the learner is solely responsible for understanding the course. You can get transcripts for the videos and revisit them for revision when you feel the need to.

1 Month Free
LinkedIn Learning
  • Offers a wide range of courses and tutorials on various topics
  • Boost your Career with LinkedIn Learning
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Validate your Skills
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Pros of LinkedIn Learning

  • Access to a wide range of online courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home by using a Linkedin Learning subscription.
  • critical thinking skills can be enhanced through various courses offered by LinkedIn Learning, particularly those in the Leadership an