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How Much Is A Skillshare Membership

How Much Is A Skillshare Membership

Skillshare is an online learning platform that allows you to access thousands of different learning materials for thousands of different topics.

No matter what you are looking to learn about, be it a new way to arrange your refrigerator, or perhaps how to code, there is something for you on the Skillshare platform. 

How Much Is A Skillshare Membership

Like everything else when it comes to learning, Skillshare is not exactly without costs. So, the big question is: how much is a Skillshare membership?

While you can access free learning, it is not permanent, and you will have to accept that you need to pay for the resources that you are learning from. 


First of all, you do get to start off with a free trial. There is no sense in paying for something that ends up not being for you.

So, Skillshare has a free-trial plan for one month to let you experience free courses and decide if it is right for you. (See ‘Skillshare Free Vs Premium.’)

You can also download classes with the Skillshare app.

This trial only lasts one month and afterward, if you want to stay with Skillshare, you will have to choose either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. 

There are ways you can gain unlimited access to more free months with Skillshare.

Their refer-a-friend program can help you gain access to a free month if you refer a friend, and they decide to sign up. 

However, if you wanted to gain access to a full year for free, you would need 12 friends, all willing to sign up for Skillshare.

While some may be lucky enough to have this, not all of us are, so most of us do have to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Monthly Subscription Fees

If you choose the monthly subscription plan you can expect to pay fees of $32 per month.

While this is not too bad in comparison to some other similar sites’ fees, the annual subscription works out much cheaper and is financially viable.

Annual Subscription Fees

If you decide to take on Skillshare for the whole year, you will be getting a much better plan than if you subscribe monthly.

The cost of the annual fee is $168, which is around $14 per month, or thereabouts, making it half the cost of the monthly subscription!

You can also try out discounts for Skillshare teams as well.

If you buy teams for your company, you can try one of three plans which are all annual fees. 

These include Starter, Enterprise, and Revive plans.

If you choose a starter the Skillshare cost will be $159 per year per user, the other plans are not publicly advertised in cost, and it will depend on the specifics of your needs. 

The starter plan is for 2 to 19 people, the Enterprise plan is for 20 or more, and Revive is for 50 or more.

Using Skillshare For Schools

How Much Is A Skillshare Membership 1

Skillshare which is used for schools will offer you special discounts on occasion as well.

This applies to high schools and higher education colleges and universities who want to buy 20 student memberships or more. (Check out ‘Skillshare For Students.’)

These packages can give students the ability to switch from learning by textbook to the library of online courses available on Skillshare, ranging from graphic design to web development and so on.

Canceling Skillshare

If you have paid for Skillshare and enjoyed your time with them, but now it is time for that to end, that is okay.

You can easily cancel Skillshare totally hassle free with a Skillshare Premium membership. 

All you need to do is log into your Skillshare account and go to your account settings, then go into the payment section of your account settings and from there click to cancel your membership. 

Once you have clicked on the button that says ‘Cancel Membership’, you will lose access to your membership, this includes classes and any other content. 

However, if you were to cancel your membership before the end of your Skillshare free trial period, you will not be charged at all and can go on knowing you tried it and didn’t like it.

Can I Get A Refund?

What if you tried Skillshares free trial, decided you didn’t like it but forgot to cancel and now a payment has come out of your bank? 

Well, you can get refunds but Skillshare offers a refund only on annual Premium membership plans, not monthly ones, so if you signed up for the monthly payments you will sadly lose the $32 you paid for it, even if you didn’t want it. 

In order to get your refund you will need to contact Skillshare directly within a week of the money being taken out of your bank and processed.

Do note that it could take up to 2 weeks, or 14 days for the refund to make it back to you. 

Should you click to start your free month for Skillshare Premium you do agree to be charged after that month, however, if you wish to cancel before this month is up, then you won’t be charged. 

Similarly, should you buy Skillshare through a third-party application, such as Apple or Google Play, you will need to contact them directly to request a refund or to cancel your membership as Skillshare cannot help you if you make your purchase via a third-party organization. 


If you do decide to sign up for Skillshare, and after the first month you enjoy it and want to stick with it, we recommend going with the full-year plan.

While you are dedicating yourself to a full year, it does work out as cheaper, and if you get charged and want a refund you will be able to get one. 

The Skillshare monthly membership plan is expensive and does not have a refund option, therefore the Skillshare annual membership option is simply better. 

For schools, colleges, and universities, there are plenty of discounts, and employers have many options to choose from in what plans they can buy.

However, the Skillshare pricing needs to be discussed with Skillshare themselves.

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