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What Is Sales Impact Academy [Company Guide]

Sales Impact Academy Review 2023

Sales Impact Academy may be a young company but it is rapidly growing and making a name for itself in the world of business-to-business education and learning.

It is an educational platform that offers numerous courses to help improve the skill sets of those involved in various aspects of business, but with a particular focus on sales and marketing. Sales Impact Academy Review

However, there are many platforms on the Internet that offer similar services and courses.

If you’re a business looking to educate your staff or an individual hoping to improve your skill set, you might be wondering exactly what Sales Impact Academy is and how it can benefit you.

That’s why we’ve created this Sales Impact Academy review article to take a closer look at other Sales Impact Academy reviews.

We will introduce Sales Impact Academy and the services it offers so that you can decide whether it is the B2B educational platform for you.

The History Of Sales Impact Academy

Sales Impact Academy was founded in 2019 in London, England.

It was founded by Alexandra Damgaard and Paul Fifield and aims to provide learning materials that will help high-growth technology companies to develop their employee’s skills in the fields of sales and marketing.

It is a privately held company that has managed to raise funds through a venture capital system.

Sales Impact Academy has several investors that have backed the company and received another influx of capital of $22 million in 2022 to help further grow and develop the business.

Specifically, it will be used to add more courses and to also improve the learning platform that the site currently uses.

This additional capital came courtesy of some new investment partners, such as HubSpot Ventures and MIT Investment Management Company.

Previous investors such as Emerge Education and Stage 2 Capital also contributed some more capital to the company.

Is Sales Impact Academy A Crunchbase Company?

Sales Impact Academy address.

What Does Sales Impact Academy Do?

Sales Impact Academy provides a continuous live-learning solution curriculum on a business-to-business basis.

It’s a learning platform that provides various curriculums and courses for the world of B2B.

It particularly focuses on courses that can benefit roles such as account executive, sales professional development representative, customer success manager, and others involved in marketing and revenue operations.

Sales Impact Academy believes that much traditional education systems of higher structured education have not capitalized on these roles and areas in a fitting way.

Most courses and curriculums aimed at these job roles are too rigid and not fit for purpose, leaving many businesses having to either work with underskilled employees or create their own learning materials.

This is especially devastating for startups that don’t have the time or money to create their own learning material and have to rely on the sales skills of sales impact academy employees. Inconsistent and inadequate education can directly contribute to the number of B2B startups that fail.

Sales Impact Academy aims to fill that educational gap by providing high-quality training and courses that can help develop employees in ways that will be of direct benefit to both employees and businesses.

The courses are created by experts in their fields and are well-structured and designed to achieve their aims.

What Companies Use Sales Impact Academy?

Although Sales Impact Academy is a relatively new company, it has already managed to gain some high-profile clients.

Many established companies use Sales Impact Academy to help develop the skills of their employees, such as:

  • Hubspot
  • Klaviyo
  • Wistia
  • TravelPerk
  • GitHub
  • ThoughtSpot
  • Uberall
  • Nitro

Many of these companies are leaders in their respective fields and have seen the skill levels of their employees grow through their association with Sales Impact Academy.

What Does Glassdoor Say About Sales Impact Academy?

By improving the skills of their employees, they’ve also seen growth in their businesses.

Some of these businesses, such as Hubspot, have also invested in Sales Impact Academy or have employees that create course content for the company.

How Much Do Sales Impact Academy Cost?

Sales Impact Academy operates on an annual subscription basis. Businesses must pay an annual fee for each user that they want to have access to the service.

Businesses will need to contact Sales Impact Academy directly with their information so that they can get a quote tailored to their business and its needs. 

The price per user can change depending on the circumstances but it begins at $1500 (£1,250) per user per year.

There are numerous benefits that a subscription provides and these include:

  • Access to over 1000 classes per year
  • Access to live and on-demand classes
  • Certification to confirm the completion of courses
  • Access to the Sales Impact Academy Slack community
  • Access to the global sales impact academy team
  • Access to expert coaches that are world leaders in their respective fields

Benefits Of Sales Impact Academy

Now that we know more about what Sales Impact Academy is, let’s look at some of the advantages it brings to any business that decides to use its services.

This will also help us better understand the features and functions offered by the platform and the courses hosted.

Variety of Courses

Sales Impact Academy has over 1000 courses that cover a wide range of different skills and aspects of the business. The courses are split into four broad schools:

  • Customer Success
  • Management and leadership
  • Prospecting
  • Sales

As you can see from these categories, many of the courses offered by Sales Impact Academy are geared toward sales and marketing but that doesn’t stop them from being varied. 

For example, a quick browse of the ‘Sales’ category shows such varied courses as:

  • Account-based selling for AES
  • Managing the complete sales cycle
  • Negotiation through tactical empathy
  • The high-velocity sales motion

All of these courses target different aspects of sales for a business and are likely to be completed by very different users as well.

No matter what aspect of sales you want your employees to become more skilled in, it is likely that Sales Impact Academy has a course made for it.

Qualified Coaches

One of the main benefits of Sales Impact Academy is that the courses are created by a variety of different coaches.

Sales Impact Academy career.

The coaches at Sales Impact Academy come from all over the world and bring their own unique expertise to the course material they create. 

Sales Impact Academy Review

The coaches include CEOs, VPs, sales managers, and department heads that have years of experience working with successful firms. Sales Impact Academy salary.

You can also get more theoretical courses from organizational psychologists and authors.

Some of the more unique coaches include a coach that once acted as the lead international hostage negotiator with the FBI and the ex-coach of the England rugby team.

Each coach ensures to bring their years of experience into their course materials so you can be sure that the courses are relevant to the real world.

This isn’t always the case with the exams and quizzes (more on that later) but you will find each lesson to be interesting and as varied as the background of the coaches.

Certified Courses

Every educational course needs a purpose and evidence that it has been completed and Sales Impact Academy’s courses are no different.

After completing the course materials users will be asked to complete an exam to test their knowledge and understanding of the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, users will receive a certificate to confirm their success.

This can be included on resumes and used internally within businesses as proof of each individual’s progress and skillset.

Supportive Environment

Sales Impact Academy aims to create a supportive environment for all of its users.

There is a very active Slack community that users can join and this allows you to interact with other users and even network a little.

All of the authorized users of Sales Impact Academy get access to the Slack community and can refer to this at any time.

Users can also interact with other users and the coaches throughout the duration of the courses.

Sales Impact Academy also has a very responsive customer support team so if you ever need any help or a quote you can be sure of getting a speedy response.

Drawbacks Of Sales Impact Academy

Although Sales Impact Academy undoubtedly has a lot of benefits that businesses can take advantage of, there are also some drawbacks and ways that the business can improve.

Let’s take a look at some of these negatives.

Confusing Platform

When you first start using Sales Impact Academy, there are onboarding tutorials available to help you understand how the platform works and how to use it to its full potential.

If you skip this onboarding sales process or don’t pay full attention, you may find the site and course material difficult to use at first.

Many educational platforms aim to be intuitive from the start, regardless of whether a user has looked through the onboarding materials or not.

However, for many users, Sales Impact Academy isn’t as intuitive and has a learning curve.

Live Sessions

Many of Sales Impact Academy’s courses and sessions are delivered by coaches live.

They usually run for around an hour and for many users, being able to attend these sessions live is not possible. 

Some courses run entirely on these live sessions and may expect a commitment to attending two one-hour sessions each week. This is very difficult for many busy people to slot into their lives.

Many of these sessions are recorded and can be accessed at a user’s leisure, but this defeats the purpose of having live sessions available at all.

It also removes the ability to communicate in real-time with the coach and other users.

Overlapping Courses

Sales Impact Academy offers over a thousand different courses for users to choose from and study.

Unfortunately, many of these courses have overlapping content so you may find that you’re covering the same content twice, despite studying a different course.

This is not an issue if you’re only interested in your employees completing one or two courses, of course.

However, the more courses that users complete, the higher the possibility that they will spend time covering information they already know.

This isn’t the most effective use of learning time and it can be very difficult to identify where courses will overlap until you reach the points where they do.

Course Exams Can Be Complicated and Too Specific

A common complaint from users that have completed courses on Sales Impact Academy is that some of the quizzes throughout the courses and the end-of-course exams can be too complicated or specific.

Often, the exams can be difficult to understand or to follow for users, even after studying and understanding the material.

The wording of the questions and layout of the exam questions themselves can be confusing and require some editing.

Some of the quizzes and exams can also have very specific questions that are difficult to relate to either the course content or real-world situations.


With the price for individual users beginning at $1500 for a year, this may price Sales Impact Academy to go to market teams for many businesses.

There are no monthly options and the price will rapidly increase as more users are added.

For many businesses, this cost will be value for money.

The cost of developing your own learning materials can be expensive and the quality of courses offered by Sales Impact Academy might make them worth the investment.

Ultimately, whether the cost is worth investing in will depend on the business. If you’re a new business with little capital, it may be a prohibitive cost.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we took a closer look at Sales Impact Academy. We looked at the history of the company and how it has developed over its short lifespan so far.

We explained what the company does and introduced some of Sales Impact Academy’s clientele. 

To explain some of Sales Impact Academy’s functions and features, we looked at the benefits and drawbacks of the platform.

Sales Impact Academy uses a subscription service for businesses and we explained the pricing page and benefits that come from a subscription. 

We hope that this article has answered all of your questions about Sales Impact Academy and helped you to decide whether this is the right platform for you.