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Skillshare Annual Membership

Skillshare Annual Membership

Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers thousands of different classes and courses.

It focuses on creative arts such as design, illustration, and writing and requires an annual membership to access the Skillshare classes.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Skillshare annual membership.

We will look at the price, features, and other options offered by Skillshare for the monthly membership and the Skillshare premium membership.

How Much is a Skillshare Annual Membership?

The price of an annual Skillshare membership can fluctuate greatly.

It changes frequently and the prices are not readily available on Skillshare’s site.

In fact, you will need to sign up before Skillshare shows you the annual price for your region.

However, as of November 2022, the price of an annual membership to Skillshare is $165. 

Skillshare only has an annual subscription, however, so you will not have the option to pay for a monthly subscription.

Skillshare has previously offered monthly memberships at a much higher monthly price but these are currently not available. (Check out ‘Skillshare Student Discount For 2023.‘)

Although you can sign up for a Skillshare free trial, none of the courses are available unless you subscribe.

Skillshare used to offer a limited number of courses for free but this is no longer the case.

Skillshare does offer a free trial when you sign up for the website.

After creating a Skillshare account, you will be given a 30-day free trial and unless you cancel Skillshare, you will be charged the annual fee when this is finished.

Affiliates and Sales

Although an annual membership costs $165 and the free trial is for 30 days, you can get cheaper rates and a longer free trial if you shop around.

Skillshare has a number of affiliates that offer better deals for a lower Skillshare cost than you will get if you follow the sign-up process on the front page of Skillshare’s website.

However, before you sign up through any of these affiliates, make sure that you check the site to ensure that it is a legitimate Skillshare offer and not a scam to get your details. 

What Benefits Do You Get With a Skillshare Annual Membership?

Let’s look at some of the benefits that you get with a Skillshare Annual Membership.

Unlimited Access to the Class Catalog

This is the main reason why people sign up for Skillshare and it is the purpose of the website – to gain unlimited access.

Skillshare hosts over 35,000 different online courses that cover a wide range of skills.

You can learn about topics such as graphic design, painting, or interior design from user-friendly video tutorials.

Many of the courses are taught by experts in their respective fields.

As the videos are all hosted online you can work through them at your own pace and review them whenever you need to.

Each class also asks its students to complete a project so that they can put the skills they’re learning to use.

You can then use your completed projects in your portfolio.


There are also community aspects to Skillshare.

When you join the site, you can interact and network with the other members of the online learning community.

This can help you with your career development as well as be a great source of motivation and encouragement.

Skillshare hosts a Project Gallery that allows you to post your projects and get feedback from both teachers and other students. 

Offline Access

As well as the website, Skillshare also has apps for both iOS and Android.

With your Skillshare annual membership, you can access your course material through the Skillshare app and also access it offline.

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With so many courses available on Skillshare, it can be difficult to know which courses to pick.

You can follow specific skills on Skillshare and this will lead to the site suggesting appropriate courses for you.

Skillshare also has many curated learning paths. With these paths, as soon as you finish one course it will suggest another course that will build upon the information and skills you’ve already learned.

What Other Options Are There?

There are a couple of other ways to get a Skillshare membership but these are only applicable in a couple of different circumstances.

Let’s take a look at them.

Skillshare for Teams

For organizations that are looking to get Skillshare memberships for their members or employees, Skillshare offers a program called Skillshare for Teams.

This is also an annual membership and there are no options to subscribe to this on a monthly basis. 

Skillshare Teams membership costs $159 per user, per year.

Organizations can buy a number of memberships, or ‘seats’, and then assign these to their members or employees.

Extra seats can be purchased at any time during the year if extras are needed but seats can’t be canceled or refunded.

Seats can, however, be reassigned so if a member leaves the organization, their seat can be given to somebody else.

Skillshare for Teams gives every seat unlimited access to all of the classes as well as offline and mobile access.

Organizations can access reports and analytics for each seat and the membership comes with a large number of admin capabilities that can be used to organize how the different seats are used.

The user with admin capabilities is also classed as having a seat and will also need a $159 annual Skillshare subscription.

For any organization that is looking to enroll more than one person in the classes offered by Skillshare, Skillshare for Teams is the best option. 

Corporate Gift Cards

It is also possible to purchase a gift card to give another person a membership to Skillshare.

These are not meant to replace annual memberships, however, and are instead intended to be gifts given by employers to either their employees or clients.

The gift cards can only be purchased as either 3-month or 6-month memberships.

There is also a minimum purchase amount as you will need to buy at least 25 cards. They are not available individually or in smaller numbers.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we looked at the Skillshare annual membership.

We introduced the pricing structure and what your annual membership buys you.

We also looked at the other types of annual memberships Skillshare offers.

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