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Martin Barrett
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Which Is Better Skillshare or Coursera

Which Is Better Skillshare or Coursera? Honest Review 2023

Online learning platforms have sky-rocketed in popularity over the last ten years.

With the power of the internet, these platforms give you an opportunity to share or gain skills and knowledge with someone anywhere in the world.

Countless users are beginning to understand the value of these platforms, but with that comes a lot of choices for you to make on which is better for you!

Two standouts in this area are Skillshare and Coursera. Both platforms offer slightly different models for you to consider, and both are highly rated, but here is the question which Is Better Skillshare or Coursera?

Let’s say you’re stuck between the two of them – how can you know you’re going to make the right decision? Which is going to do the best job at teaching you the skill you’re looking to learn?

Sometimes trying to pick can be overwhelming.

If this sounds like you – don’t panic! We’re here to help you.


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In this article we’re going to give you a complete breakdown of each platform, highlighting some of their pros and cons, so that you can decide and choose the best one for you.

We’ve also included a short FAQ to help answer any other questions you may have left over at the end.

What Is An Online Learning Platform?

An Online Learning Platform is either a portal or website that allows you to learn a new skill or knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Online learning platforms will usually offer students one or all of the following: resources, videos, lectures, spaces to meet and study with other students, and other more modern teaching tools (see also ‘What Are Teachable Moments?‘).

It’s worth noting that many of the newer online learning platforms offer courses that are not accredited.

This means that they aren’t recognized by any educational body. This is good and bad depending on your perspective, and the kind of qualifications you’re trying to learn.

For example, something like skillshare might be great if you’re looking for intricate knowledge of skills that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, for example, specialized forms of art, creative writing, or life skills.

But it won’t offer you fully accredited courses that will be recognized by work or educational institutions.

Skillshare Overview

Skillshare is an online learning platform/community based created in the United States of America, which offers a webspace for those who want to learn new skills from educational videos.

Skillshare is a more laid-back version of an online learning platform, with a huge variety of course topics (see full Skillshare review) for more info.

Skillshare is undoubtedly best for those who want to learn more about a creative hobby, or how to turn that into a career.

You’ll find courses that help you learn different forms of art, creative writing, how to manage social media, and more modern applications of art like graphic design.

You’ll find that almost all of the courses are immediately available to you, and although there are some barriers to entry in terms of your competency level, most of them are beginner friendly.

Skillshare offers a premium subscription, which you can purchase annually or monthly and is a good idea if you’re looking for something that will give you more access.

Skillshare also comes with a series of community features, which will allow you to chat with other students and get support from the teachers you like the most.


  • Creative Pursuits: Skillshare has the largest collection of creative courses you’ll find on the web. If you’re looking to learn an art form as a hobby, or with the hope of one day becoming a pro, this can be a great way to learn it.
  • Low Price Point: Skillshare has one of the best price points you’ll find for online learning platforms.
  • Variety of Courses: Skillshare has a large number of courses, including those some of the most niche that you’ll find.


  • Course Standard: Because there is a lot more variety with skillshare, there are fewer strict quality standards before courses are uploaded. This can mean that you end up on a course that isn’t so good.

Coursera Overview

Coursera is an online learning platform site that is best known for its quality user interface, and how it holds its teachers to high standards. See also other Skillshare alternatives for consideration.

The main thing that sets it apart from other platforms is how it deals with introducing new courses to the web space. Each course has to be looked over and vetted before they are added.

If you’re going to pick Coursera, we’d probably suggest their Coursera Plus Program.

This is the real learning platform and offers a much more extensive choice for you, including partnerships with leading universities and companies like Google, Stanford, and Yale (check out the Coursera review for more info)

It also gives you the flexibility to work through the courses at your own pace, which is a great advantage if you live an already busy life.

Coursera Plus also gives you access to around 90% of the courses on the platform at a singular subscription price.


  • Coursera Plus: Offers an additional fee to give you unlimited access to over 7000 courses, including accredited courses and hands-on experience.
  • Technical Courses: Coursera has much more of a focus on hands-on projects, including courses suitable for those in the tech industry.
  • High-Quality Courses: each Coursera course is heavily accessed for quality before being allowed to go live.


  • Lack Of Deadlines: For some of the more difficult courses, you’re going to need to be disciplined to keep up with the workload and lack of deadlines.