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How To Create A Podcast On Kajabi

How To Create A Podcast On Kajabi: Complete Guide

The popularity of podcasts doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  This means that if you ever wanted to start your own podcast, there is no better time than now. 

However, there are also plenty of podcast hosting platforms available to choose from and it can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the world of podcasting.  

One of the best podcast hosting platforms is Kajabi Podcasts. This is a great platform to use if you already use the Kajabi software for other aspects of your business.

In this article, we will look at the features of Kajabi Podcasts, how to use them, and answer some frequently asked questions that how to create a podcast on Kajabi!

What Is Kajabi Podcasts?

Kajabi Podcasts is a platform that allows you to host, create, and distribute your podcast episodes from a single platform.

It is very similar to other popular podcast hosting platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.  

Kajabi Podcasts give you the tools to produce high-quality audio content to engage with your audience, promote your brand, and build trust with customers or clients.

There is one main difference between Kajabi Podcasts and other popular platforms. Kajabi Podcasts provides more features than just hosting and distributing your podcast. 

Kajabi Podcasts is more of an all-in-one tool. It allows you to build a beautiful homepage for your podcast, you can publish a blog post that is related to your episodes and can provide links to other digital products that you sell.  

Kajabi Podcasts provides you with all the tools you need to create an interesting and engaging podcast to help grow your online business in the most convenient and powerful way. 

Who Can Use Kajabi Podcasts?

Before you dive straight into making a podcast, you might be wondering who Kajabi Podcasts is for. The best thing about Kajabi Podcasts is that all different kinds of people can use the platform for their podcasts.  

If you are looking to create a podcast as a means to earn money through investing in a podcast platform that is user-friendly and allows you to host and distribute your content, Kajabi Podcasts is perfect for you.

This is a super simple platform to learn and can be used by people with varying levels of experience. 

Kajabi Podcasts is also a great platform for course creators who are interested in providing engaging content for students.

Using podcasts through the Kajabi Podcasts platform allows creators to offer exclusive content to students on certain subscription levels.

The Kajabi Podcasts platform allows you to link different services and content to your students in a single place. 

Finally, coaches and knowledge commerce business owners can also benefit from using Kajabi Podcasts. Audio content can be hosted on the platform to be used as part of a larger marketing strategy.  

Learning The Features Of Kajabi Podcasts

How To Create A Podcast On Kajabi

In order to learn how to create a podcast on the Kajabi Podcasts platform, it is important to learn what Kajabi podcast features are available to you through the platform to help you create the best possible podcast. 

Intuitive Interface

If you are familiar with Kajabi products already, you will be aware of the user-friendliness of all of its tools and platforms.

The main thing that makes Kajabi such a popular platform is the fact that it is designed to be used by people who are not overly familiar with the technology.

This means that it can be used by anyone with any level of experience.  

The back end of the platform is incredibly simple. Users can see basic descriptions and tips about what each function can be used for.  There is no need for users to do any coding or any other complex steps. 

An example of the intuitive interface is the fact that creating a new podcast episode can be done with just a few clicks.

All you need is an audio file to upload, and additional text information, then you are ready to upload. 

Podcast Import

If you already have a podcast that you publish via a different podcast hosting platform, you might be wary about switching to a new platform with the same podcast.

Thankfully, with Kajabi Podcasts, you can move your content from other Podcast platforms easily. 

The podcast import feature of Kajabi Podcasts works with most mainstream podcast hosting platforms such as Anchor, SimpleCast, and Podbean.

It also works with other, lesser-known podcast sites. All you need to do is paste your RSS feed link into the podcast feed and import the feature to transfer previously published content. 

Show Notes

If you are unfamiliar with podcast production, show notes refer to the written content or description that accompanies your audio content.

The description for your podcast episodes is usually around 100 words long and contains a summary of the episode, the names of any guests, and a call to action.  

The purpose of show notes is to provide your audience with an idea of what the episode is about, much like the synopsis of a book. Show notes also play a huge role in the SEO ranking of your podcast.

Google needs a written description to understand and rank your podcast. The show notes feature automatically provides an optimized description so you don’t have to.

Episode Transcripts

Transcripts are probably something that you associate more with video content. However, it is important to provide a transcript of your podcast episodes in order to be accessible to a wider audience.  

Transcripts are also vital for the SEO ranking of your podcast which helps increase the reach of the content.

They can also allow podcast listeners to skim through your content for specific information, and it promotes inclusivity.  


Once you have made your podcast, distribution is key to helping it reach as many people as possible. With Kajabi Podcasts, you can share your podcast with different popular podcast directories with ease.

The distribution is automatic which saves a significant amount of time and effort. 

You can have your podcast simultaneously uploaded to Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts using the RSS feed link.

The Kajabi platform also guides you through the different methods and requirements for each directory to ensure a smooth experience for your audience. 

Private Podcast

With the Kajabi Podcasts platform, you can also produce private podcasts. While this might sound like a counterintuitive idea, it allows you to release podcasts or episodes to specific people.

This can be a great way to provide exclusive content to specific customers or clients. 

This is a Kajabi podcast feature that works really well for coaches and course creators. You can provide additional content to students and clients who are on specific subscription levels. 

Podcast Analytics

The easiest way to improve your podcast is to understand the numbers behind it. This can help you to understand where your podcast is doing well and where it can be improved.

It can also help to create a content schedule that your audience will enjoy. 

The Kajabi Podcasts platform has a Podcasts analytics dashboard that gives you access to data about the number of listeners, the devices listeners are using, the top 10 podcast episodes, the top countries by listeners, and the number of episode downloads.  

This information can be used to further grow and improve your podcast. This is the quickest and easiest way to understand what content your audience prefers and where they are listening to your content.  

How to Do Kajabi Podcasts Work?

How To Create A Podcast On Kajabi

Now that you know what you can do with the Kajabi Podcasts platform, you need to know how to do it. Below is a brief overview of how Kajabi Podcasts work. 

Create A New Podcast

The first thing you will need to do is create a new podcast.  If you already have a podcast that you want to transfer, you can skip this step and move straight to how to transfer a podcast.  

  1. On the Kajabi dashboard, there is a tab labeled “products”. This is where you need to go to create a new podcast. 
  2. Once on the products page, you will need to select the “podcasts” tab. On this page, there will be a “get started” button. Press this to begin creating your podcast.
  3. A new page will open with different options for products to create. Select “podcasts” and then click the “get started” button at the bottom of the Podcast page. 
  4. Select the option to create a new podcast. A form will appear which you should fill in with the details of your podcast.  It is at this point that you need to select whether it is a private or public podcast. 
  5. Continue through the form and select the language of your podcast, the category that it should be displayed in, and the order you want the episodes to appear. 
  6. You can now customize the color of your page. This can be changed again later on but a thumbnail must be uploaded to continue setting up your podcast. 
  7. If you have selected to make a private podcast, you will now need to select whether it is paid or free podcasts to access.  You will need to set up a payment gateway if you choose to pay. 
  8. Finally, click “save and finish” to complete setting up your podcast. 

Launch A New Episode

Once you have set up your new podcast, you will want to launch a new episode. Below is a step-by-step guide to launching a new episode of your podcast. 

  1. Go back to the “podcasts” tab. Now you will be able to select the podcast that you have created.  If you have created more than one, select the podcast that you want to upload and the episode. 
  2. Fill out the details of your new episode including the title, type of episode, and the season it belongs to. Then upload the audio file by dragging and dropping it in the box.  You can also mark your content as being for adults only.
  3. If you want to edit your episode, you can make changes on the platform. You can also add transcription and schedule your podcast for release.  

Once you have published your podcast episode, you can choose to embed it on your Kajabi page to make it easy to find. 

Transfer Existing Podcast

If you already have a podcast on another platform that you want to transfer to Kajabi to continue seamlessly producing content, Kajabi Podcasts make it easy.  

Follow the steps as if you are making a new podcast up until you have selected “create a new podcast”. This time, select “import podcast” from the podcast tab.

You will need to paste the RSS feed link from your existing podcast into the box and click “Continue”. 

You will then need to fill in the details about the podcast including the title, host, and a brief description. Then click “save and finish”.  

Final Thoughts

Making a brand new podcast or transferring an existing podcast to Kajabi Podcasts is super simple and makes the process of swapping to the all-in-one platform much easier.

Kajabi is the perfect place to launch or grow your podcast with helpful tools and support

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes Does Kajabi Podcasts Allow?

One of the best things about the Kajabi Podcast is that you can have as many episodes as you want or need for your season or topic.

With that being said, there is a limit on the size of the episodes themselves. Each episode cannot exceed 250MB.

What Audio Format Does Kajabi Podcasts Allow?

Kajabi Podcasts currently can only accept uploads of MP3 files for new episodes. It can support MP3 or MP4A for imported podcast episodes.

This is useful if your imported content has been recorded and published in MP4A. Make sure that all new recordings are saved as MP3 only or you won’t be able to upload them to the platform.

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