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LearnWorlds Pricing Everything You Need To Know

LearnWorlds Pricing 2023: Plans, Cost & Worth

With the world moving more and more into the sphere of the internet, it is no surprise that learning platforms have moved online too.

There are so many different learning platforms that you or your organization can choose from, however, there are some that offer much more than others for the same price.  

With so many different learning platforms available online, it is common for people and organizations to use the pricing of a platform to make the ultimate decision about which platform they want to go with.

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about LearnWorlds pricing plans to make a fully informed decision about the platform. 

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is one of the top-rated online course platforms available. The great reputation that the platform has built can help provide creators with peace of mind when choosing them with as many landing pages.

However, the price plan has to be right to make peace of mind enough to sign up.  

LearnWorlds is a platform that offers multiple price plans for creators depending on their needs. The price plans that are offered by this course platform are broad and provide a lot of room for growth for the course creator.

LearnWorlds is also known for offering generous discounts on various annual price plans which can save the creator up to 20% of their fees. 

This helps creators to plan their costs throughout the year which can be helpful. 

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans

Now that we know what LearnWorlds is and what it can offer you, it is time to look at the different pricing plans that are available on the platform. 

There are three main pricing plans that creators can choose from. There is also an additional plan that is available to corporations that works slightly differently. We will cover all of these plans below. 

Starter Plan

The most basic and inexpensive price plan available from LearnWorlds is the Starter Plan.

This plan features the lowest monthly fee for the creator out of all the plans, however, there is a transaction fee for each sale that you make. 

If you are projected to make a lot of sales for your course, this plan could work out to be more expensive in the long run which is worth noting. 

Despite this being the most basic plan that you can be on, there are plenty of useful features that are included in the plan to help you build the best course possible. The features of this plan include:

Create Knowledge Products

This section of features helps creators to bring to life the tools that will be sold to learners to help get the important knowledge across to them in the best possible way.

Through the starter plan, creators can make eBooks, paid courses, exams & quizzes, drip courses, and 1-on-1 sessions. 

Not all of these features will need to be used for your course. However, the more that you use, the more sales you are likely to make.

With that being said, it is not useful to use features just because they are there if you don’t need them.

This can lead to lower-quality materials being offered to potential customers which won’t help your course to succeed.  

Create Your Website

Once you have created your course through LearnWorlds, it is necessary to build a website through which you can market and sell online courses.

Thankfully, the Starter Plan from LearnWorlds gives you access to all the tools and resources you need to create a professional website from which you can host and sell your course.  

With the Starter Plan, you get access to only the necessary features to create a functioning and professional-looking website. 

You also get access to a custom domain name which helps add to the professionalism of the site. 

Monetize Your Expertise

This feature allows you to earn money from the course that you build. With the basic plan, you are granted access to four payment gateways to maximize your chance of a sale. 

You can also choose from flexible checkout options and use coupons to help appeal to more potential customers.  

Remember that with the Starter Plan, there is a transaction fee for each sale.  

Easy Management, Connection, & Help

Once you have built your course and website, you will have access to basic management, connection, and help services with the Starter Plan.

On this plan, you get 1 admin to help run your site and course as well as a free SSL certificate. 

There are also some basic integration tools to help connect your course, site, and other media. Finally, there is 24/5 email support from LearnWorlds. 

Pro Trainer Plan

The intermediate plan from LearnWorlds is called the Pro Trainer plan. With this plan, you get all the features that come as standard on the Starter Plan.

In addition to these basic features, users also get to benefit from no transaction fees on any sales that they make.

There are some extra features that come as standard with the Pro Trainer plan.  The additional features of this plan include:

Increase Engagement

The increased engagement feature provides creators with the tools they need to help increase the number of people who purchase their online courses and other products.

With this feature, you can provide unlimited free courses and paid courses. You can also add a customizable course player, assessments & certificates, live classes & webinars, and 20 SCORMs/HTML5.

All of these features will help for selling online courses and websites more appealing to more students. The addition of live classes and webinars in particular can increase the number of people using your course. 

Build Up Your School

With the intermediate plan, you can complete your website to an even higher standard than the basic plan.

You will have access to better site-building tools that allow you to create a much smoother and more professional website.  

You will also have access to a survey builder. This will allow you to gather feedback directly from users of your site and your courses.

This can be extremely useful in improving your courses and sites and increasing the number of students your courses and online school has. 

LearnWorlds Pricing Plans

Grow Your Revenue

Revenue is one of the most important aspects of building an online course or school. With the intermediate plan, you are given the tools to offer subscriptions and memberships to students.

This can allow you to create long-term relationships with students and guarantee some level of income from your course. 

On the Pro Trainer plan, creators are also given tools to provide installment payment options to students. 

This gives students more accessibility to the course and can boost a course or creator’s profile on LearnWorlds.

Organize Your Team

With the Pro Trainer plan, creators have access to 5 administrators that help to keep their website and courses running smoothly. 

They can also help with the customer service that is offered by a creator’s website.  

With this plan creators also have access to affiliate management. 

This essentially means that there is a team of people who can use their networks to help promote and grow your courses and website through LearnWorlds. 

Develop Your Ecosystem & Master Course Creation

With the intermediate plan, creators can take advantage of the priority 24/7 email support. This can help to fix any issues promptly which boosts your site overall.

Access to the LearnWorlds Academy will also be granted on this price plan.

Premium integrations are also available with this plan which can make the use of the website and course smoother for students.  

Learning Center Plan

The Learning Center plan is the most expensive and comprehensive of all the payment plans from LearnWorlds.

This plan affords creators all the features that come with the Standard plan and the Pro Trainer plan.

This price plan is the most popular one that LearnWorlds offers due to the vast array of features that are offered.  The additional features that are available with the Learning Center plan include:

Sky Rocket The Learning Experience

One of the best ways to make your LearnWorlds course appeal to the widest audience is to offer plenty of interactive learning opportunities.

With the Learning Center plan, creators have the ability to incorporate interactive video, video library, transcript and subtitles to make the course more accessible.  

You can also add advanced assessments that can help to test the knowledge of students.

Multiple Zoom and Webex accounts are included in the price of this plan which can help creators connect with their students. Creators with this price plan will have access to unlimited SCORNs/HTML5. 

Scale Your Academy

With the highest price plan, creators have access to the tools required to create an IOS or Android app.

This can significantly increase the amount of traffic to your site or the number of potential students for your course. 

An app makes the course and website much more accessible to people who use a mobile device instead of a desktop computer.  

Creators using this plan also have access to full white labeling.  This can help to improve the reach of your academy and courses through LearnWorlds. 

Access Insightful Reporting

With this top-tier price plan, creators can access course progress reports and user segments that help to provide insight into the course. 

This can be helpful in fixing any bugs or issues that the site or course may have.  It can also provide insight into the areas that should be built upon because they are popular. 

With this price plan, you can have access to course insight reports and scheduled automatic reports. This can help to ensure that your course and website run smoothly without causing issues for students. 

Boost Efficiency And Extend Capabilities

Efficiency is incredibly important when it comes to online and distance learning courses. With the Learning Center plan, creators have access to 20 custom user roles.

This means that you can separate your admin staff into more specific roles to help keep your course running well. 

You can also have access to bulk user actions with this price plan. This allows the creator to make changes to students’ accounts or workload on certain courses or intakes.

This can facilitate easy updates to unlimited courses when information is updated or when you want to add something new or remove something that is not useful.

Courses with this price plan will also benefit from API integrations and Webhooks. 

Personalized Consulting

With this price plan, creators can access 24/7 premium support from LearnWorlds. This can help to ensure that any problems or bumps in the road are resolved quickly and effectively.

There is also premium onboarding which helps to make sure that the experience of students is as smooth and clear as possible. 

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