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How To Get Support For Kajabi

How To Get Kajabi Support In 2023

The Kajabi platform has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

However, that doesn’t mean that things never go wrong or that you will never encounter any issues when using or navigating the site or features.

Thankfully, Kajabi has always prided itself on the quality of the support it offers users. In this article, we will look at all of the different ways you can get Kajabi support.

Why Might You Need Support For Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform that has been created with incredibly high standards. It has been researched and developed for years to ensure that there are as few bugs and issues as possible.

With that being said, technology is never foolproof. Things are always changing and so there is always the potential for something to go wrong.  

Issues are most likely to be encountered just after an update where a slight bug has been overlooked. In these cases, the bug can be reported and Kajabi will work to fix it as quickly as possible like some landing pages issue or

There are other issues that you may encounter when you are using the Kajabi platform that is unique to you or something that you are doing. (Check out ‘Can You Use Kajabi For Free?‘)

In these cases, you may need to reach out to the Kajabi support team for your specific issue.   

How To Get Support For Kajabi

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can contact the support team. This means that you can choose the means that is most convenient for you and will get your issue solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Below are the different ways that you can get support for Kajabi. 

Live Chat

One of the most popular ways to get support for Kajabi is through the live chat support feature. This feature is available to every Kajabi subscriber.

If you are on the basic plan or pro plans, live chat is available to you between 8 am and 5 pm PST, Monday to Friday.

However, if you have the Growth Plan or higher pro plan, you will have access to the live chat feature 24/7. This allows you to access live support whenever you need to.

It can lead to problems being solved as quickly as possible and perhaps before clients and customers have experienced it.  

To access Kajabi live chat you will need to log into your account. On the bottom left of the page, you will see a help section.

In this section, there is an option to chat with Kajabi now. Clicking on this will open the Kajabi bot, however, there is an option to speak to a support specialist.

The Kajabi support team is extremely knowledgeable about the platform and responds to requests quickly. Best of all, through the live chat feature, you can share your screen.

This allows the support team to see exactly what you are struggling with to get to a solution quickly. 


For Kajabi issues that are less urgent and don’t require immediate response, or if an issue occurs outside of the live chat times, you can send an email query to the Kajabi support team.  

Because Kajabi prides itself on high-quality customer service, they respond to email queries promptly and accurately.

Their response time tends to be within an hour. This is a great support avenue for less immediate issues, however, to get the problem resolved quickly, make sure that you are as detailed as possible in your initial email. 

Telephone Support

Kajabi also offers telephone support for its customers. This is a great option if you are having issues with loading the platform or any other internet issues.

With that being said, it is much more difficult to get platform-specific problems resolved over the phone because you cannot share your screen or send screenshots.  

It also takes a while to verify your account details over the phone so this should be reserved as a last resort to solve your Kajabi issues. 

Zoom Calls

You can also access one-on-one Zoom calls with the Kajabi support team. You first get access to this service when your trial ends. You can set up a “kick-off” Zoom call where you can discuss your strategy and plans with Kajabi.  

After you complete this call, you will be assigned a customer success manager who can provide continued support throughout your journey with Kajabi.

This can give you a consistent point of contact for any teething issues that you might have with the platform. 

Kajabi University

A more in-depth but less immediate form of support that is offered by Kajabi is Kajabi University.

With every Kajabi account, you get access to detailed, online courses that are designed to help you create and build your online business with the Kajabi platform.  

The information in these courses can help to give you a much better understanding of how the platform works. This can give you the tools to avoid any common but annoying issues with using the platform.  

It can also provide you with additional troubleshooting information to help you solve any issues that occur yourself.

This can speed up the process of resolving any issues that may occur during your time using Kajabi.

How To Get Support For Kajabi


If Kajabi University sounds a little too intensive for your needs, the platform also offers live training webinars.

These webinars are perfect for helping you to master Kajabi and make the most of all the features that Kajabi has to offer. (Check out ‘5 Best Courses On Kajabi You Should Try Today!’)

Kajabi hosts these kinds of webinars almost daily, Monday to Friday. They are often a mixture of informational webinars and Q&A webinars. Both of these types of webinars can be useful in different ways. 

The informational webinars are great for boosting your base knowledge of the platform which can help you navigate it more successfully to grow your business more quickly.

The Q&A webinars are the perfect place to get your questions answered by Kajabi experts. You can also learn the answer to questions that may not have occurred to you yet. 

The best thing about the webinars is that they can be replayed. If you have reserved a spot for the webinar, you will be able to view the webinar again.

This is perfect for webinars that are particularly in-depth and you want to review them again.  

If you didn’t pre-register for the webinar but you want to view a replay, you can contact support who may be able to grant you access to it.  

Kajabi also offers on-demand webinars that you can view at a time that suits you. These are pre-recorded webinars that are hosted by Kajabi experts.

A wide range of topics are covered in these webinars. They are accessible through the Kajabi customer training website.

Facebook Community

For more general support, you can access the Kajabi Facebook group community. This is not the best place to go if you have any technical issues with the platform, however, it is a great place to turn to for general support.

The Kajabi Facebook community is made up of other users with varying degrees of experience with the platform.  

This is the perfect place to build relationships, celebrate business milestones, and share ideas for improving your business.

You can build a really strong support network through this community and it can be extremely beneficial for your business and your experience using Kajabi. 

Kajabi Access

Finally, with a Kajabi account, you will have access to Kajabi Access. With Kajabi Access, you will be given access to one-on-one sessions and group calls with customer success managers.

The point of this support service is to help you reach your business goals with the Kajabi platform.  

This is a great support system for anyone who is new to building businesses and to the Kajabi platform.

With one-on-one and group calls, you can get personalized support and advice from experts who have a wealth of experience to back them. This can help you get well on your way to a successful online business with Kajabi. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways that you can access support with the Kajabi help center. The quality of the support offered by the platform is incredibly high and something that the company prides itself on, like creating digital products or email marketing support, and vice versa.

You may not need to use all of these forms of support with Kajabi but it is good to know they are there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Send A Video To Support?

Occasionally, you may be asked to provide a video of the issue that you are having with the platform.  This can help support identity and fix the issue.

To do this, simply use a tool such as Vimeo or Loom to record your screen and capture the issue. Once you have recorded the video, simply send the link to support via chat or email.

Can You Send A Screenshot To Kajabi Support?

Similarly to sending a video to support, you may also want to send a screenshot of an issue to help support understand the issue.

All you need to do is take a screenshot on your device. This can differ in method depending on your operating system.

Once you have saved your screenshot, you can send it directly to support via chat or email.

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