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Skillsoft Vs Udemy

Skillsoft Vs Udemy [Comparison 2023]

When it comes to finding the right learning platform to work with for your business and your students, picking the correct one is essential.

In many cases, it can even be the difference between finding success, and being so put off by the idea that you’re forever turned away from the prospect!

Fortunately, the latter prospect isn’t too likely, considering the number of high-quality platforms out there that provide you with all the tools that you could get to work on your online learning business and training courses.

However, that high level of quality is in and of itself a kind of double-edged sword. While there are plenty of options for you to choose from to set up online courses, picking just one to start with is a pretty difficult task to accomplish.

Fortunately, we have helped make this difficult task just a little bit easier, by comparing some of the most popular platforms that you can use in this industry, Skillsoft, and Udemy.

In this comparison guide between SkillSoft Vs Udemy, we’re going to delve deeper into these two organizations, comparing to see where they fare well when compared to one another, and where they might fall short, as well as show you when and where you should purchase/use one over the other.


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What Is Skillsoft?

However, before we go any deeper, we should probably first explain what each of these teams is in the first place, starting with Skillsoft.

First founded in 1998, Skillsoft might be one of the older names out there when it comes to learning platforms.

Skillsoft has made a reputation for itself for providing excellent learning courses for business by offering a wide range of training methods.

From scenario-based cases to classic lecture-based learning, such as downloadable documents and digital books that students or employees can use.

Arguably one of the oldest names in this particular business, staying afloat in this industry as it has exploded in the digital age is a feat in itself, so it must be doing something right!

What Is Udemy?

If you have been in the online learning paths for any length of time, then chances are that you have at least heard the name Udemy at least once already.

Udemy is a massive online learning platform that provides students with courses on a huge range of topics, covering a variety of industries, hobbies, interests, and everything in between.

Udemy’s courses page is often recommended by many of the world’s leading companies in their fields, so they have several Udemy business-friendly models that they use for their certificate courses that can be used in employment opportunities.

However, they also have many courses that are tailored towards individuals that are looking for new experiences and hobbies, as well as people looking to broaden their skill sets and interests.

This leaves Udemy in an interesting position where it is both tailored to companies and businesses, without necessarily alienating individuals.

Comparing Udemy Vs. Skillsoft

So, now that we have introduced our two main entries. And, as we have hopefully hinted at so far, they occupy very similar niches, especially when it comes to their business-oriented models.

This makes them pretty direct competitors to one another, s it will be interesting to see in which field each company shines, and where it falls short.

We will primarily be looking at these courses’ abilities from the lens of someone who is looking to create courses on these websites.

Price Plans & Course Creation (Creators)

This will be a big feature that many secure organizations will be interested in when starting their online business schools or courses.

Having tools that can be used to create these online courses can be a costly affair over time, so it pays to know how much each service will charge you for creating courses through them


Skillsoft organization is rather interesting when compared to other online learning resources, as it does not require you to subscribe to an annual subscription.

There are no extra fees for setting up and uploading content for the users, and it is relatively easy to do so.

Not only that, but this platform software also allows for a variety of video and other content integration into its video lectures, meaning that you can create incredibly engaging course materials for potential students.

At least once you have come to grips with the platform’s interface and directory system. The fact that it can be difficult to find out how to use these features on your own.


Similarly, Udemy also has no upfront costs to setting up courses on its website. Not only that, but a user can set up as many courses as they want, with no extra costs or fees on your part needed to upload them.

Not only that, but Udemy’s course creator system is a relatively straightforward process that means creating and uploading them is surprisingly easy, making this service an even more appetizing starting point for creators, especially those new to the field.

However, this approach to course creation has its downsides too.

The lower skill ceiling and lack of integrated video features, while great for newcomers, means that the options open to course creators are a little more limited overall when it comes to creating engaging lessons and lectures.

Course Training (Customer)

Course Training (Customer)

This is an important factor if a course is looking to keep student engagement high throughout the course.

If a good number of courses on a platform are informative but dull or frustrating to work through, this may cause a person to simply not continue with a given course, and perhaps even ask for a refund if still eligible.


Generally speaking, Skillsoft’s training courses are widely considered to be informative and very useful when it comes to learning new skills, as well as polishing up older ones that haven’t been used in a while.

There is a good reason that many professional businesses have been using Skillsoft as a learning platform for so long!

However, other customers have noted that, even with the integrated features making for more visually interesting lectures, there are a few issues that courses of this format run into, and the same is true for Skillsoft.

Skillsoft courses, and many other courses, when testing students that have been taking it, are not necessarily catering to the needs and demands of the consumer.

But are more preparing them for any tests that are likely to appear as part of the course’s curriculum, so courses tend to be more of an exercise in memory, than actually demonstrating a skill.

This is an issue that many standardized curriculums have to deal with, from physical classrooms to virtually any online learning service.

However, with little to no in-person discussion or many opportunities for one-to-ones, this issue is exacerbated on Skillsoft.


Udemy has a very similar system for course learning systems to Udemy, in that many sections of a course are broken into sections or topics that can be tested at the end of a course.

However, this is not a universal rule, as Udemy has many courses where a standardized test isn’t very useful, particularly in courses around design and art.

In these cases, some courses will offer community forums where students are allowed to share ideas and experiences.

Meaning that there are voices of all experience levels involved in the course that can help you learn and understand the content.

As with Skillsoft, however, courses that do have testing as a key part of their curriculum still suffer from the same issue of the course preparing you for a test, rather than fully grasping the skills that you are learning.

An issue exacerbated by the lack of one-to-one time a lot of the courses in Udemy can have, especially the larger ones.

Courses Prices (Customer)

This is particularly important for customers that are looking to get the most value for money in their learning as possible, whilst also still making these courses financially viable for creators

Both platforms have a very similar approach when it comes to course pricing, and will have prices varying from as little as $12.99 to as high as $200 in some cases.

However, it is also worth noting that both of these course providers will also have sales at various points throughout the year that will allow you to purchase more expensive courses at a fraction of the overall price.

Course Certification

Having a course that counts as an official qualification can go a long way toward making a person’s CV more impressive to a potential employer.

So, do either of these platforms provide this as an option?


Many of Skillsoft’s highest-rated courses will come with official qualifications that demonstrate that a person has fully understood the course requirements.

It is one of the reasons that Skillsoft is very popular amongst businesses over Udemy.


Udemy, meanwhile, does not necessarily have as many officially recognized courses with qualifications that you can earn.

However, many of the top-rated courses on the site are recognized by many top-rated companies.

Check to see if the Udemy course that you have selected is offered or recommended by any companies on a course’s homepage.

Final Thoughts – Which Is Best

So, after all, where exactly do these courses sit when compared directly to each other?

Well, as we have analyzed these two platforms in greater detail, it is clear that these two major online learning services.

Whilst very similar in some ways are targeted at slightly different audiences when it comes to their customer bases

Because of this, determining which is best for your purposes depends on the size of the group that you are targeting, as well as if you are approaching these learning bases as part of a company, or as an individual.

For Creating Courses

In terms of the creator’s side of things, both of these platforms are pretty evenly matched when it comes to the number of features that can be integrated into courses.

With perhaps a slight edge is being given to Skillsoft, with its extra integrated features for extra content that can be added to a course of your choosing.

However, the fact that Skillsoft, while it does provide 24/7 hour support, actually does not succinctly show you how to create a course, or if there are any costs associated with making and selling them on their site, could be a major detraction that bumps them down, at least in terms of user-friendliness.

On the flip side, this is an area where Udemy shines. In terms of its ease of use, Udemy makes it very clear how much, if any, costs will be applied to your courses, as well as its ease of use.

Overall, this means that, while a company with experience may find Skillsoft an overall better site to use for highly engaging course material, the learning curve is somewhat frustrating. 

And Udemy’s ease of use for both first-time customers and experienced tutors alike is some of the reasons that the platform has skyrocketed in terms of 

For Consumers

If you are a customer looking to use one of these services, which one you should pick will depend on the context in which you are using them.

If you are being recommended a training course as part of your company or business, chances are that you should be using Skillsoft, and will likely be offered a course as such.

If you are looking for courses as an individual, you will likely fare better when using Udemy, as the website will eventually be able to offer you more specific courses that are tailored to your tastes, based on your previous purchases.

These are not universal principles, however. Many businesses will recommend or offer courses that are based on Udemy, and Skillsoft does have options for an individual customer using its services.

Overall, both of these platforms are excellent ways to expand your skill sets as a customer, and your customer base as a course creator.

We hope that you have learned a little more about each of these services through our guide!

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