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How To Access Your LearnWorlds Account

How To Access Your LearnWorlds Account

There are numerous solutions available for the LearnWorlds course design platform market. Although all courses include the same content, which must be presented in an approachable manner, many aspects of how best course platforms operate are distinct. 

We’ll go through LearnWorlds’ functionality in this article, along with how to access your LearnWorlds account and mobile app.

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to design, promote, and sell online courses. You can tell it’s packed with features just by looking at it. (Check out ‘Learnworlds Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features [Updated]‘)

It seems to have enough capabilities to immediately appear to be a more robust tool, one probably better suited for enterprises or training firms than for solitary business owners. 

But before you dismiss the platform, you should be aware that having access to its capabilities will assist you in creating a top-notch course.

A cloud-based system for managing learning for staff training programmes is LearnWorlds. This robust, user-friendly solution aids in creating custom remote training programmes for any office division.

 Evaluation of employee performance and graded assignments are some of its greatest features.

Pros And Cons

  • Reasonable costs.
  • Access to videos
  • Tablet and mobile ready.
  • Customized language.
  • It is possible to enhance built-in accessibility features.
  • A few bugs in the typing functionality have been reported by some users.

Best for: Business owners, online education providers, and corporate training

How To Use LearnWorlds

Among the most feature-rich platforms we’ve found for creating courses is LearnWorlds. Its abundance of features and usefulness puts it in a class by itself and sets it apart from most other platforms. (See ‘LearnWorlds Free Trial: Complete Pricing Details.’)

For instance, while it is well known that student participation is crucial, very few systems, if any, offer an integrated online community and a customizable daily news section powered by RSS feeds. Having stated that, let’s explore LearnWorld’s features.

1. Signing-Up

There is only one step required to begin using LearnWorlds. To begin building, enter your e-mail address and the name of your school to build your online school. 

For all programmes with the exception of their high-volume plan, LearnWorlds allows access for a 30-day trial run without the need for a credit card.

2. Dashboard

Once you join, your dashboard is immediately accessible. An abundance of organized information is kept on your dashboard. 

Each category has its own set of videos, covering topics like building landing pages, making your first course, learning more about LearnWorlds, and answering some of the most frequently asked questions by instructors.

3. Designing Courses

In the left-hand margin, select Courses to begin creating your course. Click the Create Course option after that. Then, LearnWorlds provides a wizard for creating courses. It begins by requesting the name of your course. 

The mode of access for the course will then be chosen by you. Here, you can construct a paid or free course that only users that have been enlisted in it can access, or you may choose to keep it in a drafted or coming soon state.

If you intend to create a course outline for a paid course, set a pricing point, decide whether to include a discount, and calculate the amount of the discount. You’ll need a picture and a succinct description for your course. 

Finally, you can choose whether to use a drip feed while promoting your course. You can always come back to this later if you’re not certain about it right now.

LearnWorlds’ course creation and setup procedures are rather simple to follow. And it’s significant. Instead of being specialists in course creation, course creators are often subject matter experts.

The entry hurdles are lowered by simplifying the process, allowing more educators to use and enjoy the platform.

After finishing the course outline with templates and course creation, a fully editable markup/preview of the course sales page will be shown to you. You can add a new page, update site properties (including SEO among others), add code, or even copy, clear, or remove a page by selecting the Edit page button.

Additionally, you will have the choice of altering the font, buttons, and page layout. You may have a look at each screen type through the use of the responsive drop-down list at the top of the screen. Elearning website templates for course creators make everything flow smoother.

LearnWorlds makes sure that all work fits flawlessly on all different types of devices. When you’re finished, click the Preview button to see what you’ve created or save your page to see what you’ve created.

4. Making Course Materials

After taking care of the sales page design, let’s concentrate on creating your real course materials. You’ll use the tabs just at the top of the screen to begin authoring course content. When viewing the editable form of your sales page, the tabs are present.

Layout, Content, Access, Price, Settings, Class Player, Digital Library, and Dashboard are some of the tabs. On the Contents tab, you build your course’s material. Section creation initiates the generation of course material. 

When creating sections, you must include a section title and choose the level of access depending on whether the part is in a draft state, is forthcoming, is available for free, or is chargeable. 

Additional requirements include a description and, if desired, the uploading of a section background.

This approach is used to create practically every element in LearnWorlds. Selecting an item is the first step, followed by labeling and customization as needed. It soon becomes a simple task to carry out.

5. Activities

You can add an activity after the first part is made. If you’re anything like us, you’re undoubtedly unsure about the relevance of a particular portion. 

The fact that parts are essential lessons became clear to us as we constructed our sample course. Therefore, activities are a component of lessons.

There are several formats for activities. These consist of:

  • Multimedia
  • Video
  • E-book
  • PDF
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Audio
  • HTML5/SCORM Package
  • Live Session
  • Skype Meeting
  • Webinar via Zoom
  • Questionnaires
  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • Assignment
  • Certificates
  • A diploma of completion
  • Embed
  • Insert code
  • Integrate a Slideshare
  • Integrate an external connection

You must modify the activity’s settings after choosing it. To the right of your screen, a pop-up window will appear when you click the Settings button. Here, you will specify the title and description of your activity. 

You might need to give more details based on the kind of activity you chose. For instance, if a movie is uploaded on Vimeo, you must input the video ID or choose it from LearnWorld’s video library.

As you can see, LearnWorlds provides numerous opportunities for you to include your students in learning activities. In all honesty, this is among the most complete features we’ve come across.

How To Log In To LearnWorlds Using An Existing Account

How To Access Your LearnWorlds Account

1. Access The School Through Email

Fill out your password and e-mail address in the login screen and select Sign in if you registered for the school using your email address.

2. Log In To The Institution Using Social Media

If you registered for the school in the past using a social media profile (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, Apple), you would have to click the Sign-in button in the top bar and choose the appropriate social login.

Please take note that you may also view the login pop-up window by putting the following URL after the one for your school: /?


Problems With Logging Into Your LearnWorlds Account

Having trouble logging into your school? Follow these steps:

1. Verify that the email and password you attempted are the right combination. The error message does not specifically state if you entered your email address or password incorrectly for security reasons. 

This was done on purpose to make it more difficult for people to figure out any LearnWorlds account information.

2. Click the Forgotten your password? link to request a new password. Enter the email associated with your LearnWorlds account, then hit OK. You will receive an email containing a link to change your account’s password.

You can seek additional help from your school’s administrator if you continue to experience problems trying to set up your password.

Important Reminders

Check your spam folder if you can’t find the email in the inbox because the spam filter may have mistakenly collected it there. In this instance, be sure to mark this letter as “not junk” to prevent losing any more communication from your online course. 

If you registered using a social login, you can:

a) Either contact your social login source to reset your password.

b) Alternatively, you can utilize the login form by selecting the “Reset Password” button and entering your new password together with the same email address that you used to register for the social login.

How To Sign Out Of Your Account

Click on Sign out in the topbar toggle menu to log out of the online school (this choice may differ depending on the school’s settings).

Information for the owner of the school:

1. When a user attempts to reset a password and gets a “Not Found” message, they have probably clicked on an out-of-date link. 

To fix this, designate the appropriate field in your website’s language and convert it to something along the lines of “Error. Please be sure to select the most recent email notification and not the prior and expired ones.”

2. The email address is used to send all emails to your LearnWorlds school. 

Users often have no trouble receiving these emails, but if their email provider restricts automated messages, your school’s notifications could show up in the spam folder. 

You can fix it in the following ways:

  • When a message is flagged as spam, the user has the option to remove it from the appropriate category and label it as not spam. All new messages will be correctly collected in the inbox in this manner.
  • In the Learning Center packages and higher, you can switch the default sender address from the one to a customized one ( This improves the general delivery of emails and aids in the platform’s seamless connection with your website/brand.

Using The LearnWorlds Mobile App To Log In

For the users to be able to access your app:

1. They can download your app, sign up for a LearnWorlds account, and buy your courses. Alternatively, they can log in with their details (Sign-in functionality).

2. The User Flow can be enabled by the admin to let app users browse the various courses without first registering a LearnWorlds account.

3. Users should be able to log in using their credentials if they have set up SSO (SAML) for the institution.

If users don’t already have a LearnWorlds account, they can establish one by clicking the Sign up using the email button on your app. They can log in by entering their credentials if they have previously registered.

Guest User Flow

By turning on this setting, you give your consumers the option to browse the academy app before signing up. 

Make a good first impression and provide your app users with a simple and seamless experience by using the Guest Flow feature. Make their journey easy and enjoyable by providing frictionless navigation.

As a result, before making a LearnWorlds account and enrolling in any particular course, app users are able to explore courses and learn more about your institution (free or paid).

The user will be prompted to sign in or up after tapping “Enroll” in order to complete the purchase.

To make this setting active:

Click the Mobile App Customize your app Sign up/in tab from your admin dashboard, then turn on the Guest User setting.

Setup SSO

Your users can instantly log in by entering their credentials if you have configured the SSO (Single Sign-On) using SAML.

Final Thoughts

Among the most feature-rich systems for creating courses is LearnWorlds. It contains everything you’ll require to get started, which may be a little too much for beginners. 

It goes without saying that the platform makes for a powerful business solution. Many businesses and training companies make use of it.

It is versatile since it offers four payment systems and features that are uncommon in the market, such as interactive video classes and e-books.

LearnWorlds has a tonne of features. You won’t need much more when the platform offers 2000 application linkages, a number of other features, and the ability to perform practically anything.

The platform has a steep learning curve despite its feature-richness. This mainly concerns settings and less so the capability for creating website design courses. If you encounter any issues always feel free to contact LearnWorlds support!

We sincerely hope that this article has been helpful in clarifying how to use LearnWorlds as well as how to sign into the LearnWorlds account and mobile app.

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