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Martin Barrett
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Learnworlds Vs Kajabi

Learnworlds Vs Kajabi (Honest review 2023)

Online learning platforms have grown in popularity over the last decade. They are a great way to learn new skills within the comfort of your own home. 

They are also accessible, and often give the ‘student’ a certificate at the end. They also include a plethora of different course categories too, which can be worked on at any pace.

Because of this, there is no better time than now to start selling an e-learning course. They are a great alternative for those who are looking to change their career path, or to learn more in their chosen field. 

Learnworlds and Kajabi are two course creation platforms that allow you to make and sell online courses. This means you can share the skills and knowledge that you have learnt yourself. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look between Learnworlds vs Kajabi!

In this article we shall look at both Learnworlds and Kajabi to see which one is better when it comes to course creation, pricing, and so much more. 

Quick Overview of Kajabi

Founded in 2014, Kajabi has over 40,000 people registered to its platform. While not solely focused on course creation, it also offers the ability for members to sell coaching websites, membership sites, subscriptions and so on. 

However, at its core is course creation. As a professional, you may want to use Kajabi to successfully create an online learning course. This is because it offers full marketing tools and analytics. 

Quick Overview of Learnworlds

Once you arrive at Learnworlds, you will see its confident words of:

“the best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting online courses.”

While Kajabi is dedicated to a number of digital businesses, Learnworlds focuses on e-learning courses and course creation. It was also founded in 2014, and has expanded its offerings since then.

Learnworlds has the ability to create a fun and interactive course, while providing you with the marketing tools that you need on the business side of it. 

This makes it unique because you can create certificates, quizzes and so on, while including tools to allow students to engage with each other. 

What is the Course Creation Experience Like?

Both Kajabi and Learnworlds offer the ability to create an online course. With this in mind, let’s take a look at each editor in detail to find how they both differ.


While Kajabi doesn’t just focus on course creation, it does give you a lot of tools to do just that. In fact, it offers blueprints to work from. In this article we shall take a look at the course creation one only.

These blueprints help you to begin structuring your online course. This makes it easier to get going, rather than wondering where to start.

The blueprints also offer different things too. The mini blueprint is suited to a short course, while the online course blueprint is targeted at fully-fledged courses. 

This type of online course has all the bells and whistles. From quizzes and assignments, all the way to video lessons. However, while these blueprints are available, it does not mean you have to use them.

There are more than 100 different course templates to choose from if you need the extra help. However, once you get to actually using the content editor you will find that there are limitations. 

The course editor itself is not as advanced as Learnworlds. You can only add one piece of content per lesson. One example would be that if you upload a course video, you cannot then add a section for homework to be downloaded.

However, it does have an impressive amount of bandwidth and video hosting, however Learnworlds has this too. This means that if you want to make the course video heavy, then you have the ability to!

While it does have its limitations, it is very easy to use. You can drag content into the editor using a drag-and-drop method. You can also use a featured image as a display for each module of the course. 

You can also lock the course, or let the student have the option to go through the content as is. 


If you have never created a course before, then Learnworlds may be the better place to start. You begin by clicking on the ‘create a course’, and from there you work alongside the ‘wizard’ to create it.

You will be able to choose the title of the course, the course type, and what the URL will be. You can also offer both free and paid classes, and keep courses as a draft to work on later. There is even the option to label a course as ‘coming soon’.

There are over 10 course templates available, as well as a text editor that allows you to design the text within the paragraph. You can also add a number of different course sections too, such as ebooks, videos, audio, and so on. 

However, there are limitations to designing the course, despite it having more options than Kajabi. You can only add one type of content per section. Also, you can’t change the layout of a page.

In Learnworlds, a lot of the content is heavily focused on video, so there are plenty of features for this. 

You can add gated content or allow students to become drip fed through the course. However, you can also make the course fully accessible. 

What Are Pricing Plans Like?

What Are Pricing Plans Like?

Both of the platforms are on a subscription basis. Here are both of the price plans in greater detail:


Kajabi has a number of price plans available. The basic plan costs a hefty $119 every month, and is billed annually. This allows you to create a website and 3 products, with 1,000 active users.

The next one is the growth plan at $159 and then there is the pro plan at $319. Both are monthly prices billed annually.

For every price plan you go up, the more you unlock meaning you can have more active users, websites, and products. 


Learnworlds has a lower price point. The starter plan costs $24 every month, yet is billed annually. You will need to pay $5 every time you create a new course.

The pro plan is $79 every month, paid annually, yet you get the option to offer free courses, have 5 instructors, and unlimited pages, etc.

Said to be the most popular choice, the Learning Center package is $249 a month and allows 20 instructors, and so much more. 

While initially it is cheaper than Kajabi, you are limited by what you can do. 

Pros and Cons of Kajabi and Learnworlds

Here are some of the pros and cons of both Kajabi and Learnworlds:

Kajabi Pros

  • Build blog alongside courses
  • 24 hour support on a higher plan
  • Content available via mobile
  • Flexible land page builder
  • Marketing and analytic tools

Kajabi Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Course builder is limited
  • No community features

Learnworlds Pros

  • 24 hour support
  • Create custom certificates
  • Cheap plan for newbies
  • Mobile app for students
  • In-house community features

Learnworlds Cons

  • Starter plan includes $5 per course
  • Locked features unless paying for high priced plans
  • No marketing

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Final Thoughts – Which One is Better?

While on the face of it both platforms look similar, they do have their differences. When it comes to these differences, this is what will help you make the choice as to which one to use. 

Kajabi is marketed towards those who have a lot of experience under their belt within this niche, from being an established business to veterans in the course creation industry. 

This makes it the kind of e-learning platform to sign up to once you have already spent time building a course elsewhere.

Not only does it include the ability to allow you to create a course, but it comes with advanced features too. These include sales and marketing tools. 

Due to the professional and business-minded nature of this course creation platform, the pricing structure is high. You might find however that there are still limitations when using Kajabi.

Learnworlds on the other hand is about creating an environment where it is fun to learn. It is an LMS (Learning Management System). It focuses on giving students a fun and all-rounded experience while learning.

This is done by the use of the in-house community, as well as the interactivity within videos. Because this platform works alongside third-party applications and tools, the price point starts a lot lower compared to Kajabi.

So, which one is better?

If you are a newbie when it comes to course creation, Learnworlds will be the better option. It is much cheaper (though you will need to pay extra money further on), and lets you concentrate on letting the students learn in a fun way.

However, if you are serious about online learning and want to create a fully working e-school, then Kajabi will be best for you. You will have marketing tools at your fingertips, as well the ability to make a fully functioning affiliate program.