Here’s My Story

Layla Acharya

My name is Layla Acharya, and I’m a first-generation Indian-American with a passion for education.

We’re all heard the immigrant stories of parents trying to find a better life for their children in America.

Well, it’s tried-and-true because there’s merit to it.

My parents did exactly that.

At the age of twenty-five, I’ve completed multiple courses in website development, elearning development, coding, and website engineering.

I have an associate’s degree in business management, and I’m currently on the path to my master’s degree in education.

I wouldn’t have been able to do half of those things without access to invaluable online resources through e-learning websites and online coursework.

We’re all lucky to be reveling in today’s marvelous technology—we’ve never had more access to higher learning in history.

That’s why I started Edwize: to help inform people of all the valuable resources out there, and weigh them against each other.

We have so many online education options that we get to be choosy about which ones we decide to invest our time and money in, and they’re all competing for us.

Edwize is about to change the way you find online education, manage it, and we’ll teach you just how you can sell your online online tutorials.

There’s so much here that I implore you to take full advantage of every shred of research on Edwize, and put it to good use.