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Martin Barrett
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Online Learning Platforms For Business

7 Best Online Learning Platforms For Business

Internal training can often be quite dull. It’s hard to get workers to learn and develop new skills, especially if you want them to have fun at the same time.

Luckily, many online learning platforms offer business classes. These can be useful for people who wish to develop their business skills.

Alternatively, these platforms can be used by businesses for internal training.

So if you are searching for an online learning platform that’s ideal for you, here are some of the top online learning platforms for business!

Online Learning Platforms For Business

1. Udemy Business

Udemy is one of the most well-known online platforms. Most of the courses on this platform are targeted at skills that are related to jobs. Moreover, many of Udemy’s courses can help people gain certifications.

Udemy Business is specifically targeted at workplace education. This platform is used by businesses across the world.

Therefore, it’s particularly useful for companies who want to use an online platform to deliver business training courses.

Yet, Udemy can also be used by individuals. The Business section of Udemy covers subjects such as management, e-commerce, communication, human resources, and sales.

There are continuously new courses added to Udemy. As a result, this platform can stay on the cutting edge of this industry.

2. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin might be best known as a social networking site, but it is also home to a phenomenal online learning platform that’s brilliant for businesses.

Named Linkedin Learning, this platform has numerous classes centered around business. 

Courses on Linkedin Learning are broken into 3 distinct categories, namely Business, Creative, and Technology.

So if you are interested in learning about business, the Business section can be incredibly valuable.

The business courses on Linkedin Learning focus on branding, career management, communication, leadership skills, public speaking, and job searching.

These are essential topics in the world of business, so Linkedin Learning can be extremely beneficial.

Linkedin Learning has thousands of courses that are sure to benefit anybody with an interest in business.

These classes are taught in the form of educational videos, which are easy to digest and packed with useful information.

Linkedin Learning is a particularly phenomenal platform for people who already use Linkedin. This is because any certifications that you gain will automatically appear on your Linkedin account.

3. TalentLMS

Up next, TalentLMS is a system targeted at businesses. This platform is designed to help train employees.

It’s designed to help businesses create educational tools. This includes presentations and videos. As a result, businesses can cater these tools so that they can fill them with whatever content they desire.

Thankfully, there are also some pre-made courses available on TalentLMS. These courses focus on topics like HR training and sales training.

TalentLMS has lots of different membership levels, namely free, starter, basic, plus, and premium. This is great news as it allows customers to find the plan that best suits their needs.

Just make sure that you carefully review each plan before making a decision.

Plus, TalentLMS can connect with other business-friendly tools, such as Zoom. This makes it easier than ever before to deliver this business training.

4. SAP Litmos

Our next pick is SAP Litmos, which is an amazing tool for e-learning. Having been formed in 2007, SAP Litmos has a comprehensive library of content. 

SAP Litmos is used by well-known companies, such as Lindt and Mercedes-Benz. Therefore, you can rest assured that Litmos provides a high-quality service.

Otherwise, why would these big brands use this platform?

To motivate employees, SAP Litmos features gamification features and leaderboards. Thanks to tools like this, employees can have lots of fun as they pick up valuable skills.

This competitive element can encourage employees to work harder and earn more achievements.

So if you are a business looking for excellent employee training services, SAP Litmos is a sensational solution. With this LMS service, it’s super simple for a business to deliver this training.

5. CourseMill

CourseMill is an automated learning management system that allows businesses to create training courses.

One of the most useful features is the CourseMill visual reports. These reports make it super simple to digest large amounts of information since it is presented in the form of graphs.

Another great selling point of CourseMill is that it strives to provide a flexible course structure. Therefore, course creators can devise their course in whatever way suits them best.

Not to mention, CourseMill enables users to sell their courses online. So if you think that your training course could benefit other businesses, it may be worth using CourseMill.

This will allow you to make money from your creations.

Plus, the instant chat function allows businesses to connect and communicate with one another.

Online Learning Platforms For Business

6. Absorb LMS

If you are looking for an online learning management system, absorb is an excellent choice. This system is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for businesses to produce training content. 

This is thanks to features such as reporting, analytics, artificial intelligence, integrations, and smart administration. 

An advantage of this tool is that it has a free trial option. Consequently, businesses can try Absorb LMS before committing to it. This gives businesses the opportunity to experiment with 

all of the services that Absorb LMS has to offer.

Plus, Absorb LMS offers different prices depending on the number of learners. This is great news, as it makes the platform affordable for small businesses and large businesses alike.

7. Skillshare

Our final pick is Skillshare, perhaps the most famous online learning platform. It is home to thousands of different courses that cover an immense range of subjects.

Though Skillshare is often used for artistic topics, there are also plenty of different business classes available.

This includes topics such as productivity, organizing workflow, and social media marketing. These topics can help people to develop a better understanding of the world of business.

Skillshare is better suited to individuals who want to learn about businesses. Though businesses can also benefit from these classes, the platform is not necessarily aimed at businesses. 

In particular, courses focused on increasing productivity will be useful for businesses. By taking advantage of these classes, businesses can become more productive. 

If you are a business owner and are interested in using Skillshare, there are team membership plans available. 

How To Pick The Best Online Learning Platform

It’s understandable if you’re struggling to decide which online learning platform is best for your business. After all, there are just so many to choose from.

To help you make up your mind, we have highlighted some of the most important considerations:


Whether you are a business o