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Is Sales Impact Academy A Crunchbase Company?

Is Sales Impact Academy A Crunchbase Company?

When it comes to discovering new and exciting businesses, there’s almost no better way to find them than by using Crunchbase.

Nearly all of the trendiest and freshest businesses can be found on Crunchbase, and since Crunchbase can be so helpful in helping potential employees and investors find out more about the companies they want to know about, it’s a smart idea for businesses to connect with Crunchbase. 

Sales Impact Academy is one of these businesses, and despite still being in its infancy, there’s no doubt that it has huge potential. However, with many competitors challenging it for its place in the market, being able to use Crunchbase to gain more information about a business is extremely convenient. 

So, Is Sales Impact Academy a Crunchbase company or an MIT investment management company you can find on Crunchbase?

This guide will provide you with all of the information about Sales Impact Academy you need to know, as well as whether or not you can find the company on Crunchbase. 

What Is Sales Impact Academy?

If you’ve never heard of Sales Impact Academy before, then chances are you will have no idea about what it is, or what it does, so allow us to explain more about this company. Read the complete Sales Impact Academy review for a more in-depth guide.

Founded in 2019 by Paul Fifield and Alexandra Damgaard, Sales Impact Academy is a Seattle-based company dedicated to providing innovative learning solutions and educational material to companies that will allow them to improve the marketing and sales skills development of their employees. 

What Does Sales Impact Academy Do?

There are a variety of different curriculums created by Sales Impact Academy to help develop the skills of those in the world of business-to-business marketing and sales.

These courses are especially useful for those who currently hold sales development representative, account executive, and customer success roles, but the learning material is useful for anyone who is involved in the sales or marketing operations of a business/company. 

The belief held by Sales Impact Academy is that the more traditional formats of structured education haven’t managed to successfully take advantage of these roles just yet and that the learning material and curriculums that currently exist for these positions are not fluid or flexible enough to provide adequate training, resulting in businesses having to deal with untrained staff or create their own learning curriculum. 

This complete lack of training can have serious consequences, especially for smaller businesses and startups, as they are much more unlikely to be able to have the time and resources to be able to produce their own learning community, and any learning material that is produced is likely to be inadequate too, which will ultimately lead to the business failing. 

This is exactly the gap that Sales Impact Academy aims to fill by providing businesses with learning courses and training opportunities that will help to develop each employee on both a personal and professional level.

What Investment Does Sales Impact Academy Have?

Since the company’s inception in 2019, it has managed to successfully benefit from a venture traditional education system, and has managed to gain several investors along the way, and in 2022, received an additional $22 million in order to help the business to grow and develop even further. 

Some of Sales Impact Academy’s investors include the likes of HubSpot, Emerge Education, and Stage 2 Capital, all of which have been instrumental in providing Sales Impact Academy with enough fresh capital to ensure that it has the resources to provide companies with the structured learning materials and guidance they need for their employees to succeed. 

What Is Crunchbase?

For those who are unaware of Crunchbase and what it provides, then it’s certainly safe to say that you’re missing out.

Crunchbase is an extremely convenient company that is beneficial for both prospective investors and businesses alike, which is exactly why it is so important that businesses, especially small start-ups, get themselves registered on Crunchbase. So what is it?

Crunchbase is essentially a database of tech companies and is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive guide to the details of some of the tech world’s biggest companies, as well as those that are currently trending, and even new tech companies too. 

This makes sense considering that Crunchbase is owned by TechCrunch, an online news source for all of the latest stories and news in the tech industry, which are also known to highlight new startup tech companies and even funding campaigns too, on top of its analysis of more-well known and established tech companies.

The information you can discover about a company using Crunchbase is remarkable, and as long as the company you’re looking for has a Crunchbase account, you’ll be able to discover a vast amount of information about the company, including things such as the company description and history, the company’s fundraising rounds, any investors and investment amounts, the products and services the company offer, the executives and key personnel at the company. 

On top of this, you’ll also be able to access details of any acquisitions and mergers, the company’s headquarters location and contact information, the relevant website and social media links, accurate industry and go-to-market categorization, news and press releases, and finally, any of the company’s recent activity, such as new funding or partnerships.

As you can see then, Crunchbase is an extremely comprehensive guide to the tech industry and is one that is valued by many. However, it’s not just prospective investors that can benefit from a company being on Crunchbase, as there’s also a lot in it for the business itself too! 

How Can Crunchbase Help A Company? 

Is Sales Impact Academy A Crunchbase Company?

As previously mentioned, Crunchbase isn’t just beneficial for those interested in certain companies, as it can also be extremely convenient for the business itself.

Arguably the largest reason why so many companies are willing to add their information to a database like Crunchbase is that it can provide a comprehensive data point for any shareholders, (whether that be partners, investors, customers, or prospective buyers). 

A consumer who wants to know more about a company, including its company values, competitors, key individuals at the company, and the news stories surrounding the company is able to access all of this information easily when using Crunchbase.

Having a Crunchbase profile allows a business or company to be much more transparent about the ongoings in and around the company, as well as the connectivity between the company and those interested in it, whatever the reason. 

Many companies sign up and create a Crunchbase profile because it helps to increase the overall legitimacy of the company itself, with prospective customers and investors feeling much more comfortable knowing that the company is credible. 

Crunchbase can also be helpful when looking to find new investors too, with the site’s list of trending companies being constantly updated, people will be able to see how your company is viewed and valued within the industry, which can be massively influential on who someone chooses to invest in. 

It’s clear then that businesses and companies are also able to benefit from the service that Crunchbase provides, and not only does a company’s presence on Crunchbase help to increase its legitimacy and credibility, but it also means that a company is more likely to be exposed to people looking to invest in smaller tech companies, which can benefit both the investor and the company. 

So then, with Crunchbase being so beneficial to younger companies, is Sales Impact Academy a company that you can find on Crunchbase? Let’s find out! 

Is Sales Impact Academy A Crunchbase Company?

Suppose you’re looking to gain some further insight into Sales Impact Academy.

In that case, you might consider trying to find their profile on Crunchbase, which will provide you with all of the details about the company you could ever want to know, but it all depends on whether Sales Impact Academy has a Crunchbase account! 

Thankfully, Sales Impact Academy is on Crunchbase, which means that you’re able to explore all of the information available on Sales Impact Academy, including their named list of personnel, their finances, who currently invest in the business, the technology they utilize, and much, much more. 

You can even have a look at the news stories or lists that have featured Sales Impact Academy, although since the business is still very much a young company, the amount of news coverage it has received is considerably lower than that of more long-standing companies. 

Crunchbase even provides you with a list of Sales Impact Academy’s closest competitors too, which is beneficial for prospective investors who are utilizing the information available on Crunchbase in order to help dictate whether or not they decide to invest. 

Overall, Sales Impact Academy being present on Crunchbase means that you can easily discover more about this company if you’re looking for more information about its operations, as well as other important details about the company. 

Sales Impact Academy On Crunchbase

Wondering what sort of information Sales Impact Academy has listed on Crunchbase?

Then look no further, as we’ve compiled all of the relevant information about Sales Impact Academy that is available on Crunchbase to save you the time and effort of looking for yourself, so if you’re looking for a general insight into the company, then this section should prove useful. 


In its overview, Sales Impact Academy states that it is a “world-leading” go-to-market learning platform aiming to provide a live and continuous live learning solution for high-growth technology companies all around the world, especially ones with high-growth. 

Sales Impact Academy goes on to state that the traditional forms of education have “let B2B (Business to Business) companies down”, and that people trying to learn on the job is causing many businesses to miss out on their targets, which is ultimately causing them to lose profit. 

They then go on to describe what they are doing to help resolve this, discussing the online courses and various learning solutions that they offer to businesses with employees who are in need of education. 


In the financial section, it is visible that to date, Sales Impact Academy has managed to raise $26.4 million through five rounds of funding, with the last round being a convertible note round that allowed them to raise $16 million from across 4 different investors. 

Overall, there are 5 investors involved with Sales Impact Academy, and its most recent investors include the likes of HubSpot Ventures, and Emerge Education. 


Sales Impact Academy also provides 8 employee profiles, including the likes of their co-founder Paul Fifield, who is CEO, and Alexandra Damgaard, who is Chief Revenue Officer. 

Profiles are also listed for marketing coach Holly Gage, and Dorin Shen, who is the Senior Product Manager, amongst others at the company. There is also a list of contacts too for various people from across the investment management company, each with either an email address or a phone number can contact them on. 


In the technology section, it is outlined that Sales Impact Academy’s website currently receives an average of 17,374 visits per month, and has seen a growth of 19.5% in this department too. 


When it comes to the news, Sales Impact Academy has very few articles written about it, with many of them detailing the $22 million investment it saw in Q1 of 2022. 


For similar companies, Crunchbase has listed a variety of online education platforms, including Learnerbly, Tomorrow’s Education, and GeniusU as just some of the companies that are similar in purpose to Sales Impact Academy. 

Final Words

So, if you were wondering whether or not Sales Impact Academy was a company listed on Crunchbase, then you’ll be happy to know that you can indeed research Sales Impact Academy on Crunchbase, allowing you to find out all of the information you need to know, as well as who to contact if you want to know more. 

We hope that this guide has helped, thanks for reading! 

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