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How To Download Video In LearnWorlds

How To Download Video In LearnWorlds

A reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use online learning platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses is LearnWorlds. You can use it as an all-inclusive, completely customised, white-label solution to educate customers, educate your team, or just create and advertise online courses. 

LearnWorlds is available on both desktop and mobile devices and is cloud-based. No system downtime, zero spots, and also no versions to stay on top of are required because all upgrades, launches, and repairs are readily accessible on the cloud.

This makes LearnWorlds an ideal learning system that frees up the school owner to focus on other aspects of running their establishment rather than managing the technology.

LearnWorlds is the perfect option whether you’re a private tutor with a small group of pupils, a major training organisation serving many people, or perhaps a business looking to develop an employee training website.

You’re in the correct place if you’ve never come across Learnworlds or if you’ve spent a long time looking online for a reliable manual. 

Simply put, LearnWorlds is a tool that allows entrepreneurs, teachers, and businesses to design and market online courses. And before we get into the specifics, it’s safe to state that LearnWorlds is among the top course delivery systems available. (Check out ‘How To Access Your LearnWorlds Account?‘)


LearnWorlds provides you with a potent set of sales tools, strong analytics, and a tonne of third-party marketing tool connectors.

BUT what’s best is…

Its biggest selling point is the abundance of opportunities it gives you to engage and interact with your students. Consequently, if you want to design a comprehensive learning experience, our course platform is for you. 

This is without a doubt what distinguishes LearnWorlds from its rivals. But, are you wondering how to download video in LearnWorlds platform, one of the most significant virtual learning tools? 

You can start watching your LearnWorlds videos right away by simply following the simple instructions in this comprehensive tutorial.

What Is LearnWorlds?

A platform called LearnWorlds allows you to design, promote, and sell online courses. You can tell it’s packed with features just by looking at it. (See also ‘Learnworlds Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features [Updated]‘)

In all honesty, it seems to have enough capabilities to immediately appear to be a more comprehensive platform, one probably better suited for enterprises or training firms than for solitary business owners. 

But before you dismiss the platform, you should be aware that having access to its capabilities will assist you in creating a top-notch course.

Designing Courses

In the left-hand margin, select Courses to begin creating your course. Click the Create Course option after that. Then, LearnWorlds provides a wizard for creating courses. It begins by requesting the name of your course. 

The level of accessibility for your course will then be chosen by you. Here, you can construct a paid, free, or private course that only users who are currently enrolled in it can access, or you may choose to keep it in drafts or coming soon format.

If you intend to create a paid course, set a pricing point, decide whether to include a discount and calculate the amount of the discount. 

You’ll need a picture and a succinct description for your course. Finally, you can choose whether to use a drip feed while promoting your course. You can always come back to this later if you aren’t sure about it right now.

LearnWorlds’ course creation and setup procedures are rather simple to follow. And it’s significant. 

Instead of being specialists in course creation, course creators are often subject matter experts. The entry hurdles are lowered by simplifying the process, allowing more educators to use and enjoy the platform.

After finishing course creation, a fully editable markup/preview of the course sales page will be shown to you. 

You can add a new page, update page settings (even SEO), add custom coding, or even duplicate, clear, or remove a page by selecting the Edit page button.

Additionally, you will have the choice of altering the font, buttons, and page layout. You may have a look at each screen type via the adaptive drop-down menu. 

LearnWorlds makes sure that all development work fits flawlessly on all different types of devices. When you’re finished, click the Preview button to see what you’ve created or save your page to see what you’ve created.

How To Download Videos On LearnWorlds

You cannot directly download movies from a browser as a LearnWorlds student. If your teacher permits it, you can really only download from mobile apps to watch offline.

You can allow students to download any course videos through the app as a LearnWorlds curriculum creator. Digital files can be included as well to complete the lesson.

Key Points:

  • Course videos cannot be downloaded by students using a browser.
  • If the teacher permits it, you may download videos using the mobile app.
  • A Google Drive URL can be added by teachers to a folder containing a video for learners to download.
  • By including watermarks, you can secure the content you produce and distribute.
  • If the developer of the course includes an URL to a folder on Google Drive containing the video content, users will be able to download LearnWorlds videos from their browser. You may download a video from there.
  • You can download a course creator’s videos onto your mobile device and watch them later without an internet connection.
  • You shouldn’t utilise third-party programs to download videos from instructors who forbid you from doing so because doing so might violate their copyright.

How To Make The App Available To Students So They Can Download Videos

As an instructor, you can allow students to download and watch your course videos offline via the app.

The following steps can be used to easily activate video:

  • On the Mobile App tab, click.
  • Choosing Manage Your App.
  • Deciding on Offline Video.
  • Turn on the option for offline video.
  • Obtain videos

Offline support for captions, titles, or any other interactive video elements and media components is not available. To enable students to view videos offline, the course administrator can turn on the offline video option.

Downloading A Video

How To Download Video In LearnWorlds

The procedures below make it simple to download the material if the developer has enabled the offline video feature functionality.

  • Launch the LearnWorlds app Just Launch It.
  • Choose the course from which you wish to download the video.
  • A Download Now option can be found on the course information page.
  • DiscoverWorlds Videos
  • To view all the content available for download, click the icon.
  • Click on the download button after choosing the videos you would like to watch offline or after selecting Download All Units.

If a video cannot yet be downloaded, one of the following possibilities exists:

Drip Feed: This is the practise of releasing course materials gradually over time. Once you sign up, you don’t immediately get access to the entire course.

A course creator can specify that every learning activity must be finished before going on to the next using the sequential navigation method. You won’t be able to rapidly download the entire course if this is set.

Prerequisite Learning Activities – These are the tasks that users must finish in order to access the subsequent piece of material.

Playing Downloaded Videos

After downloading the videos, access them and watch them off-line by doing the following:

  • Launch the LearnWorlds app Just Launch It.
  • Activate My Courses.
  • Decide on the downloaded courses.
  • To watch the lesson and the desired video, click on them.
  • The video will not synchronize with the course progress if you watch it offline.

Methods For Erasing Downloaded Videos

You can manually erase all of the downloaded videos from the course or configure the downloaded videos to delete automatically.

Specify a 30-day auto-delete period for your videos. Before the clips are automatically removed after 30 days, you now have time to watch the content. 

You don’t have to bother about how much space they are using or manually remove them when you choose auto-delete.

Follow these procedures to set the videos to delete themselves:

  • Launch the LearnWorlds app Just Launch It.
  • Launch Settings.
  • To find Auto Delete, scroll down.
  • Turn the button on.
  • You can manually remove your videos if you haven’t configured them to automatically delete or if you’ve watched them all before the 30-day period has passed.

Follow these methods to manually erase your videos:

  • Launch the LearnWorlds app Just Launch It.
  • Open the course from which you wish to remove the videos.
  • To remove all of the clips from the course at once, click the trash symbol.

Instructions For Adding Digital Files To The Courses

Publish digital content and include a download link in your course for students to access.

Please keep in mind when making the attachments that they can only be 20MB in size.

To enable your learners to download larger materials, such as the course videos, you may include an url to a Google Drive. Make the videos accessible for students to view offline using Google Drive.

Any content you make available on Google Drive may be distributed without your consent. Policing this can be challenging. It is simple to attach your files once you have made them.

To add the link to the course:

  • Choose Content.
  • Select Settings after locating the action to which you wish to add the file.
  • Add digital documents
  • Select Add Digital Download after scrolling downward.
  • Click Open after finding your file.
  • Locate your file
  • The file will show up just above your Add Digital Download button once it has been uploaded.

Please take note that you can change the file’s name by selecting the pencil icon, entering a new title, and selecting OK. By selecting the red trash can icon, you may remove the file from this page.

Students’ Methods For Downloading Digital Files

Teachers can add alternative material to their courses on LearnWorlds for learners to download. Worksheets, guidelines, tip sheets, and other types of information could be included. The course will be supported by these downloadable, offline files.

Follow the procedures below to download an associated file:

  • Open the course you’re taking right now.
  • Look for the paperclip-shaped attachment button.
  • affixing button
  • The attachment symbol can be found in two locations. The first one can be found in the course description, and the second one can be found in the upper right of the program page.
  • In the top-right corner, click the attachment symbol.
  • This will make the attachments listed in the course’s top bar visible for download.
  • The attachment can be downloaded to your desktop by clicking on it.

How Can I Secure My Videos On LearnWorlds?

Copyright violations will always be a risk when sharing content. But it’s a good idea to increase protection against prospective infringers.

By utilising domain-restricted access and enabling you to watermark videos and PDFs with the user’s id, email, or logo, LearnWorlds assists course creators in accomplishing this.

Put a watermark on a PDF and video.  A video watermark can only be added to plans with the Learning Center or higher feature.

You must have chosen Interactive LearnWorlds Player beneath Player Appearance Settings in order to enable watermarks on your videos.

  • Click School Settings after opening Settings.
  • Choosing Copyright Protection
  • Select the level of protection you want for your PDFs and videos.

If you click ‘display your logo’, the logo of your school will be shown. Insert the name of the school to the display school field. The watermarks will let everybody who views it know that it belongs to you.

Users or student email will be displayed if you choose to do this when someone is reading your learning material.

If you choose to display user ID, depending on who views the video or PDF, LearnWorlds assigns a special ID. You can identify the person who stole your work if you choose one of these alternatives.

To position for user email display, decide where you would like the watermark to appear.

For video, you may make the watermark move around to further increase security. Check the appropriate box, then specify a deadline.

Choose the size at which you want the watermark to appear. Using the dropdown, choose whether or not you want your logo to be transparent and the desired level of transparency.

Once you’ve made your selections, click Preview next to the Video Watermark Options and PDF Watermark Options to make sure you like the way the watermarks appear. Click Save once you are satisfied with the watermarks.

Even while it is advantageous to increase security, not all attempts to steal your stuff will be successful. 

Remember that the majority of individuals are sincere and wish to learn from the content for your own peace of mind. Don’t let a few dishonest people prevent you from imparting your knowledge.

Final Thoughts

If the teacher permits it, you may download videos as a student using the mobile app. As an alternative, the instructor may post a link to the video content on Google Drive so that you can access and view the video offline.

You can safeguard your content as the creator of the course by using watermarks, for example. As a substitute for video, you can also produce and publish files that students can access offline.

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