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Skillshare Alternatives

The 7 Best Skillshare Alternatives In 2023

Teaching courses online is one way you can make money easily, especially if you have knowledge that is in high demand. Sometimes, it may be a skill or an idea.

Whatever it is that you want people to learn, Skillshare is an online course platform that helps people to teach and learn. Filled with scores to sell online courses handled by professionals, it is a virtual learning portal with different disciplines of a wide range of online courses.

Skillshare allows users to have access to an endless stream of self-paced learning. Skillshare is unique because there is hardly any field where you won’t find something worthwhile worth learning. It is designed to help you improve your talents through virtual lessons.

It is an online learning platform that covers not just academic learning but lots and lots of practical skills designed in creative courses that are easy to assimilate.

You can learn in fields such as arts, computer science, software development, technology, business, and even sciences, free classes, premium classes, shared learning, group classes, and high-quality learning materials.

Skillshare courses are packaged in videos that subscribers can watch for knowledge. It is a huge platform where learners can interact, and experts can be engaged.

Another exciting thing about Skillshare is that it has practicable and relevant lessons for present-day use.

However, Skillshare is not the only platform where you can quickly learn new skills and innovations. Although it has excellent content, sometimes, you may not find precisely what you are looking for on the platform.

For example, two downsides of Skillshare are the quality of videos which is believed to be poor, and the constant pop-up of ads. Also, over time, other platforms have developed more tools that make them exciting to use.

We will look at seven of the best alternatives to Skillshare, how they compare, and what makes them unique. So, let’s explore the world of Skillshare alternatives and why you should consider them.

1.   Udemy

Skillshare Alternatives

The first alternative to Skillshare we will consider is Udemy. Udemy. It is a massively open online course (M.O.O.C.) website.

This means that it is accessible to anyone as a creator, with tens of thousands of systems available. On Udemy, users can learn creative skills or general knowledge by solely paying a tuition fee determined by the creator or tutor.

Udemy is interesting because the price for each course varies, and you can use several discount coupons to bring down the prices.

Naturally, the price of courses varies depending on their importance and demand. Udemy also puts no pressure on users as you can take any course you so desire at whatever time you wish.

Udemy also offers certification for every completed course and can be relevant when hunting for jobs.

What makes it Unique?

Udemy is unique in the ease with which learners get access to creators. Its massively-open online course (M.O.O.C.) format makes it a favorite among many users.

Online students rate Udemy courses to prevent watering down the content. You can then read the ratings of a course to know whether or not to take it. You’re most likely to find courses at their cheapest rates on Udemy.

It also has a wide diversity of courses, making it very exciting for worldwide users. Udemy has also provided learning opportunities for people in remote places who can’t easily access conventional education.

How it compares to Skillshare

Skillshare  (see also ‘Which Is Better Skillshare or Coursera?‘)offers unlimited access to courses for about $168 annually. Udemy, because of how it is formatted, charges for courses individually. The cheapest course goes for about $19. This means you will have access to more courses on Skillshare.

The videos are also shorter and easy to assimilate. However, Udemy is suited more for on-demand courses, while Skillshare is a marketplace of tutorials on several topics.

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2.   Coursera

Skillshare Alternatives

Two university professors founded Coursera. So, it is tailored towards academic knowledge.

It works in conjunction with about 200 of the leading universities globally to produce specialized courses that people can take either for free or for a fee. Just like Udemy, Coursera also provides massively-open online courses and degrees in some cases.

Although there are free courses on Coursera; to gain the most, you have to pay, especially if you wish to receive certifications or even degrees. Coursera certificates are recognized in major workplaces worldwide and are used to build great careers.

Although professors designed Coursera, it provides learning in different fields and to learn in-demand skills.


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What makes it Unique?

Coursera is unique because it offers access to quality education from the comfort of your home and at the cheapest prices.

Although you have to participate in classwork, quizzes, and assessments, Coursera is still very flexible, especially for those who have jobs. You can get a full degree from Coursera for less than $25,000.

Because Coursera partners with the best Universities and companies, they have the best of the best materials for those who need to learn the best skills for an ever-changing economy. The fact that you can earn degrees from Coursera makes it a unique platform.

How it compares to Skillshare

Coursera (see also ‘Which Is Better Coursera Or Edx?‘) has a higher value for money because of the quality of courses on offer. Moreover, Coursera has better courses in general. Users rate Coursera higher than Skillshare because it offers courses and specializations by such high-profile institutions as Duke and Yale.

Meanwhile, Skillshare is ideal for people who want to learn new skills, while Coursera handles those who wish to learn more traditionally.

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3.   Khan Academy

The 7 Best Skillshare Alternatives In 2023 1

Created in 2008 by Sal Khan as an aid for those who can’t afford to pay for quality online education, Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization, has grown into a massive resource for many schools.

It was designed to give easily accessible education to children via free-to-use platforms and resources.

Khan Academy (see also our comparison of Codecademy and Kahn Academy), organized as a website chock full of learning content, is arranged by grade level, with as many as  3,400 instructional videos and other tools designed to help pre-college students.

The most significant advantage of Khan is that it is free to operate globally and from any device. Khan Academy is also so accessible that any browser can be used to connect.

Khan Academy has several valuable resources, including videos and interactive sessions. Since it is free, there is no limit to the number of courses or classes that can be taken.

What makes it Unique?

Khan Academy is designed to offer practice exercises and instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that allows students to proceed at a pace they are familiar with.

The academy is free and effective, with new videos added frequently. You also learn at your pace, so lessons can be repeated as many times as you need. Students can also learn from anywhere in the world with any phone.

The ability to provide education for all students free of charge is why Khan Academy will always remain unique.

How it compares to Skillshare

Skillshare has a higher recognition than Khan Academy, and that is due to the types and the number of courses available. Skillshare has a higher number of courses and serves a larger audience. But the needs that Khan Academy meets make it very popular among many people.

4.   Alison

Skillshare Alternatives

When it comes to online learning, Alison focuses on workplace skills. Alison’s goal is to make it possible for anyone to study any subject anywhere for free, and acquire the needed skills..

Founded in 2007, Alison has provided access to skills and education online so that distance is no longer a barrier for those who wish to learn.

Alison allows you to learn without being under any pressure, and you can learn at your own pace.

There are opportunities for learning individual courses and diplomas as well. However, Alison tends to focus more on courses that develop workplace skills.

To become an Alison Graduate, you would take a test of about 30+ questions on each particular course, and once you score a minimum of 80%, you are certified. The certification includes ordinary certificates, diplomas, or a learning path.

Although Alison has several practical courses, employers and institutions do not often recognize them, although they are known to build competencies.

What makes it Unique?

Alison is unique because anyone can access it at any time. It provides a fast way to upgrade your skills and tailor plans to meet your personal needs. Alison, one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, also provides certificates upon completion of the course.

How it compares to Skillshare

Both are focused on developing skills, but Skillshare still has a slight advantage in terms of acceptability. Also, Skillshare offers more courses.

Although Alison is very popular, it lacks accreditation for its courses. However, a self-employed individual would find it great for learning.

5.   LinkedIn Learning

Skillshare Alternatives

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that provides courses taught by industry experts. The platform seeks to help professionals who want to improve their skills and certificates.

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning (see also our comparison between LinkedIn Learning and Udemy) is presented in videos that offer in-depth courses in Business, Creative Education, and Technology fields.

The certificates of LinkedIn Learning are also accredited as most of the comprehensive courses are handled by experts.

Although the first month is free (trial), LinkedIn Learning is subscription-based, and users pay to access the content.

LinkedIn Learning courses can be learned at your own pace and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

What makes it Unique?

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that provides quality online learning for creative professionals who need to improve their skills.

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your room and learning from industry experts on the very topics you’ve always wanted to learn. Moreover, you can get certificates that are universally recognized on the platform.

How it compares to Skillshare

A monthly subscription of $29 or an annual subscription that equals about $19 a month (you can also pay for individual courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform) is the costlier of the two options.

Not only is Skillshare cheaper, but it also has a wider range of courses. Remember also that Skillshare allows the open creation of systems. LinkedIn Learning has a set of skilled instructors.

However, if you want the broadest range of courses, go for Skillshare.

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6.   Udacity

Skillshare Alternatives

Derived from the word “audacious” or “audacity,” Udacity is a platform that offers lots of open online courses intending to help individuals learn the skills they need and improve their chances of landing their dream jobs.

Udacity is biased towards tech-related courses, but since most jobs require lots of tech know-how, it is a platform you would appreciate. Its platform is run with the Massive-Open Online Courses system.


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What makes it Unique?

Udacity is unique because it offers a path to learn courses that may seem very advanced and expensive to learn in conventional schools. Because it focuses on tech education, Udacity arms learners with the skills required to build a successful career.

Although you need to pay to access most of the courses, some are open access, although you need to pay for certification.

The costs vary, but a Nanodegree costs an average of $400 per month. Open courses are between $29 and $59, which is relatively cheap compared to what is offered.

How it compares to Skillshare

Because of the kind of knowledge on the platform, Udacity is believed to offer more excellent value. It also seems to have better content quality. However, Skillshare has a broader range of courses.

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7.   Teachable

Skillshare Alternatives

Teachable is a platform that helps creators of educational content create courses and helps them make money from it. This platform creates an all-in-one solution that allows not just the creators but the learners.

Teachable is also a Learning management system platform. So if you can create or are willing to learn, Teachable is for you.

It also has an unlimited number of courses to choose from and a flexible payment structure.

What makes it Unique?

What makes Teachable unique is a learning management system platform that makes it easy for instructors. Teachable also has so many pricing options to help you stay refined.

How it compares to Skillshare

Teachable allows for greater flexibility in how instructors can relate with students, while Skillshare is more rigid and allows subscribers to access all courses.

Skillshare also allows you only to upload videos, while Teachable can upload other kinds of media.

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We have looked at the best Skillshare alternative and how they compare in the online learning business. All of them have their strengths and limitations.

But one thing is clear. If you need to learn new skills with compared to these Skillshare alternatives, you can’t go wrong with Skillshare or any great alternatives we have outlined.

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