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Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

Coursera Vs Linkedin Learning: Which One Is Best In 2023 [Updated]

There is an abundant supply of content for those who wish to learn anything. Already, YouTube contains videos on virtually every subject under the sun.

Hardly any new information passes without first being announced on Twitter. Spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic, several learning institutions have developed online learning modules whereby students can receive knowledge while at home.

If you’re desirous of learning, there was never a better time to be alive.

Learning never ends. People go to several lengths to experience and learn new things, not just to boost their knowledge but to put them in a position where they can compete favorably with their peers and competitors. And the day you stop learning is the day you start to die.

Interestingly, the field of learning has been completely revolutionized, with online learning becoming the primary way of acquiring knowledge these days.

And why?

The distance problem is solved, and there’s an endless pool of knowledge to draw from. Professionals who need to learn new things no longer need to take long trips to where these skills are taught.

Online tutors now offer services where excellent learning can occur, and professional development can be achieved with world-class certifications made possible without distance barriers.

Several service providers have mastered the online learning system. You must have heard of Coursera and LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘Which Is Better Coursera Or Edx?‘) if you’re a professional.

Both online learning platforms provide two of the most prominent content for people who are serious about advancing their knowledge. Unlike social media platforms, LinkedIn Learning and Coursera (see also ‘Which Is Better LinkedIn Learning Or Udemy?‘) are designed for professionals because they offer several workplace and career development courses.

Also, unlike social media learning, which often is for fun, these two popular platforms offer skills and certificates that are most sought after in several workplaces.

So, you can improve your productivity by learning skills and processes that would enhance your standing as a professional. And you’ll get all of these online!

So, there you have the two gladiators in this field. But, do they have differences? Which is better? Which offers the more practical courses? And if you were to choose between the two, which would we recommend?

We would take you on a journey with the two platforms and pitch Coursera vs. LinkedIn Learning before concluding. Because Coursera comes before LinkedIn alphabetically, we’ll begin with its overview.

Before we reach a verdict, we’ll look at the ease of use, course diversity, learning process, materials, pricing, and customer support. So if you’re ready, let’s go on this journey into a world of continuous learning and know which is better from Coursera Vs Linkedin Learning.

Fair enough.

What is Coursera?

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

Coursera describes itself as a “global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies.”

So we can deduce from this description that Coursera partners with content providers to offer knowledge to students via an online platform.

By partnering with the very top universities, Coursera solves the problem of credibility. Since you’re learning from “the best,” you are confident of what you’re getting.

Coursera doesn’t just offer knowledge; it focuses on post-secondary education via the internet. So you won’t find anything that is not exclusively higher education-related on Coursera.

This makes sense because Coursera focuses on professional and advanced courses.

There is hardly any field where Coursera doesn’t offer courses, and they are valuable enough to be counted as worthy of being considered for the award of degrees!

Coursera is not entirely free, as we will soon see, but most courses can be accessed free of charge. You can sign up for Coursera free of charge, pick from the over 5000 courses and start learning! It’s fun, as long as you keep to the schedule.

This includes staying updated with the weekly modules, and reading assignments, and catching up on videos and other materials.

Coursera also provides lots of learning aids and forums where you can share information with fellow coursemates worldwide! If there are quizzes as part of the free course, remember you are required to submit them on time.

Courses don’t always follow the same pattern, so you have to participate closely to meet the requirements.

What’s more? With over 87 million learners, you can learn virtually anything on Coursera, most of them for free.

The certifications available on the platform are recognized worldwide because they are provided in partnership with prestigious Universities and global corporations.


Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses

  • More than 5,000 courses
  • Professional Certificates
  • Degrees from the Top Universities
Try Coursera


  • The courses are consistent in the way they are set up.
  • It has a variety of exciting courses
  • It updates its courses frequently
  • It provides a cost-effective way of training staff
  • It offers excellent professional development for individuals and corporate agencies
  • It has a global reach
  • It provides a wide range of certifications


  • Test questions are not diverse enough.
  • The interface is not very user-friendly and looks relatively crude
  • It is pretty expensive to get the certifications, although they are worth it
  • The mobile application is not very user-friendly
  • Assignments and quizzes are browser-specific (chrome)
  • The dashboard appears too simple and basic

What is Linkedin Learning?

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

With 27 million active users and a host of global corporations hooked to the resources available on the LinkedIn Learning platform, it is one of the most significant sources of professional information and certification today.

Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning is also an online platform that provides video-based learning via the online medium. LinkedIn Learning also offers several courses and does so in several languages, including English and French.

LinkedIn is an educational platform that breaks down learning into simple modules that can be easily understood. These modules are made into smaller, shorter videos, some of them as short as five minutes.

LinkedIn Learning has three main divisions, which are

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Creative

Also, each division dovetails into several courses and categories. Since these are the three of the most critical areas where people seek to learn and develop themselves, LinkedIn Learning (see also ‘How To Cancel LinkedIn Learning‘) provides several degree programs to develop the client effectively.

There are subcategories under the Business category, including leadership and management, professional skills development and marketing, including online marketing.

LinkedIn Learning is not just for those who wish to update their professional knowledge; it also offers courses that lead to certifications. Certifications are available on the LinkedIn Learning platform in 34 different courses.

These courses are not only ideal for employees who want to climb the corporate ladder, but they are also helpful for employers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and even government agents who wish to master the art of the field better.

Students who need knowledge in new and emerging areas can also benefit from the available certifications.

Although there are free courses on LinkedIn Learning, most people access it with monthly subscriptions. If you rather wish to take the courses as you need them, they are also available.


  • It has a massive variety of courses.
  • It has a certificate for the completion of every course on the platform
  • It allows you to learn at your own pace. No deadlines. No assignments.
  • You have access to a wide range of professionals in different fields.
  • You have a month’s free trial with access to the entire course content
  • You can download courses to view when you are offline later
  • Courses are available in seven different languages


  • LinkedIn Learning has a limited number of subject areas covered for learning.
  • The certificates received may not be recognized on completion because academics are not engaged in packaging the details.
  • It has an over-cluttered interface.
  • There is no way to verify that a user has participated before earning a certificate as long as the video plays through.
  • It has less industry-tailored content.

Ease of Use

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

When you sign up for either of the packages, which one makes navigation and actual learning easy?


Because the Coursera course focuses more on academic programs and workplace certifications, it seems a bit more challenging to complete, unlike LinkedIn Learning which is a set of videos. But that is not to say Coursera is not easy to use.

Coursera has an interface that is not very appealing but is entirely interactive. However, it has a significant problem in that it has so many courses and different tracks. It may be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you’re a first-timer, but you’ll get used to it with time.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning courses, meanwhile, is more straightforward to use because it is more segmentalized. With its one-month free subscription, you can start using it from day one.

All you have to do is list your skills, and you will have video suggestions. It’s as simple as that. Once you subscribe, you have more access to greater content.

Course Diversity

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

How universal is the learning you get on the platforms?


University professors developed Coursera. They also mobilized other professors to provide learning in virtually every field.

Because it is more of an academic and professional development program, Coursera has an extensive range of courses (well over 5,000) on its platform.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is developed for skills development; that’s why it offers courses in only three fields: business, technology, and creative.

That may sound limiting, but LinkedIn is designed for people who need learning in specific skills. So, if you want a wide range of courses to choose from, you may not have that luxury.

Learning process

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

When you sign up for either of the platforms, which offers better learning?


Coursera was designed by university teachers and incorporated the best learning procedures. As students who take individual courses, The courses offered all the necessary learning aids to improve learning.

You are also taken through quizzes, assignments, and other tasks required to enhance your learning experience. Also, you can interact with others taking the course.

So well balanced are the courses and the learning process that the certifications are recognized worldwide.

Linkedin Learning

 LinkedIn Learning has an excellent learning platform for those who can identify the skills they need to develop and access suitable videos.

Packaged with short videos, learners can learn conveniently at their own pace. Leveraging the LinkedIn social media platform, users also can access Linkedin Learning course materials from others.

While the Coursera platform may look more sophisticated, the skills that LinkedIn Learning caters to make the learning process ideal.

Learning materials

Coursera Vs Linkedin Learning: Which One Is Best In 2023 [Updated] 1

What is on offer to make learning fun?


Coursera is designed to offer academic learning and access to the best educators.

You have access to videos, slides, books, and more. It is world-class education at your fingertips. With regular assessment, students are also able to improve their performances.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is appropriate for skills you need to learn to advance your career.

The video lessons can build in you the most in-demand skills you need. You have what it takes to learn efficiently, broken down into smaller videos.


Quality education is not cheap. But how much does it take from me?


Without signing in to the Coursera account, you may not know the pricing of a course. But if you want to take a single course, while some are free, most sought-after in-depth ones go for between $30-$100.

Specialization courses, which require a monthly access fee costs $40-$80 per month, while full degrees in Coursera cost around $20,000.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a subscription-based platform. With access to over 13,000 videos, LinkedIn Learning costs $30 a month. Interestingly, you can enjoy the first month free of charge.

Customer support

Coursera Vs. Linkedin Learning

The customer is king. But are they on these platforms?


Once you are registered and have paid for a course, all inquiries directed to Coursera are handled promptly. Whether it’s an issue with your program or your login details, you will be promptly responded to.

Linkedin Learning

Not only can you contact a LinkedIn Learning specialist, but you can also live-chat them. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform, they handle customer complaints quickly.


The two platforms are some of the best learning avenues in this age. With millions of users and several companies benefitting daily, you should not hesitate to join if you haven’t.

However, as noted earlier, both platforms serve two purposes, so it may be difficult grading them.

But if you aim to build a professional career with the necessary professional certificates, Coursera is your best bet. However. if you want to learn the latest skill and use that skill to land your dream job, hop on the LinkedIn Learning platform today!


We’ve reviewed Coursera vs. LinkedIn Learning. Now you know the differences, their strong points, and their weak points.

Depending on what you need to learn, you know which platform best serves you. Which is the best? The one that has what you need!

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