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How To Create A Website Using Kajabi

How To Create A Website Using Kajabi (Simple Steps)

Creating a site with a website builder is one of the most important things when managing and maintaining a small business, whether you’re selling services, a subscription, or digital products.

However, trying to create a personalized site without any knowledge of coding and/or design expertise can make the process feel overwhelmingly difficult. Thankfully, many online platforms and all the tools make this process easier.

One of these is Kajabi, a one-stop platform that allows you to manage all the facets of your online business. So then, let’s say you’re interested in using Kajabi to create your website. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to create a website using Kajabi. We’ve made sure to break this down into a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow. 

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a cloud-based platform that is used by businesses for many different parts of their day-to-day life. Kajabi is a place where you can market, and sell online courses, products, and membership sites.

Since it was founded in 2010, it has become one of the most popular platforms for online educators and businesses. One of the big selling points of Kajabi is how you can easily create functional great websites without specific technical knowledge. 

Other features Kajabi offers are a simplistic user interface that makes some of the more complex parts of running an online business simplistic.

These include tools that help you create courses, process payments, conduct email marketing, and access analytics that help you plan ahead and adjust your business model accordingly. It also has impressive integration, allowing you to use it alongside all kinds of third-party tools. 

How Do I Create A Website Using Kajabi?

In the sections below, we’re going to give you a comprehensive guide on how you can create a website using Kajabi. If you’re just starting out and feel overwhelmed, then make sure to follow each of our steps closely.

Step 1 – Make Sure You’re Signed Up To Kajabi

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’ve signed up for an account. If you want to do this, simply navigate to the Kajabi website, click on the “Start your 14-day free trial” button, and you will be directed to a place where you can create your account.

Follow the instructions, including providing your basic information like your email, name, and password.

Step 2 – Choosing A Plan

Next up, you’re going to be prompted to choose a plan. Kajabi has several pricing options, each giving you access to different editing features and capabilities. Make sure you choose a plan that best suits the needs of your business, especially when it comes down to the website you hope to create.

Step 3 – Beginning The Process

Next up, you can start creating your website. First, navigate to the Kajabi dashboard, where you’ll be able to make a customized website, add landing pages, and create products for potential customers to buy.

Take some time to soak in this landing page, to make sure that you understand all that it has to offer. From here, you can begin to create your website.

Step 4 – Choosing A Theme

How To Create A Website Using Kajabi

One of the best things about creating a website with Kajabi is the large number of themes you can pick as a template to start with. One of the most integral parts of website design is to create a visual appearance with customizable templates that matches your brand and is intuitive enough for site visitors to navigate.

Kajabi provides a long list of different themes that you can choose from, each with its own unique style. When you choose your theme, make sure you consider which is the best for your brand. This includes:

Purpose: Next, consider what the purpose of your website is. Perhaps you’re looking to simply give information, or maybe you want to have a place where customers can easily navigate through a list of products. Either way, make sure to consider this before committing to a theme.

Branding: Make sure to choose a theme that reflects your brand. In many ways, your website needs to perfectly reflect what you hope to create as a company.

Customization: Depending on the theme you choose, you’ll notice that some are much easier to work with than others. We’d recommend trying out a few different themes so that you can get an understanding of how highly customizable and easy the one you’ve chosen is.

Step 5 – Customizing Your Theme

From here, you can begin to customize your theme. Make sure you change colors, fonts, images, and headers so that it all fits your brand. A little bit of patience here goes a long way.

Remember that your website is going to be the first touchstone for a lot of customers, so make sure that everything looks as slick and professional as you can make it. 

Step 6 – Add Pages

Another important thing to consider is how many pages you’re looking to add to your website. A typical website will have a homepage, but also pages for a blog, products, contact forms, and testimony pages.

Consider how many of these you’d like to add, and make sure that they all follow the same aesthetic vision as the rest of your website. 

Step 7 – Publishing Your Website

Now that we have created the basics of our website, we can publish it! Make sure you review everything to ensure that it all works and looks the way that you want it to. From here, we can launch the website by using the “launch” option on your Kajabi account.

Once you do this, your website will go live and be accessible to anyone who comes across it. 

If you’re wondering about what you can do from this point onwards, you’re going to want to begin to market your website. This is typically done through the way of any social media channels you may have, or by using email marketing.

You can constantly update your website through Kajabi, so if you launch your website, only to later find out that something is wrong, you can simply go back to the website on your account and make changes. 

Some people also choose to purchase a custom domain name for their website, which you can do easily with Kajabi. However, this is not required to launch your website. 

Final Thoughts

So that was our short guide on how you can create a website using Kajabi. While the sections above have taken you through the initial steps you should take to get your website started, you should know that there are a lot of finer site details regarding Kajabi you’ll have to learn for yourself.

We’d always recommend taking the time during each step of the process to see what additional tools Kajabi offers. 

Building a website takes time and is something you should continue to update and work on alongside your business website, so make sure you’re constantly improving and evolving what you’ve created.

We hope that this guide has explained the basics of how to make a website with Kajabi and that you’re now a lot more confident about the process. 

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