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How Much Do Sales Impact Academy Workers Make

How Much Do Sales Impact Academy Workers Make?

As the world’s largest go-to-market learning platform, Sales Impact Academy attracts many individuals looking to work full-time in the marketing sector. But, as you can imagine, the competition can be fierce.

Sales Impact Academy provides a live-learning curriculum to help B2B go-to-market teams via an annual subscription.

Because traditional higher education institutions lack formal, structured education in the B2B industry, the Sales Impact Academy team aims to improve every role and the skills involved in go-to-market teams.

Whether that is a leadership role, SDRs, CSMs, AEs, or revenue and marketing operations, the platform helps to “clean up” the oversight of the industry and teach individuals and corporations core technical skills. 

Because of this oversight, chaos has ensued in the early-stage sector. So much so that failure rates for B2B startups and scale-ups have risen to 70 to 90 percent.

Thankfully, Sales Impact Academy is working on fixing this major issue. How? Through online courses and bringing the best talent in the industry together from across the world. (See also ‘Sales Impact Academy Review 2023‘)

From here, high learning design principles have been introduced and go-to-market professionals can now improve their skills faster than ever before.

If you are skilled and have experience in the B2B industry, you may be interested in working with Sales Impact Academy.

But, as with any job, it’s important to learn salary expectations beforehand talking to an employer. 

In today’s article, we are going to discuss how much Sales Impact Academy workers make on average to give you a better idea of whether it is right for you and other job seekers.

We will discuss various roles within the platform and what they entail, too. Continue learning to find out more about the Sales Impact Academy salary!

What Is the B2B Industry?

B2B stands for Business-to-Business.

This refers to a type of commercial relationship or transaction between companies or corporations, rather than between a company and individual consumers.

In B2B, one company will sell products or services to another company, which may use them for production or resell to their customers.

This is in contrast to B2C (Business-to-Consumer) transactions, which involve the sale of products or services directly to consumers.

Although B2B is crucial for businesses to thrive these days, it can come across certain issues. B2B transactions can sometimes face the following challenges:

  • Complexity – B2B transactions often involve multiple decision-makers and complex procurement processes, making it harder to close deals. This can be time-consuming and extremely costly for businesses and individuals. 
  • Pricing Pressure – Companies operating in highly competitive B2B markets may feel pressure to lower prices, which can negatively impact margins and profitability.
  • Differentiation – With a lot of similar products and services available in the market, it can be challenging for companies to differentiate themselves and stand out to potential customers.
  • Data Management – B2B transactions often involve a significant amount of data, such as contracts, invoices, and shipping information. This can be difficult to manage and ensure accuracy.
  • Lack of Trust – Establishing trust between businesses can be difficult, especially in industries with a high level of competition.
  • Long Sales Cycles – B2B sales cycles are often longer and more drawn-out than B2C sales, requiring more time and resources to close deals.
  • Changing Customer Needs – B2B customers may have evolving needs, making it challenging for companies to keep up and maintain their competitive edge.

Sales Impact Academy works to help iron out many of these issues.

However, a highly-skilled, high-ability, and experienced go-to-market team is responsible for changing the fortunes of many companies and individuals. 

Let’s take a look at the roles within Sales Impact Academy below and discover the average wage for each one.

Sales Impact Academy Salary: How Much Do Employers Make?

We used the site to research and find out the wages of Sales Impact Academy workers. (See also ‘What Does Glassdoor Say About Sales Impact Academy?‘)

These are UK-based salaries so the findings are in British Pounds that will also be converted into Dollars based on current rates.

Customer Services & Support Salaries

So far, 53 Sales Impact Academy employees have shared how much they earn via Glassdoor. This gives us a clearer picture of what you can expect to earn in this department of the company.

Customers Success Manager 

On average, a typical Sales Impact Academy Customers Success Manager will earn £43,000 a year ($51,700).

sales impact academy salary

Overall, wages in this role tend to range from £40,000 to £48,236 per year ($48,094 to $57,996). This estimate is based on five Customer Success Manager salary reports on Glassdoor.

Other factors, such as bonuses or additional compensation, can see this average salary rise to over £50,000 a year ($60,117).

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

According to Glassdoor, a Customer Success Manager at Sales Impact Academy can expect to earn an annual salary of between £39,480 and £51,755 ($47,454 and $62,223).

This is based on two Sales Impact Academy CSM salary reports on the site. 

Compared to other similar roles across the entire market, this is around average. 

Partnerships Manager

The salary for a Partnerships Manager at Sales Impact Academy can range from £28,849 to £31,267 ($34,679 to $37,586).

This average salary is an estimation based on just one salary report on Glassdoor.

However, no cash bonuses, tips, stock bonuses, profit sharing, or commission sharing have been reported for this role, so the exact salary may differ. 


Account Executive

An Account Executive at Sales Impact Academy can expect to earn an annual salary of around £63,199 ($75,848).

Overall, Account Executive salaries at the company range from £45,000 to $65,469 ($54,000 to $78,573). This is an estimation based on three salary reports from Sales Impact Academy employees. 

Additional compensation and bonuses have also been included in these statistical reports. When taken into account, an Account Executive at Sales Impact Academy can expect to make up to £90,000 a year ($108,045).

Sales Development Manager

Based On one salary report on Glassdoor, a Sales Development Manager at Sales Impact Academy can expect an annual salary of between £36,540 and £39,360 ($43,871 and $47,256).

This is slightly below average for Sales Development Managers in the UK (19 percent lower).

Sales Development Representative

Based on one Sales Impact Academy Sales Development Representative salary report, the average annual salary ranges from £27,886 to £30,016 ($33,460 to $36,016).

This is 11 percent higher than the average for this role within the UK.

Finance and Accounting 

Revenue Operations Associate

A Revenue Operations Associate at Sales Impact Academy typical salary is around £37,099 ($44,399).

When bonuses and additional compensation are taken into account, a Revenue Operations Associate can expect to earn £40,372 ($48,460). 

Management Accountant

Based on one salary report on Glassdoor, a Sales Impact Academy Management Accountant is estimated to earn between £35,841 to £38,666 ($43,000 to $46,388).

This is around eight percent higher than the average for such a role.

Finance Accountant

A Finance Accountant at Sales Impact Academy tends to earn between £26,632 and £29,257 on average ($31,948 and $35,097). 3

This is around 11 percent lower than the average salary for the same role in the UK. 

In Summary

The salaries at Sales Impact Academy are mostly aligned with the average across the industry.

Although some roles are a little lower, additional benefits and compensation take the estimated averages above salary statistics.

Reading Sales Impact Academy employee reviews, the company appears to be a great one to work for and with. 

If you feel these salaries are in line with what you expected, you may want to apply for a position at Sales Impact Academy if you’re interested in Sales Impact Academy jobs.

We wish you luck if you decide to proceed with the application when an opening becomes available. 

Thanks for reading.

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