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Is SkillShare Worth It? SkillShare Coupon and Course Review

SkillShare Coupon: Exclusive Discounts (September 2023)

Feeding your brain takes much more than eating superfoods, getting adequate sleep, and listening to NPR – it involves challenging yourself to discover and learn new skills.

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to enroll in a fully-fledged university degree to flex your cognitive muscles.

Undertaking novel courses is among the best ways to start a new learning experience that will improve your understanding of new concepts, sharpen your skills, and learn new things.

Numerous online learning platforms can allow you to learn new skills for free or very little amount of money. From Udemy and Coursera to Teachable and SkillShare. A free course lets a learner grab essential knowledge without incurring any cost.

The Best Skillshare Coupon Codes For September 2023

Here is the collection of the latest Skillshare coupon codes: updated August 2023.

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What is SkillShare?

What is SkillShare?

SkillShare is an online learning community platform based in the US, designed for people who prefer to learn in a self-guided, self-paced setting.

Most of the content on SkillShare comprises educational videos, and the majority of the courses can be accessed by paying for a Skillshare membership. Full Skillshare membership can also be availed after the conclusion of a free trial. The free trial offers limited features with advertisements.

SkillShare concentrates less on lecturing and more on community, which makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. It allows users to learn a particular skill by completing a project.

There are multiple categories of courses you can acquire new skills, including arts, design, entrepreneurship, and technology.

The majority of courses on this online learning platform are taught by renowned industry leaders. There are over 30,000 free courses and Skillshare subscription-based classes for you to choose from.

How Does It Start

Established in 2010, SkillShare was created by Michael Ong and Michael Karnjanaprakm to become one of the youngest sites of its kind.

Previously, Michael Karnjanaprakm was also linked with a similar platform called Hotpotato, which was later acquired by Facebook

The funding for the skill share started in August 2011 when $3.1 million were raised through Serie A funding. In 2013, $4.65 million were raised, while in 2014, $6 million were raised taking the total tally of funding to $10 million.

In 2012, Skillshare first launched 15 courses in which students completed a project through interaction. In 2013, the number of subjects offered was increased to 250.

As 0f 2019, more than 2,000 online music classes are available for free month of Skillshare, while 27,000 are available on premium membership.

What Makes SkillShare Stand Out – Functionality and Features

What Makes SkillShare Stand Out – Functionality and Features


This online learning platform is unique in that it provides a shared learning experience that is identical to what you’d find in a regular classroom, whether in-person or online.

You can work collaboratively with the other students to improve your experience level and point of view. The platform also allows you to submit feedback depending on which classes you’ve taken. The feedback option is not available in a free trial.


If you’re a teacher or tutor hoping to create courses and sell them on SkillShare, then you’ll realize that the process is quite straightforward.

The team at SkillShare will guide you throughout the whole process, from making classes and publishing them to advertisements and getting paid.

As an instructor, SkillShare‘s dashboard enables you to directly share videos and add the interactive project phases. These phases simplify everything for you to display information just how you’d like it to appear.


SkillShare exists as a web version and also has a mobile app that is compatible with popular smartphones running on Android and iOS. This means that you can have your classes either on your computer or your smartphone.


The other unique thing about SkillShare is the skills tags feature. Skills tags enable instructors to mark their courses depending on the skills they teach. More so, students can easily find the courses they’re looking for as they can narrow down their search to specific skills and peruse classes accordingly.

SkillShare Costs and Pricing Structure

SkillShare Costs and Pricing Structure

Basic Plan

When it comes to SkillShare‘s pricing structure, there is a wide variety of options to consider. Free membership is the most basic plan offering a free Skillshare subscription offer using a promo code. All you need to apply for a free version is your email address only.

However, using Skillshare for free does not come without a hassle. The free version contains ads and doesn’t allow users to have unlimited access to all the available Skillshare classes. The free version also limits you from getting access to relevant or supporting documents such as community discussions and PDF workbooks.

One disadvantage of using Skillshare for free in the free trial is that you have to enter the credit card credentials upfront.

Premium Membership

The next plan up the pricing ladder is the premium membership. The premium membership plan eliminates all the ads and gives you instant access to a massive catalog of online courses. Since this plan comes with a Skillshare annual membership, it also offers specific promo codes to avail of promotional offers.

With the premium subscription, users can download materials via the mobile application so that they can access them offline. The annual membership costs $99 every year or $19 every month. Right now you can also avail of an annual membership discount by the name of 40 off annual membership.

Active skillshare coupon codes are announced to avail of discounts on an annual membership e.g. the latest coupon code given by the company is FLASH40, which can be used to avail of 40 off annual membership

What’s more, when you create a SkillShare premium subscription account, you’ll receive plenty of other generous freebies, including discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud, Squarespace, Shutterstock, and so much more.

The last option is the team account. This Skillshare subscription plan is priced the same as the SkillShare premium subscription. However, there are key differences that make a team account distinct from the other subscriptions.

This plan is tailored for organizations and institutions that would like to offer their workers SkillShare accounts that are linked to a single account. All you’ll be charged with this plan is $99.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Skillshare premium for free – to qualify for this plan, your team