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What Does Glassdoor Say About Sales Impact Academy

What Does Glassdoor Say About Sales Impact Academy?

Sales Impact Academy has taken the world of sales and marketing by storm, providing educational courses for sales impact academy employees and managers alike with the aim of helping individuals and revenue teams to thrive in their chosen careers.

In doing so, Sales Impact Academy has also had a positive impact on businesses as a whole. 

If you look into the services that Sales Impact Academy provides, there’s no question that it fills a gap in the market and that it delivers quality content.

However, if you want to know what it’s like to work for Sales Impact Academy, the first place you should look is Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the leading websites worldwide for job seekers to both find employment and sales impact academy reviews of past employers.

If you’re considering applying for a job at Sales Impact Academy, you should see what Glassdoor has to say. 

Today, we’ll be summarizing what Glassdoor says about Sales Impact Academy to help you get an idea of what working for SIA is like. 

What Is Glassdoor? 

If you’re still not entirely sure what Glassdoor is, it’s basically a recruiting website that acts as a database for company reviews at the same time. 

It’s free to use and allows past and present employees of any company to post reviews anonymously.

This means that the reviews on Glassdoor are likely to be more honest than on some other review platforms that require users to identify themselves. 

When posting a company review on Glassdoor, users can input their salary, post a star rating of their time at the company, and elaborate on their experience in the form of a full review.

They can also specify any additional benefits from working with the company and provide a separate assessment of the interview process. 

From looking at a company’s profile on Glassdoor, you can get a pretty good idea of what it’s like to both apply for a job and work for that company.

So, what does Glassdoor say about Sales Impact Academy? Let’s find out. 

How Does Glassdoor Describe Sales Impact Academy?

The first thing you should look at when you open a company’s profile on Glassdoor is the company overview.

This tells you what the business is all about and the current status of the company, including how many people are employed and what milestones the business has reached so far. 

Looking at Sales Impact Academy’s Glassdoor overview, describes Sales Impact Academy as a market learning platform and specifies that its aim is to provide high-growth technology companies with a continuous live learning solution. 

The Glassdoor overview for SIA makes it clear why this company is so important and influential by pointing out that the traditional education system has been failing sales and B2B companies.

This is true for the most part since it can be very difficult to find high-quality, structured educational programs for sales and marketing. 

As Glassdoor’s overview of the company indicates, this means that most professionals in this industry have to continuously learn as they progress in their careers, which puts businesses in precarious positions.

Missed targets and opportunities in marketing and sales often come down to a lack of prior education and knowledge. 

Glassdoor’s Sales Impact Academy company overview goes on to highlight customer success, noting that the company has educated over 12,000 individuals in sales and marketing since it was founded.

Companies that have used Sales Impact Academy include HubSpot, Thoughtspot, Gong, PayPal, Klaviyo, GitHub, and Rubrik. 

Currently, the overview estimates that there are more than 70 instructors teaching courses through Sales Impact Academy.

Sales Impact Academy Statistics On Glassdoor 

Sales Impact Academy has an average star rating of 3.1 stars on Glassdoor, and 51% of employees would recommend the company to a friend

Most people who reviewed Sales Impact Academy on Glassdoor gave the company 5 stars, but the second most-chosen star rating is 1 star, with 3 stars coming in third.

The rest of the reviews are fairly evenly split between 4 stars and 2 stars. So, there is a mix of opinions about what it’s like to work for Sales Impact Academy. 

Glassdoor allows employees to rate companies from different perspectives, and looking at the average rating for each of these aspects is a great way to get a sense of where a company’s strengths and weaknesses lie. 

For example, the category with the highest star rating for Sales Impact Academy is ‘Work/Life Balance’, which has an average rating of 3.6 stars.

3.5 stars have been awarded to Sales Impact Academy for ‘Compensation and Benefits’, and ‘Culture & Values’, ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, and ‘Career Opportunities’ have all been rated 3 stars overall. 

When it comes to ‘Senior Management’, the average rating is 2.9 stars, so this is the aspect of employees working for Sales Impact Academy that current and past employees are least satisfied with on average.

The overall positive business outlook for Sales Impact Academy according to Glassdoor is 44%

Interestingly, the average Glassdoor rating for Sales Impact Academy was 5 stars up until April 2022, at which point, a downward trend started, causing the company’s overall rating to drop to just over 3 stars. 

Salaries at Sales Impact Academy vary significantly depending on the revenue-related roles, which is to be expected and may change for various reasons.

Therefore, we can’t give an average salary here with any accuracy. However, this information is available on the Salaries page of SIA’s company profile.

Pros And Cons Of SIA According To Glassdoor 

We will now summarize the pros and cons of working for Sales Impact Academy according to the reviews posted on Glassdoor.

What Does Glassdoor Say About Sales Impact Academy (1)

Bear in mind that the information contained in reviews posted to Glassdoor are the opinions of current and former employees, and do not represent the views of Glassdoor as a company. 

For the purpose of this summary, we’ll be splitting the pros and cons across two key areas: the interview process, and employment with the company itself. 

The Interview Process 


  • Easy early-stage interviews. Most people who have shared their interview experience with Sales Impact Academy on Glassdoor report relatively easy interviews in the early stages. This is good because it means candidates can be screened effectively without being under a lot of pressure from unnecessarily difficult questions or tasks. 
  • Smooth and efficient. A common sentiment in Glassdoor reviews of Sales Impact Academy is that the interview process is smooth and efficient. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to put your best foot forward for an interview and being met with disorganization and awkward pauses, so this will be reassuring for prospective applicants. 
  • Thorough interview process. The interview process is also quite thorough by all accounts. The exact process will vary depending on what kind of position is being interviewed for, but in general, successful applicants will proceed through multiple interview stages. This might include an initial screening and follow-up interviews with one or several members of management. Additionally, there are tasks to be completed at later stages of the interview process, such as filling out a worksheet to assess compatibility. 


  • Screenings over Zoom. The initial screening interviews for positions at Sales Impact Academy usually take place over Zoom. This might not be a negative for some people, and in fact, a lot of interviewers might see this as a positive. However, it does mean that early interviews could potentially be disrupted by technical problems, and interviewing through a screen rather than face-to-face can feel unusual for those who aren’t accustomed to it. 
  • Lack of post-interview communication. Interviewees who did not progress to the later stages of the interview process reported not receiving any communication after the interview. This is not necessarily unusual, especially for companies that have a lot of applicants for the same positions, but it’s worth noting that you may not receive any notification if you don’t secure a place in the next stage of interviews.

Working for Sales Impact Academy 


  • Worthwhile mission. Most people who have worked for Sales Impact Academy applied in the first place because they appreciated the company’s mission statement, and this is something that a lot of the reviews mention. Sales Impact Academy has grown so much as a business because of how needed it was due to the lack of traditional education aimed toward sales and marketing professionals. Sales Impact Academy has done a lot to change this, and that remains one of the main selling points of the company. 
  • Solid salary. As we mentioned earlier, the average salary for employees at Sales Impact Academy is variable depending on the specific role, and salaries can change for many reasons. However, most people who have worked for the company consider the sales impact academy pay to be good. 
  • Good work/life balance. Another major plus point of working for Sales Impact Academy is that the company provides employees with a good work/life balance. This is partly due to the fact that most positions are remote, so you don’t have to commute to work or stay long hours in an office. The hours are also flexible for the most part, which means that employees are able to keep up with other commitments outside of work while also maintaining a social life.
  • Employee wellbeing measures. Several reviews mention that Sales Impact Academy provides employees with resources for their mental and physical health and well-being, which is extremely important. Employees are given access to a therapy app and well-being days are organized by the company. Private healthcare is also included.
  • Numerous benefits. In addition to the health benefits summarized above, working for Sales Impact Academy comes with benefits such as a work-from-home budget and, for some positions, unlimited holidays. However, it is unclear from the reviews on Glassdoor whether unlimited holiday applies to all departments.


  • Rapidly changing business model. Since Sales Impact Academy is still a fairly new company, one of the biggest challenges the business has faced is implementing a lot of changes in a short space of time as the business grows and develops. This, according to reviews, can be stressful for employees and leave them feeling that they work for a different company from the one they initially interviewed for.
  • Redundancies. Glassdoor reviews mention a series of redundancies that have led to concerns about job security among employees.
  • Lack of communication. Several former employees have taken to Glassdoor to report that communication between leadership and other employees was not open or clear enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Sales Impact Academy Legit?

The many positive testimonials on Glassdoor go to show that Sales Impact Academy is a legitimate company that provides employees with many benefits and opportunities. 

Are Glassdoor Reviews Trustworthy? 

On one hand, the lack of employee verification on Glassdoor means that current or former employees are more likely to feel safe speaking honestly about their experiences.

On the other hand, this same lack of verification means that you should not take every single review written on Glassdoor at face value.

After all, people are generally more likely to post a negative review than a positive one, as studies have shown. 

Can Employers Pay Glassdoor to Remove Reviews? 

No, employers are not able to pay to have negative reviews removed from Glassdoor.

Reviews can only be removed from Glassdoor if they are found to be in breach of contract, profane, or in violation of Glassdoor’s terms and conditions.

This means that you can trust the ratio of positive to negative reviews on Glassdoor.

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Final Thoughts 

Glassdoor’s company profile for Sales Impact Academy shows that it has a star rating of 3.1 stars out of 5. Most employees since the company was founded have rated it 5 stars. 

Employees have praised Sales Impact Academy’s interview process, work/life balance, pay, and employee benefits, including a work-from-home budget and healthcare.

However, some issues with communication and rapid changes to the business have led to fewer positive reviews being posted, bringing down the overall average rating for the company. 

Over half of the employees would recommend Sales Impact Academy to a friend.

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