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Layla Acharya
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Thinkific vs Kajabi

Thinkific vs Kajabi: What’s Better as a Beginner’s Platform?

Thinkific has proven to be one of the best online course platforms, and while they don’t fit every business model if you want to sell a course, they do land on most of the criteria that a lot of course sellers want to incorporate into the experience.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for yet, that’s okay: we’re going to break down Kajabi, another excellent course-seller and coaching program that utilizes a lot of unique features and helps you make a decision based on budget, intuitiveness, and student experience.

Thinkific vs Kajabi: both Kajabi and Thinkific have similar functions, but don’t hit the nail on the head in every department. Let’s see in depth what these have to offer, what they lack, and how to find a balance in between depending on your needs.

Thinkific and Kajabi Compared

Thinkific is a huge, data-driven, marketing-based course-selling service. Comparing Kajabi vs Thinkific, Kajabi is an all-in-one online course platform that allows you to sell memberships, content, and more.

You’re about to launch a course, and depending on the topic, length, intricacy, and required downloadable course content, you’re going to find one of these two-course platforms fits your needs better than the other course platforms.

The only question is, which one will it be? Let’s find out. Read the complete Kajabi vs Thinkific comparison to decide what is best for you.

What is Thinkific?

about thinkific

Thinkific is one of the top-ranked online course platforms. Thinkific has an online course builder and marketing features designed to help you take a simple concept, and mature it into an online course that you can effectively sell to unlimited students.

You take information that you know, develop it in a linear, module-based fashion, and piece by piece, you go through the course-building options offered by Thinkific and make an online course.

Thinkific offers all the tools and resources to help you market your online course once it’s done, so you aren’t just left in the mud. This is an all-in-one service, meaning

Thinkific is all you need to take your ideas of being an online course builder and turn them into a reality. You’re about to become an online education entrepreneur.

What is Kajabi?

kajabi welcome page

Comparing Kajabi vs Thinkific, Kajabi is all about being a one-and-done service. As a SaaS-based platform, you’re able to build everything online with no software downloads required. Create, manage, sell, market, and promote your own online courses all from the Kajabi dashboard.

Kajabi’s core features include delivery of the content in a way that most other services don’t, and has a heavy emphasis on marketing (which is why we put it up against Thinkific, which also has fantastic marketing features), giving you an opportunity to properly market and promote unlimited courses without any prior knowledge about marketing when you start.

It requires no third-party integrations and tools and is truly an all-in-one solution that anyone can learn to use in a short amount of time.

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What Course Building Do They Offer?

With Thinkific, you’re going to get some core features such as an all-in-one tool that helps you build your video library and create online courses.

Screen Flow

Use their intuitive Screenflow to help capture your videos and design them around the course content and topic. You’re able to incorporate images, text, and documents as well so that your students can download these and view them during their courses or offline. Thinkific is still expanding into interactive content, so that is limited at the moment.

Kajabi has a slightly different approach: they’re going to tell you to either make an introductory, transformative, or certification course. Honestly, you could use any of these and the learning experience will be the same, minus a digital certificate or something like that.

Course Bundles

The quickest way to get a course off the ground is with a course bundle. That’s because courses that are bundled together have a higher likelihood of being purchased. They also have a higher probability that they will be used. What this means is that when you bill your courses, you’re in the best position possible to get credit.

In Kajabi bundling the courses is a common way to get courses off the ground. However, not all courses are good candidates for bundle purchases. Kajabi offers bundles, however, the availability of course bundles in Kajabi can vary depending on the course and the bundle. Kajabi offers a variety of bundles that are perfect for different courses and different needs.

There are a few ways to create Thinkific course bundles. The easiest way is to convert your existing course into a Thinkific bundle. This is a bundle where the course is split between two different courses. The content of the Thinkific course will be the same, but it can be split between the two courses.

The creators can create quizzes, assignments, assessments, and tests on both platforms.

Kajabi keeps things linear: choose a topic, use their SEO features to help make your online course more responsive to web searches, do competition analysis with other online courses out there, and locate your target audience. They offer a completely competition-driven online course-building platform.

What About Course Delivery?

creating your content on thinkific

Content delivery is done through content dripping from Thinkific, which is a feature that Kajabi doesn’t offer.

Content Dripping

Content dripping allows you to force a student to complete one course before they’re allowed to move on to the next, which can be beneficial if your courses are in monthly installments. This is a marketing tool.

Mini Online Courses

With Kajabi, you can make mini online courses that are basically interactive, one-video courses that you can use to help people know what they need from a product. If you end up selling products on your own website, or even just multiple courses in different niches, you can use this to help deliver people from a prospect to a lead and narrow down what they’re looking for.

Membership Sites

Both Kajabi and Thinkific provide membership sites, however, in Thinkific the options are more elaborate. Kajabi provides integrated membership sites in the form of membership management software. This is easy to operate and manage students’ data, records, and analytics.

At any rate, both Kajabi and Thinkific online course builders deliver linear, modular content once your students actually get into the virtual classroom, consisting of the video library, text, and image-based viewable content, as well as DLC.

How Hard is it to Make a Course?

On either platform, it’s dead simple to make an online course. The course creation process has been made as simple as possible.

Even if this is your first time on any online course builder, both Thinkific and Kajabi will walk you through everything from start to finish to make sure you have what you need, and nothing less.