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Tovuti LMS Review

Tovuti LMS Review: Details and Features (2023)

In this review, we’ll be talking about Tovuti, a learning management system that has been classed as one of the best. We’ll discuss Tovuti and whether it’s worth the price.

We’ll take a closer look at Tovuti LMS Review and features to see how you can best utilize it and how much it would cost. Lastly, based on what we’ve learned, we’ll inform you if it’s better suited for larger or smaller organizations.

What is Tovuti LMS?

Tovuti LMS is one of the world’s top next-gen learning management systems. It’s hailed as one of the fastest and simplest ways to engage online learners.

It offers a comprehensive list of features that make learning online easier than other learning management systems.

Since it was first created, Tovuti LMS has been used by educational facilities, businesses, and for monetization purposes. What is it about Tovuti LMS that makes it so well-received?


Tovuti LMS has many eLearning features that make it stand out. With Tovuti LMS, you can manage your courses and organize them across different lessons.

You can control who enrolls and track your students. Your students will get the chance to rate the courses. 

You can track your students’ progress by monitoring their progress via assignments and quizzes.

If you don’t want them to have free reign over the course, you can set up lesson gating to ensure they do their assigned work before progressing.

Your students can also improve by checking the learning paths so that you can give different courses that they may find interesting.

The lessons don’t have to be dull, either. You can set up quizzes and assignments to gauge their progress. Instead of reading over course content, you can supply them with interactive videos and presentations to make it easier to pay attention.

These videos will have quizzes in the presentations, which means you know your students will have to pay attention.

Making the Switch

When you start using Tovuti LMS, you are given a four-week training course to help the onboarding process run smoothly.

Once training is complete, you can quickly contact technical support to assist you when you need it. There are even self-help programs to help you find the answer you need first.

However, if you don’t have the time to design your website and create content, you’ll find that Tovuti LMS can take over the heavy lifting with an expanse of professional services. 


Using Tovuti LMS, administration tasks are easier than ever. You’ll find that the team lead dashboard allows supervisors to track their employees’ progress.

They can access direct reports so that they can check any important information as and when they need it. The team lead dashboard is only one variation of the analytics dashboard, so you can visualize all the data you need to see how your business is performing.

You can build custom reports based on learner performance, events, and payments through the dashboards. You just need to organize them, and then Tovuti will do most of the work for you.

If you need assistance, you can add as many admin users as you like to help you and give sub-administrator roles to those who need to perform certain functions. Plus, if you need to have a record of learner certificates, you can easily access them and find out for how long they’re valid.


You’ll find that Tovuti LMS can connect to almost everything with the partner marketplace. You can even integrate it through Zapier and Open API to ensure it works with thousands of popular web apps. 


You can utilize Tovuti LMS with a built-in CMS, which can be accessed via an online portal on your own website. It also has a built-in blog to build your brand and SEO. All of these functions come with Tovuti LMS’s web designer.

With the web design tools available, you’ll be able to adjust your front-facing websites simply, and if you’re familiar with code, allow you to adjust the HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes.

You can easily customize your site based on your brand, including adjusting the logo colors, images, thumbnails, and certificates for your students.

They won’t even be aware that Tovuti plays such a large role, as you can customize your domain so that it stays in line with your brand. Each learner has their own landing page, with another landing page for generalized announcements.

All they have to do to access them is by going on a customizable login page.

Overall, Tovuti’s brand manager gives you access to a multitude of front-facing websites so that each of your users has a unique experience.

Whether they’re a student, employee, or even a client, you’ll find that each person has access to a different version of the portal, depending on your audience.


Both you and your learners will receive notifications for either new courses or when someone has completed a course. These will appear through emails, where learners can receive their progress reports if they request them.

If a learner has a new assignment, they’ll receive an automatic notification to inform them when they have to complete it. You can even utilize pop-up notifications to ensure that they have to be interacted with so you know that your audience sees them when needed. 


Tovuti has a built-in course authoring system, so you can create a wide variety of interactive content. You won’t need to export SCORM files each time you need to make a new piece of content, and everything is built into the 100% cloud-based system.

So you don’t need to download and install any other programs onto the system.

You just need to import your own content using SCORM files. These allow you to import PowerPoint, videos, audio, PDFs, and many more. You can even purchase a subscription to a third-party integrated course content library.

You can then add thousands of pre-built content and add to your course content in bulk. It makes it easier to adjust your content even after it’s been published, so you don’t need to upload everything from scratch each time.


Keeping track of events is easy as you can meet your students or colleagues remotely. However, you can also meet in person too. The event management software provided by Tovuti allows you to combine in-person and virtual events for a blended learning experience.



Learning doesn’t have to be a dull experience. To make learning easier for everyone, the process has been gamified to make it have more value to your students.

When your students complete a course, they can put the certificates on their profile and earn badges for their progress. They can even compete with one another, showing a leaderboard of who is doing well and who has the most points. 

To help the process become easier for those competing, your students can access a checklist to find out what they need to do next.

These can either have due dates or perhaps they are simply a way to optionally progress and pass the time. No matter the reason, your students and employees may find it more interesting.


Tovuti has an eCommerce side that makes it easy to assign prices to your course and make them available.

These courses can be bought via credit card, and you can process them through four different gateways: Stripe, Authorize.net, Heartland, and Converge.

If you want to tempt more students to your course, you can set up promo codes to offer discounts and see how they perform.

If you have a wide variety of courses, you might find that you can set up a subscription to educational materials. You can manage these subscriptions to offer different types depending on your offers.

Not only can you offer these subscriptions, but you can manage them by discounting them or even alerting you to failed payments. If any of your students want to pause their subscription or renew one, you can do so with ease through subscription management.

User Experience

Most learning management systems only focus on the courses available, but Tovuti offers a more social user experience. All users can make their own social profiles to connect with one another as friends.

That way, they can see their friends’ learner portals and their progress.  These make up a selection of communities to enable your students to connect with one another, and enabling group work is made simpler.

However, they can also have a more structured approach in the user forums, so they can discuss their training.

Learning is also made more accessible. Tovuti is responsive to mobile devices, so you can access training on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Along with mobile learning, you can be taught in a variety of different ways. With blended learning, your students can learn in different ways, including instructor-led, microlearning, mobile learning, and eLearning.

You’ll find that with microlearning, your students can learn what they can in bitesize chunks as well as more in-depth variations.

Once your students do more, you can assign them to a new tier as they reach certain milestones. You can even gain feedback on your course or turn it off at different times.

Either way, you’ll find that students can easily check their progress in their personalized learner portals. 


To make the process easier for you to assign courses and modules to your students, you can add them to user groups. Each user group can be adjusted based on their tier, and you can adjust them to be automatically removed from different courses.

You’ll find that it’s easier to adjust user permissions, so you can also adjust admin privileges based on your permissions.

If you need to add a user, you can import them in bulk, add them manually, or even use a single sign-on.

While single sign-on won’t work for everyone, it is built-ready based on what you use. So if you have Active Directory, Okta, or OneLogin, it should be able to work. 

User profile fields can be adjusted to your preferences, and you can also access user transcripts. You can share these upon request and see each user’s performance and the badges and certificates they have achieved. 

Virtual Classroom

Tovuti allows you to access a virtual classroom that is built-in into the LMS. The different features are available based on different price plans, but many of the features aren’t available on other platforms.

Through the virtual classroom, you can attend virtual meetings that can be facilitated through Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and many more platforms. 

If you want students to work in groups, you can organize a breakout room which also allows you to have one-on-one conversations when needed. Not only can you do that, but you can track who attends the virtual classroom and who hasn’t. 


There are six different plans available for Tovuti LMS. Both the Enterprise and Federal plans suggest you contact Tovuti directly to understand how much the price will be.

However, you can have a minimum of 50 users and a maximum of 1500 users before you have to contact Tovuti for pricing.

All of the plans have a setup fee to get Tovuti up and running, with a minimum fee of $2.5K and a maximum of $4K. All prices are billed annually.

For example, 50 users would cost $775 each month, but that would be billed annually at $9300 each year. Meanwhile, a maximum of 1500 users would cost $23,100 each year. 

Final Thoughts

Tovuti LMS is better suited for larger businesses that can afford it or educational institutions. It may be too expensive if you’re looking for online course software that you could use for independent courses.

However, Tovuti offers a wide range of features that ensure it’s worth the price. Many businesses have benefited from using Tovuti. You can always head to their site and contact them directly for pricing info if you want to find out more.

There’s no doubt that Tovuti offers a wide range of features, and we can understand how it is so highly regarded.