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How To Sell Your Online Courses On LearnWorlds

How To Sell Courses On LearnWorlds: Complete Guide 2023

Every internet business now requires some kind of online learning and training. By demonstrating to your intended audience that you’re a top-notch authority on your subject, you leave no room for doubt.

Learnworlds have assisted to sell profitable online course outline for producers in starting, expanding, and producing top-notch cohort-based courses. 

By creating an all-in-one LMS that is both strong and lightweight you will know how to sell courses on LearnWorlds e-learning platform has completely changed how people sell courses online. 

This transformation benefits both outline course developers and their audience. Learn how to create and sell profitable courses online with Learnworlds by reading on.

Making Successful To Sell Online Courses

You can make money from it if you’ve got a concept, a skill, a desire, a network, or some stuff you really want people to view.

Individuals want to gain knowledge from someone who can help them with their own individual or, more frequently, professional needs by providing something worthwhile and life-changing.

Create an email promoting your website course if you’ve got an email list. Additionally, you can enquire about the selected course matter from your subscribers, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn members.

A quality online course takes equity and justice into consideration. To design a fair learning environment, it takes into consideration social, political, and cultural issues, as well as the socioeconomic backgrounds of the pupils. 

Various forms may exist for this. In actuality, it might imply a reading list that is both diverse and inclusive. 

It refers to audiovisual content that doesn’t stigmatize, shame, or degrade individuals. It can imply that free online learning materials are given precedence over pricey textbooks.

More than just a venue for students to acquire material, courses serve many other purposes. A quality online course includes informational materials like texts or lecture videos as well as interactions between the lecturer and the students.

As a result of interactions between the lecturer and the students, the latter may get individualized criticism, support, and direction. Students may interact with one another by debating various topics or collaborating to address a problem. 

A successful online course frequently turns into a community of learners and offers chances for the growth of a thriving learning community.

Your course should be interesting and difficult. It calls on pupils to take part, encourages them to contribute, and grabs their interest. It encourages students to develop their knowledge, skills, and capacities while maximizing the fun of learning.

A successful online course is efficient. The skills, information, and abilities that students will acquire as a result of taking such a course are identified, along with the activities designed to help them do so. 

Presell Courses To See Trends

Pre-selling your course demonstrates that there is a market for it and enables you to compile a list of prospective buyers who would make purchases after it launches.

Make sure to ask folks if they’d be interested in enrolling in the program and their reasons for or against doing so in a one-page description.

You may examine people’s choices and their advice on your course’s shortcomings by testing it out.

Run a number of market research experiments to see whether there is a market need for it and what people may be interested in learning from you.

Know Your Target Audience

People’s competence, aptitude, understanding, attitudes, and beliefs change as a result of learning. In order to assist your potential pupils in getting from point A to B, you must possess a thorough understanding of your target market.

As a result, you must be aware of your target audience, any background knowledge they may have, and their learning objectives.

Learning objectives are general, overarching declarations of what we expect our pupils to learn. They express the learning outcome—what the student will be able to do, understand, and experience after completing the course—clearly and using quantitative verbs.

Learning objectives aid in students’ understanding of what is required of them and exactly what the educator expects of them:

  • What fresh information will they have learned?
  • What novel abilities will they be capable of showing?
  • What emotions will they have retreated or moved toward?

Therefore, by setting learning objectives, you demonstrate that even your initial course is worthwhile. Don’t forget to add them to the sales page as well.

Remember to only mention objectives that you are certain your market wants to achieve or that fill in any holes left by your rivals.

Course Content Creation

You may have pulled together a lot of training materials and ideas during the goal-setting and market-testing phases.

It is now time to choose the subjects that will be covered in your course. At this point, all that remains is for you to choose what to omit from your text.

Making your content more digestible will make teaching easier. Additionally, it will assist you in properly preparing your projects.

Throw out everything that does not relate directly to accomplishing a learning objective from the goals you have set as you go through your stacks of content.

When your material is prepared, you could run into a maze of structural problems. You find yourself wasting a significant amount of time attempting to manage jumbled information since you frequently forget what is intended to link to where.

You can plan out the structure of your course using a storyboard.

Select Your Teaching Methods

Delivering knowledge in an engaging, effective, and efficient manner is the goal of teaching. You should therefore constantly have an educational strategy in mind.

Small Wins

Small wins are straightforward exercises or challenges that provide your kids with a sense of success and self-assurance. 

They maintain pupils’ interest in studying more.

Include little victories throughout the instruction, particularly when pupils should have mastered a certain task and are prepared to move toward more difficult exercises.

How To Sell Your Online Courses On LearnWorlds


By layering the learning step-by-step process, and scaffolding, students can build on the ideas they already know. 

By explaining to students how this information ties into what they currently know, scaffolding calls for you to gradually move from straightforward concepts to more difficult concepts.

Active Learning

To learn, students need to DO something.

A large amount of screen recording or adding numerous films of you talking into the camera is insufficient.

Give students the opportunity to apply the material they are learning. Use the Learnworlds video editor’s interactive features, quizzes, and assignments to make learners more engaged. 

Social interactions with classmates, such as initiating a topic in the comment area or exchanging images of the learning activities, can boost students’ interest.

Make Your Lessons Engaging

It’s time to choose how to offer your content at this point. The effectiveness of your program and how happy your students are at the conclusion of it depend on your style of teaching and methodology.

To make your training as interesting as possible, you must understand the fundamentals of instructional design for distance learning as well as the many delivery methods you might use.

To promote the practice, worksheets, and the description of conflicting circumstances in your course, for instance, you must develop numerous authentic materials and case studies.

Supported Learning Units On LearnWorlds

You cannot promote your school as your platform or remain independent of your income if you choose a course marketplace like Udemy to promote to create online courses.

This is so that your courses can stand out, as marketplaces typically have expensive fees per sale and poor white-labeling alternatives.

Using a system for learning management is what we advise. A learning management system, which you may brand as your own platform and link to your website, is your school.

Compared to self-hosting or course marketplaces, it makes the process of creating online courses a lot simpler.

Course Prices & Business Modelling

The most straightforward approach to providing an online course or a membership site is to have a predetermined pricing structure with unrestricted access to the curriculum upon purchase.

A course can be applied in numerous different ways, though. For instance, providing a free course can promote interest in more expensive courses or serve as a showcase for your knowledge.

By using subscriptions, you can offer your pupils more payment alternatives and guarantee yourself a reliable, recurring income on a weekly or monthly basis.

Additionally, you can pay once, over the course of up to six months, or annually by using payment plans (installments).

You need to discover the sweet spot for your course’s price so that students will be drawn to it. Learners will typically be more engaged when you charge a greater price.

People are less inclined to trust your information and have negative perceptions for results if you offer all of it free or inexpensive. In order to improve the value you offer to the table, avoid being price competitive.

Understand The Course Sales Funnel

Once the course development process is complete, you must succeed in your endeavor to sell it. 

A multi-step process known as a sales funnel converts website visitors into customers. In a way, the entire process through awareness to purchase may be described as a sales funnel:

  • Step 1 – Awareness: Prospective students become aware that your course exists and that it offers an answer to their issue. This is the area you should concentrate on if you’re a new player in the market to draw attention to your course.
  • Step 2 – Attention: You pique the potential client’s interest. They learn more about you, your offerings, and your products.
  • Step 3 – Decision: Prospective customers are weighing their options regarding whether or not to purchase from you. All of the preceding processes require a sales page, but the decision phase is where the visitors are most helped.

When customers click the “purchase” button in step four, your sales funnel will either become smoother or more difficult. 

They will complete the transaction depending on how engaging your checkout page and process are, in addition to how reliable your website appears.

It is crucial to comprehend the sales funnel’s structure since you will need to build your own using marketing strategies that are effective for your company.

You can enhance your conversion rates by using a variety of strategies while selling online courses. Think about the following questions:

  • In order to boost course sales, will you offer incentives like vouchers, discounts, and packages?
  • Will you employ email marketing and lead magnets?
  • What strategy will you employ for Facebook ads and social media?
  • Will you request recommendations, reviews, and testimonials?
  • Will you collaborate with organizations, businesses, and influencers?
  • Do you write with a content marketing strategy in mind to increase web traffic?
  • Do you have any experience with affiliate marketing?

You will undoubtedly require an ongoing marketing plan to advertise your course and draw in students. You’ll also need to attend to other crucial issues that are necessary to the efficient operation of your company. 

To keep your funds in the same good form as the remainder of your business, think about hiring an accountant.

Fostering Learning Communities

Your pupils will always benefit most from a community. Even though it can sometimes be a solitary activity, learning is a social process. Learners enjoy exchanging ideas and talking with others who are traveling the same path as them.

It’s a terrific concept to promote communication among those community members so they can share their learning journey and establish a feeling of peer support. In the long run, everyone will benefit from developing a sense of camaraderie among peers.

Furthermore, it is difficult for you to know all the answers as a teacher. Your students can grow independent and depend on the community more than you by creating a network surrounding them to sell an online course.

Create groups and start conversations in your course, blog, or on social media. Building a community is a crucial marketing strategy you may use.

Final Thoughts

You have a tonne of incredible potential for your career and personal growth because you are teaching what you love and are the expert in, all while regularly interacting with people in various parts of the world.

You should now have a basic understanding of how to construct and market a profitable online course to attract a target market and provide passive income.

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