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How To Become A Skillshare Student

How To Become A Skillshare Student

You might have heard of Skillshare before, but might need help understanding exactly what it is, or how to best use it.

However, if you feel like you could benefit from the resources found on Skillshare and want to learn how to make use of this fantastic platform, then you’re in the right place, as we’ve created this convenient guide that will help you to get started on the platform. 

There are a lot of ways to make use of Skillshare, and if you want to learn more skills in order to help develop your career from skillshare teachers who are experts in their field, then signing up for Skillshare is going to be a great move to learn from video lessons.

So, if you’re looking for a guide that is going to help you get started, then look no further, as we’ll provide you with all of the details you need to know about how to become a Skillshare student.

What Is Skillshare? 

If you’ve never heard of Skillshare before, but have been looking for an online learning platform, then there’s a good chance that you will have seen the name mentioned a lot, as it’s one of the most popular online learning platforms out there.

It can be used by people who are willing to learn, as well as those who are looking to teach, and there are currently over 30,000 classes available for you to enroll in, with more added on a regular basis.

Skillshare classes have a review system and class project and class ratings

The variety of subjects and areas that you can learn in are vast, and range from things like business, and technology, all the way to art and illustration, so there’s a good chance that you’ll find something on the platform that you will want to learn more about.

But it’s an especially good platform for those who are looking to develop their knowledge in the creative industries. 

You can also check out the platform’s social media channels like Facebook, and Instagram to know the platform. You can also check the youtube channel too.

Getting Started

Getting started with Skillshare is really simple, so just follow these easy steps to begin learning with Skillshare: 

Step 1: Make your way over to 

Step 2: You’ll then need to fill out the information required to sign up, and then click the “sign-up” button when you’re done. 

Step 3: You can then choose whether you want to begin the paid plan, which starts with a 2-month free trial, or opts for the free plan for the current time. 

Step 4: You’re now ready to begin learning on Skillshare! 


One of the features of Skillshare that so many users enjoy, outside of the vast variety of courses available, is the modern and easy-to-navigate interface. So, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find when you first enter Skillshare. 

Upon logging into your account, you can then see both the skills that you are currently following, as well as the skills that you might potentially be interested in short lessons.

You’re also able to do some of the recommended skillshare classes, your first class lists, workshops you can join, and more too. 

From here, you can also browse the variety of categories in which you can learn skills, you can also take a look at all of the classes available, as well as the recommendations that have been curated for you based on your interests. 

You can also enter into workshops and communicate with other students who are enrolled in the same first course, and exchange feedback too, which helps to improve your work and learning, so that you can become an even better student. 

The search function allows you to directly type in the name of any classes, which is super convenient if you’ve been recommended a class by other students, or from a guide online. 

The My Classes section allows you to see all of the classes you’re currently enrolled in, your watch history, lists, and workshops. 

Finally, there’s also the notification section, which will provide you with any updates to the classes you’re enrolled in.

Skillshare Pricing

When it comes to being a student on Skillshare, the amount of functionality and unlimited access to resources you have is ultimately dependent on the plan that you choose. Each plan is priced differently and contains a unique set of features. 

The free plan allows you to watch the available online courses for no cost, and although these online classes won’t provide you with an abundance of information, it’s a great way to expand your basic knowledge of certain topics.

The free plan contains over 2,400 classes, and you’re also able to participate in hands-on projects and discussions with other students too. 

The Skillshare premium plan expands your access to classes, as well as provides you with a whole host of convenient features. Including no ads, offline access, complete access to over 30,000 different classes, and much more!

This plan costs $15 a month, and it’s a great way to invest in your own development. 

There’s also a team plan if you’re looking to use Skillshare app as a group of people to make the most of their group management options, which costs $99 per user for the year. 


So, if you’re someone who is looking to develop their personal skills and develop knowledge on a whole range of different topics across various industries, then it’s definitely worth becoming a Skillshare student, and signing up for Skillshare is incredibly simple to do as well, so you should have no issue with becoming a Skillshare student. 

Whether you decide to opt for the basic free plan to give Skillshare a try before you opt for the paid plan, then you’ll still have access to over 2,000 great courses.

Although the paid plan does come with a 2-month free trial, you can explore Skillshare to its fullest before continuing on the paid plan. 

Becoming a student on Skillshare is easy to do, so as long as you follow the steps that we mentioned above, you should have no problem getting started on Skillshare! 

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