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Edwize.org About Us

My story - how it all started with Edwize

Edwize, the brainchild of Layla Acharya, whose parents were immigrants, learned about the endless potential that e-learning might provide. By developing Edwize, there was a chance to provide accessible education to many students worldwide.

At the age of 25, Layla had earned an Associate’s degree in business management, as well as numerous courses in website building, e-learning development, coding, and website engineering. However, getting an education has always been expensive, and for immigrant or underprivileged families and communities, this is much more true.

Edwize.org Company History

Edwize was created to offer the most comprehensive information on creating, marketing, and improving e-learning courses for outstanding learning experiences.

More individuals can now access education due to the advent of e-learning, which has truly been a worldwide revolution. However, there are a lot of motivated tutors with the most invaluable knowledge who still need help to create their courses on the best platforms and are unable to sell their tutoring content profitably.

Edwize Mission

Edwize is a knowledge solution that assists trainers and students in making the best choices for online learning that enhance training experiences and increase information accessibility for more students.

Our strategy is based on four principles: 
equity, access, design, and rewards.

We think education should be fair and worthy of students’ financial and time commitments.

Education must be available to all and of the highest calibre. Ultimately, there should be a benefit for e-learning creators and learners that encourages them to produce, market, and participate in online courses.

To make it easier to create and market content, Edwize offers a library of creator instructions, platform reviews, course reviews, and subsidized access to e-learning tools. Through a carefully planned content feed, we gather data driven, real, authentic reviews written by our team of experts and checked by some of the leading brands in the industry on everything e-learning-related.

Edwize Company Vision Book

Students looking for information on courses or learning pathways can quickly locate options for training in the top skills and professions. Learning designers and students can now unlock a world of opportunities with Edwize!

Our vision

Edwize is working to establish itself as the top digital library for online education and the establishment of e-learning.

Our mission

The Edwize works to achieve our vision through the following:

  1. Distributing timeless content through our digital channels.
  2. Giving creators the most recent information on sales and promotions from e-learning platforms.
  3. Helping creators identify solutions that will improve their courses and student training experiences.

Meet The EDWIZE Team



Founder and CEO of Edwize.org and Associate in Business Management
The heart of EdWize with a passion for learning and helping others.

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Martin is the editor in chief at Edwize.org. He has taken more courses than cares to remember. If he’s not watching back-to-back documentaries he is geeking out in the E-Learning space.

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Sonja has been working as a Writer/Editor, and Content Publisher for 6+ years (started right after University). She has worked on more than 100 projects before joining the Edwize team.
Sonja brings a positive vibe along with a Master of Arts (MA), in English Language and Literature.

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Muhammad Nadeem

Meet Muhammad, a highly skilled and dedicated WordPress professional with over 5 years of experience in Content Management. With a proven track record of working with various digital marketing agencies globally, Muhammad brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Edwize team. In his free time, Muhammad is a passionate Liverpool fan.

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