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Skillshare Review

Skillshare Review – Is It Still Worth It In 2023?

Skillshare is an online e-learning community, that offers people creative, educational courses on a wide variety of topics. The site is home to thousands of educational videos, available to users under free and premium membership plans.

For creative individuals with a passion for learning new things, Skillshare is an ideal educational platform. In this review, we’ll cover the benefits and the downfalls of the Skillshare site and reveal what it can offer to its users!

A Brief Overview of Skillshare

Choosing a new course or individual class is never easy. If you’ve always wanted to learn something new, but haven’t got around to it, Skillshare can help.

The Skillshare online learning platform offers you the opportunity to explore a variety of courses and decide which would be best to get.

Skillshare offers quality courses for all kinds of learners. With thousands of classes to choose from, the site allows you to refine your search until you find the best class for you.

Who is Skillshare For?

Skillshare is used by millions of members across the globe. The site aims to encourage and inspire creative individuals to learn new skills, like their chosen topics, and feel empowered by their studies.

Whether you’re a beginner or simply keen to learn more about a topic, Skillshare classes set you up with essential skills. Tutors will provide you with basic tips and tricks to kickstart and develop your interests.

Skillshare offers variety. Whatever your abilities, the vast range of courses on the Skillshare platform will help you to learn according to your abilities and become confident in your class topics.

What Does Skillshare Offer?

Skillshare workshops come under three categories: create, build, and thrive. If you’re looking to browse through a wide range of topics and classes, Skillshare is the ideal platform to use.

What Type of Subscriptions?

All three categories contain an array of courses, ranging from animation, web development, business analytics, and marketing to creative writing, productivity, lifestyle, and more.

Skillshare is a great learning space for creative and entrepreneurial minds. Classes are designed to help those who want to learn and are led by inspiring and passionate individuals.

If you want to learn new skills and value this process, either for a business or for yourself, Skillshare is worth a look. Whether you’re looking for 000 classes or something different, you can find everything you need on Skillshare.

Ease of Use

Skillshare is relatively easy to use. Classes are laid out in clearly labeled categories, making the site easy to like.

In Skillshare review posts, some users suggest the system is too simplistic, but this simplicity contributes to overall functionality. A clear, uncomplicated system means it doesn’t take as long to find what you’re looking for and this sets the right tone for a good learning experience.

The front page of the Skillshare site is bursting with motivational incentives. This, along with user-friendly browsing, is designed to give the site a welcoming and inspiring message.

Skillshare can be accessed through a browser, or via the company’s mobile Skillshare app. This app improves users’ learning experience, making it easier than ever to view regular and 000 classes.

Content Quality 

When it comes to choosing any course, finding the best content quality is important. It’s good to make sure that materials are good by reading review posts and trying courses out for yourself.

Good materials and teaching will make it easier for you to like what you’re studying. It is often easier to assess the content of an online course than it is for a physical one. Online classes have extensive browsing platforms, allowing you to refine your search.

Skillshare users can access a free trial when they first subscribe and numerous free classes. These free sessions allow customers to test content quality before making any investments.

Even though some free courses are quite basic, this is beneficial for beginners and trailers. Each class has its own unique style and skill level which grows more complex with Skillshare premium.

For those who value high-quality content, the premium plan is the best one to get. Just make sure you try the site first as this will enable you to see if you like the Skillshare teachers and classes.

Costs Breakdown 

Skillshare has a subscription-based learning model. This means users can only access courses via their membership plan and don’t get to pick and choose classes on an individual basis.

On the plus side, subscribers get unlimited access to all classes posted on the Skillshare platform. With unlimited access, you can learn several skills all for one set price.

Does SkillShare offer refunds? This a question we get asked quite frequently.

On the other side, however, Skillshare review writers reveal a few problems with this. Those who don’t wish to subscribe to unlimited courses are unable to just pick one class and view or pay for it separately.

Skillshare provides two subscription types to its users: one free, and one premium. To make learning really worth it, Skillshare premium is however the best option to get for users looking to develop their professionalism.

The free trial allows you to engage with free classes on the Skillshare site, of which there is a good number. The premium subscription however provides access to thousands more classes.

How much is Skillshare monthly?

The Skillshare free trial is great for those wanting to just dip into a few different courses and learn new skills. To access free classes, you do still have to subscribe, but no payments are requested. You can also access a free premium trial which lasts for a month.

A month free trial is a great way to test the waters. If you don’t like the courses available, you can finish the trial anyway and cancel your subscription. You can cancel Skillshare memberships at any stage, regardless of your membership plan.

If you choose to get the premium membership, there are some additional benefits. For the first two months, it costs just $1 and after this, just $19 per month. This comes out at $228 per year.

Alternatively, you can pay $99 upfront to get an annual membership. The cost comes out at $8 25 per month which will save you money per year in the long run.

While there isn’t a clear-cut list of costs on the Skillshare website, the prices are reasonable. Learning new skills usually comes at a cost and Skillshare is worth the membership prices charged.

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Course Features – Brief Review

One aspect which stands out about Skillshare is its team-based courses. These courses are designed to get business professionals to build efficiency as a team. This adds to the company’s worth in Skillshare reviews.

Another feature includes the wide variety of topics available and the practical approach teachers use in their classes. Students are required to work on a project as part of their learning experience. This approach maintains engagement during online courses.

Course Drawbacks – Brief Review

As with every course provider, there are some drawbacks as expressed in Skillshare reviews. This impacts Skillshare worth and reputation on review sites.

Some users have expressed issues with Skillshare pricing and subscriptions. Reviews suggest that the subscription-based system gives individuals less freedom. However, many students use this as a positive factor, enjoying the freedom they get of unlimited access.

A second drawback of the course is that there is no guarantee that teachers will be good. Skillshare review sites suggest users don’t always like the classes provided and Skillshare free classes often use lower-quality content.

Customer Reviews 

When looking for new courses and classes, whether free or not, you should always read reviews. The need to learn should be driven by passion and by teaching quality.

There are some mixed Skillshare review posts. Review sites level out with an average star rating, leaving new users to draw their own conclusions about Skillshare worth and the value of courses and classes.

Find out how Skillshare compares to:

Skillshare Reviews – PROS

  • Varied course content
  • Team building classes
  • Easy to use
  • Free trial classes
  • Mobile Skillshare app
  • Competitive Pricing

Skillshare Reviews – CONS

  • No guarantee every class is good
  • Not all teachers are good
  • Adverts can’t be removed without Skillshare premium membership
  • Free access is restrictive
  • Subscription and pricing issues

It is evident that classes Skillshare and courses Skillshare receive mixed review posts, some suggesting the the Skillshare videos are slow, but usually, there is a few very simple solution to this. On the plus side, content variety, class team building, and ease of use are deemed as good. On the downside, course and teaching quality remain questionable.

The Competition

As with any online learning platform, Skillshare faces competition. The question is, what makes Skillshare different and what do users like about it?

Alternatives to Skillshare:

Although Skillshare faces some competition from LinkedIn learning, the two have their differences. LinkedIn Learning is pitched at business professionals, whereas Skillshare places focus on developing creativity.

The main competition or alternative for Skillshare is the Masterclass platform. Masterclass is one of the top online educational platforms, running courses led by experts from all over the world.

Which is better MasterClass or Skillshare?

With world-leading professionals and high-quality video player content, Masterclass draws in both new and professional learners. However, courses don’t deliver skills instantly and are often pitched above beginner level.

As shown in Skillshare review posts, the platform offers a more practical and inclusive model. It provides quick access to important tools and has thousands of courses available. However, class content and teaching methods are unpredictable.

Both courses are good and level fairly equally. However, due to its class and course variety and inclusivity, Skillshare fits better on the wider market than Masterclass, which is best suited to high-level learners.

Skillshare vs Masterclass

Is Skillshare Accredited?

According to review posts, Skillshare classes are not accredited. Some review sites suggest that users would like Skillshare more if it was accredited. To be truly worth it, Skillshare should consider accreditation.

On the plus side, all class rights are reserved. This means students can’t replicate class materials and teachers can post them without the risk of copyright infringements. A rights reserved site is more popular with all users amongst Skillshare review posts.

Should I Invest in a Skillshare Subscription?

So, to review – is Skillshare worth it? Yes.

If you’ve read reviews, tested free trials, and explored all course and class options, you’re ready to decide whether to invest in a membership.

The Skillshare platform is designed for creatives, so if you have a passion for the arts, for lifestyle, or like developing business creativity, Skillshare could be for you.

Learning platforms like Skillshare give you access to a number of materials. Invest in a Skillshare membership and learn on Skillshare if you want to get new skills and grow your personal or business platform.

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