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Martin Barrett
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Membership Site Platforms

5 Best Membership Site Platforms For Creators In 2023

Creating a website for your online courses program, brand, paid membership, or events from scratch has proven costly and time-consuming.

A membership site allows you to launch a website, initiate an online course, online payments, and get paid memberships and events. You won’t even need to create a website from scratch.

The best membership site platforms include Kajabi, Thinkific, HubSpot, MightyNetworks, and MemberPress, which we review in this Buying Guide.

The FAQs section offers insights into the top membership site platforms and explores how to set up a membership website successfully.

You can even find out how to create a free trial and basic membership site platforms or a paid membership.

The last FAQ discusses how you can structure your membership program.

This mini-review explores five membership sites that are dependable and efficient.

We also highlight the benefits of membership sites, their drawbacks, the specs featured in each membership site, and the extra features each membership site has, and offer readers buying advice.

Best Membership Site Platforms – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Winner: Thinkific



According to our buying guide, Thinkific comes in first in the top membership site platforms because of its reliability.

This elevated level of reliability is especially valuable for people who want to create online courses from their existing knowledge.

They can then sell their expertise through course development to their members.

Thinkific Featured specs

One thing that makes Thinkific of the top membership site platforms is its security.

This security feature creates confidence and enables people to develop and sell memberships and courses online by promoting membership.

Promoting membership also helps build your brand and your reputation.

Thinkific has all the features you’d expect from the top membership site platforms. Once you embrace them, you support business success.

These features include:

  • Building of your course
  • Designing your course site
  • Marketing and selling your content
  • Supporting your students

Type: Types of Thinkific type content that you can upload include text, quizzes, and media.

Bandwidth: At an event where many members have access to content, Thinkific bandwidth is unlimited and modified to support all of them at once.

Space: Thinkific, like any other top membership site platform, has unlimited members’ space for uploading content.

Domain: Thinkific allows customers to have their custom domain.

Benefits of Thinkific

  • You will enjoy complete control over your content in that you have the freedom and flexibility to run your course business and price it.
  • Automatic onboarding helps to communicate with students and manage queries. You can also generate automated certificates after course completion.
  • Thinkific grants you the power of customization to make the website appealing to your aesthetic value without the need to pay developers and designers for coding.
  • Thinkific being a powerful, all-in-one platform with a user-friendly interface and usability, will provide you with the confidence to kick-start your business.

Drawbacks of Thinkific

  • Thinkific does not necessarily provide its email marketing tool that defaults to the website.
  • You will not get a marketplace for promoting and selling your courses to an already present audience.

Extra features of Thinkific

  • Connecting with learners on Thinkific in that the tutors and learners interact beyond the standard course content.
  • Thinkific’s pricing model allows for fee-splitting over several months so that students can pay for their courses in installments.
  • Tutors can set up domains and membership websites on third-party hosting platforms and then leverage Thinkific for its online learning functions through simple integration.
  • Thinkific is tracking and analytics modified to keep track of the content sold, monitor the learning process, and the amount of money paid, especially if your audience is enormous.

Thinkific review

Buying advice

Thinkific’s unique feature of tracking and analytics makes it positively stand out, which is why we strongly recommend this best software for hosting membership site platforms.

The site comes in handy, especially when you need to build professional content aligned to your brand regardless of your expertise.

Membership site platform responses are also a valuable feature for customers and students, which is not a problem.

2. Runner Up: Kajabi



According to our buying guide, Kajabi is a solid runner-up as the best software for hosting membership site platforms.

This first place is because Kajabi allows its members to create online courses with quizzes and videos.

This site also sends content out through drip marketing or pre-requisite lessons. And you don’t need to pay an extra fee for sales funnel building, email marketing, or market automation.

Featured specs of Kajabi

The Kajabi membership site platform is the best software for hosting membership platforms because it provides better member and business integration.

As you explore the top membership site platforms, you also find that you don’t have to worry about updates, add-ons, and plugins.

Kajabi membership platform is the winner because it has all the necessary features to start your business.

These features from the response of the membership site platform include knowledge sharing, selling of products, growing website traffic, and building your website.

Type: Kajabi membership site has six kinds: Abbey of Horses, Brendon Burchard, Michelle Lagaly, Brian Dixon, and the empowered entrepreneur.

Bandwidth: Kajabi has a robust bandwidth which makes the traffic smooth. There is unlimited bandwidth to support a vast number of member users with no downtime.

Livestreams for online courses can efficiently run uninterrupted, making Kajabi the best software for hosting membership site platforms.

Space: Kajabi has unlimited space for uploading content, and members can even

Domain: Kajabi recommends the use of Cloudflare, which is best for performance and security.

Benefits of Kajabi

  • Using the Kajabi membership platform, you can upload content without worrying about storage or limitations on bandwidth.
  • Your website will be SEO-friendly, meaning it is easily accessible to those who require it.
  • You are just an article away from learning how to upload your content and eliminate dependency on developers.
  • Kajabi’s website makes members feel safe since the online course platform has the backing of solid security provided by the Cloudflare domain.
  • Kajabi’s website uses auto-scaling to keep the website blazing with considerable traffic.

Drawbacks of Kajabi

  • The Kajabi platform does not attribute to the creation of certificates.
  • Customization of assessment is limited and, unfortunately, does not work well in terms of membership site platforms’ responses.

Extra features of Kajabi

  • Kajabi has an integrated checkout system that gives its members access to the content behind the paywall.
  • Kajabi has coupons for promotions that allow members to earn points.
  • Kajabi sites can host an unlimited number of videos.
  • With Kajabi, you get to use email broadcasts where you can send information to many people simultaneously. An email sequence function ensures the automatic follow-up of relevant information.
  • Kajabi has a high-converting page where you can customize it to your aesthetic preference.

Buying advice

The Kajabi membership platform has proven to be efficient and dependable.

This reliability is why why we recommend this top membership site platform for uploading content for business purposes.

Kajabi review

Kajabi helps you create multiple landing pages that are efficient for supporting various features such as client marketing and lead generation.

3. Alternative: HubSpot