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How To Download Udemy Courses On PC?

How To Download Udemy Courses On PC? 4 easy methods

Udemy is one of the biggest online learning platforms out there.

It contains many affordable online courses that cover multiple topics in a variety of industries. As of 2022, the website has millions of active student users.

Unlike other online learning platforms, the Udemy system is not immune from criticism.

One of the most frequent issues that are commonly brought up is the overall hassle to download a Udemy course onto a PC.

Read this article to know how to download Udemy courses on PC and use it offline.

A lecture video cannot be downloaded unless an instructor makes the video available to download, which could cause a whole load of issues in itself.

It’s also pretty inconvenient for individuals who want to download the courses they need to use offline.

Read on if you want to know how to download Udemy courses on a PC.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace that attracts over 54 million students and offers over 204,000 different courses.

With these affordable online courses, you can learn just about anything from data science to marketing and programming by using this program.

The skills you learn on Udemy (see also ‘Do Udemy Courses Expire?‘) can do wonders for improving current skills or helping you to learn something completely new.

While you can directly download videos from the Udemy mobile app if you want convenient offline viewing, completed courses cannot be downloaded to a PC.

One exception to this is if instructors enable students to download the lectures by themselves, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

Method 1: Use A Web Browser

Let’s say you’re watching a Udemy video with a web browser on your PC and want to download it for further offline viewing.

You can use your web browser to your advantage to do so!

Using the web browser developer tools is one of the simplest ways to directly download Udemy courses to a PC. We’ll cover this below.

  1. Navigate to your official Udemy Account and log in. Select all of the courses that you wish to download to your PC.
  2. In the blank space, right-click and then select Inspect Option in the following pop-up menu. You could also press F12 to run the relevant developer tools program.
  3. Click on Network > Media
  4. Reload the page and locate the download link that is listed on the screen.
  5. Open the link in a new browser window and then download the Udemy courses to your PC.

Method 2: Download Udemy Courses With Allavsoft

A popular tool used to download videos from the Udemy program to a PC is Allavsoft.

It features a concise interface and also allows you to immediately download audio and video from various websites including YouTube, Udemy, Spotify, and Lynda.

You can download these videos in 1080p high quality and also have the option to set preferred subtitles.

Allavsoft is the best program to use if you’re looking to download many courses from Udemy quickly.

  1. Download and install Allavsoft. It’s available on Mac and Windows. Launch the program.
  2. Copy and paste the Udemy course or the playlist URL. As you are running Allavsoft, the link will automatically be pasted and will appear in the top address bar of the program.
  3. Set a preferred video format if you want to download Udemy courses to multiple other formats than MP4. This is an optional step.
  4. Click Download to begin downloading your videos. If it appears as a paid video then a window will appear directly after clicking the Download button which will prompt you to fill in your Udemy account information to successfully log in.

Within seconds, the program will usually analyze the link and offer you the chance to download the single video or all of the videos in the Udemy course.

Method 3: Use A Downloader Extension

If you are a little reluctant to use a third-party video downloader like Allavsoft, you could also use a free downloader extension to download videos from Udemy to your PC.

These built-in web extensions – like Video DownloaderHelper – are easy to use and provide a pretty seamless way of downloading Udemy courses.

  1. Add the Video DownloaderHelper extension to your existing web browser.
  2. Log in using your Udemy account and then open a video course playback page containing the videos you want to download. At this stage, you can make adjustments to the video format and image quality if you need to.
  3. Click on the extension icon in the toolbar of your browser to download the videos. These will be saved in the specified location on your PC.

However, you must be aware that this method of downloading will not work for all types of Udemy videos.

Method 4: Use YouTube-Dl

If you’re looking for an open-sourced downloading tool for thousands of other websites in addition to Udemy, then you may want to look at using YouTube-Dl.

This python scripted program might seem a little difficult to use at first glance but it allows you to download various videos from Udemy straight to your PC.

Once you have installed the tool, you can type the following command to download all videos from a single Udemy course:

Method 4 Use YouTube-Dl

Windows users should replace “YouTube-Dl” with “YouTube-Dl.exe”.

If an error is flagged up before you manage to finish downloading the whole Udemy course, you can include the “-playlist-start” command to begin exactly where you left off.

For instance, if you have an error message after video 20 has been downloaded and video 21 is about to start up, you can use the following command:

Method 4 Use YouTube-Dl

This command can also be used to download private Facebook videos.

However, its download speed is much slower than other methods on this list, which is something you must keep in mind.


And that’s truly all there is to it! You should now have the knowledge and skill to download Udemy courses to your PC at the touch of a single button.

While some of these four methods are easier to execute than others, there is a solution out there that will suit your exact abilities while also providing offline access to the videos you desperately need.

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