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15 Udemy Alternatives: Best Online Course Websites For ELearning

15 Udemy Alternatives: Best Online Course Websites for eLearning

Udemy is, no doubt, one of the most popular websites for online education for students and professionals alike.

However, there are many reasons why people look for Udemy alternatives for e-learning and, generally, find them to be a much better option for acquiring knowledge and improving their practical skills.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the Udemy alternatives, we got you covered:

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The Drawbacks of Udemy

The Drawbacks of Udemy

While it offers more than 55,000 online courses in hundreds of different categories, Udemy (see also ‘Is Udemy Accredited?‘) has some major shortcomings. 

To begin with, it does not support peer-learning. You cannot talk to the instructors, professors, or other students on this platform. Not being able to share your ideas or discuss any queries you might have can really underminethe learning experience and hinder your course progress. 

Secondly, Udemy (see also ‘Is A Udemy Certificate Useful?‘) rarely offers a certificate of proficiency upon completing the course. This is one of the biggest drawbacks for people who wish to enhance their CV because you don’t get any tangible proof to boast your skills to the potential employer.

Even if you do get a certificate, it is not endorsed by a reputable institute and hence, may carry little value. 

Moreover, a majority of Udemy students think that the courses offered here lack strategy and content quality.

Whatever the reason might be, if you are looking for online learning platforms that are a good substitute for Udemy, here are the top sites to consider:

15 Best Udemy Alternatives



At Coursera (see also ‘Are Coursera Certificates Worth It in 2022‘), you will find plenty of on-demand online courses for in-demand skills. You can join for free and build skills with well-structured and informative courses from leading universities from across the world.

Coursera also collaborates with over 200 international companies. So, you can be confident that the courses you take actually have practical value. 

This online learning website is usually the go-to option for people trying to improve their job prospects in high-demand fields like AI, IT, and cloud engineering. And for all the right reasons too.

Survey results show that over 85% of Coursera students report career benefits like getting a raise or promotion after taking a professional development course endorsed by a renowned organization. 

Moreover, it has a global community of learners that can further assist you in taking the next step towards your professional goals.

Coursera (see also ‘Can I Get Certificate From Coursera During Free Trial | 2022‘) also provides shareable certificates at the end of each course so you can demonstrate your new skills to others.



Skillshare offers over 28,000 different classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. They are mostly based on boosting creativity.

If you are passionate to about learning more about music, photography, graphic design, animations, writing or journaling, then this platform is for you.

You can get started for free or sign up for their premium membership at $15 per month. Students love the teaching style of the instructors at Skillshare – there are no long bouts of reading and listening to lectures.

Rather, you will be given assignments and projects that you can complete with the help of your peers.

Skillshare has a tight-knit learning community. You can ask questions, share ideas, and even provide feedback and suggestions.

Each course provides a detailed outline along with reviews from previous students to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.



Treehouse features more than 300 courses and workshops on different topics related to the tech industry.

And it’s trusted by over 50,000 students worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro looking to upskill, this is one of the best platforms to learn programming, web development, cloud engineering and the likes.

It has a 7-day free trial. If you find it to your liking, you can register for a Basic Plan, Pro Plan, or a Techdegree Plan. The registration fee varies from $14.99 to $199 per month depending on the type of plan you choose.

Since the best way to learn is by practicing, all Treehouse courses have quizzes and code challenges to help you get the hang of things in no time.



PluralSight is another online education platform dedicated to helping students develop their tech skills. It provides web development, IT certification, and cloud training for both individual learners and professional teams. 

More than 50 expert-led courses are completely free. But if you wish to gain access to its entire library of over 7000 tech courses, you will have to purchase one of their membership plans.

The prices are quite reasonable, starting from $29/month and going up to $440/year for premium learners.

PluralSight also lets you take a free online assessment to test your skill IQ level and determine which course can help you improve.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy (see also ‘Is Khan Academy Accredited? Review and Features‘) is different from most online education platforms on this list for various reasons. 

For one, it’s managed by a nonprofit organization that strives to make eLearning more accessible for everyone. Needless to say, all courses on this website are therefore, completely free of cost. Plus, they are offered in around 20 different languages.

This platform is popular among students of all ages and backgrounds because it offers short yet informative lessons on a wide range of topics.

Khan Academy’s library of trusted courses comprises of standard-aligned training for math, science, grammar, and history for primary classes to early college. 



Udacity is a relatively small but extremely useful alternative to Udemy. With hundreds of courses on machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and more, this platform provides you with a fast and efficient way to master the skills that tech companies want.

Udacity partners with more than 200 industry experts (from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, etc.) to create high-quality courses.

The courses, therefore, contain job-focused content and are designed in a way that allows you to build practical skills. You will have to complete real-life projects, but the classes are self-paced, so you easily do them at a time that’s convenient for you.

This online education platform is generally free. However, the subscription for nano degrees costs around $199 per month. These degrees zero in on a particular skill and provide advanced-level technical training in the specific area to boost your career progress.



EdX (see also ‘What Is EDX?‘) is a well-established online course platform that is open to all learners worldwide.

It features carefully curated content from renowned institutions like Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley University, to name a few. It’s all arranged into 1600+ online programs available for free or a nominal fee. 

The main subjects include Art, Medicine, Communication, Data and Design, Computer Science, Math, Literature, Food and Nutrition, and more.



As is evident by the name, Codecademy (see also ‘Is Codecademy Good? Pros and Cons‘) is an online course platform that is wholly dedicated to help people learn how to code. It features extensive online programs for almost all the main coding languages, including C++, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, etc.

The Basic Plan is free, but you will have to pay around $20 per month to unlock certain features in some courses. 

Codecademy (see also ‘Is Codecademy Worth It?‘) provides a rich learning experience with its instant feedback option. Students are not only asked to submit assignments, but their codes are also tested within minutes so that you always know if you are on the right track.



Masterclass (see also ‘What Is A Master Class?‘) features specialized courses taught by famous celebrities and renowned industry professionals. You might some course plans a bit on the pricier side, but if you are serious about learning new skills, it’s an investment worth making.

From business and politics to sports, entertainment, fashion, and more, Masterclass gives you the opportunity to learn from the best as they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, and other tips for achieving success.



Teachable is an intuitive and easy to use eLearning software. Here, you will find practical and enjoyable courses from authors like Mark Dawson and online entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn.

Its clean and simple aesthetics give students the ability to decide whether a program is right for them by giving them a clear outline of what they are signing up for.

The courses on Teachable are typically paid. However, depending on the course you choose, you can pay in increments as the course progresses or make a lumpsum payment at the beginning instead.



This online education website is run by The Economist. So, it’s not too surprising why several courses on have a much better content quality and performance score than the alternatives offered elsewhere. 

It is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make sure that they are investing their time and moneylearning something that has a significant value in the real world.

The courses are not free but has a 100% refund policy if you are not satisfied with their program in any way. Members also get to enjoy a range of other benefits such as getting early alerts about special events, free newsletters, and exclusive discounts on Economist books. is an eLearning website offering structured online training programs in software design and development (see also our favorite AutoCAD classes) (see also our favorite AutoCAD classes).

Its courses are specifically created for career-mined adults with busy lives. In other words, you can take online classes on this website at your own set pace without the need to rush.

In At the end, you will be rewarded with a recognized degree or certificate that can share in your network to improve your professional profile. 

Fiverr Learn


The gig economy is growing is at a tremendously fast pace. If you are looking for online courses that can help you gain a strong foothold in freelancing, you must check out Fiverr Learn.

Fiverr, as you may know, is a hub of activity for freelancers. So, it goes without saying that all the courses featured on Fiverr Learn are specifically designed for self-employed users

They cover all the main bases, including graphic designing, copywriting, digital marketing, and branding. The courses are taught by top experts in their fields and provide an in-depth view of each topic. 

With just about 30 options, the course selection may seem rather small at first. But rest assured, there’s something fruitful for every freelancer no matter what their skill or experience level may be. 

The best part is that completing a course successfully helps you earn badges. Since these are visible to your potential clients, it can make your profile look a lot more attractive.

Lynda/LinkedIn Learning


Lynda was rebranded as LinkedIn Learning in 2015, but it hasactually been around for over 20 years. What makes it one of the best alternatives to Udemy is its extensive course library. 

Most of the courses on Lynda focus on professional development. The main categories include web designing, photography, coding, and software development.

Another advantage of this online course platform over Udemy is its subscription-based payment model. Unlike Udemy where you pay for each respective course, Lynda allows you to buy an annual plan at about $20/month.

You can also opt for a monthly plan to get unlimited access to all the courses. However, at a cost of $29.99/month, this is slightly more expensive than the alternative. 



If you are on a tight budget, it’s best to search for your desired course on

With a community of over 17 million learners, Alison offers over 2,000 free online training programs related to technology, science, business, math, humanities, lifestyle, and more.

However, keep in mind that courses on this site are mostly geared towards fresh graduates. If you are a professional seeking to further build upon a certain skill, Alison might not have anything new for you.

After completing the course successfully, all students can get a recognized certificate against a payment of a small fee.

End Note

Udemy offers a diverse range of online courses for free or at reasonable rates. However, it has certain limitations, especially with respect to the credibility of its courses and the overall effectiveness of their teaching techniques.

The good news is that Udemy isn’t the only eLearning platform out there. The aforementioned Udemy alternatives feature a wide variety of courses that can help you learn new skills and advance your career successfully.

So, keep learning, keep growing!

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