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Teachable Free Plan Vs Paid Plan: What You Need To Know!

Are you contemplating using Teachable to host an online course, although, you’re not sure whether to go for a free or paid plan, well, you’ve come to the right place to determine the best Teachable pricing plan for you!

Firstly, you may wonder: does Teachable even offer a free package?

The answer is yes, they do offer a free plan!

However, the downside is that you’re only provided access for 14 days to test out the platform. 

During this time, you’re able to set up your course and get everything up and running, however, to begin selling your courses, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to a paid one. 

With this in mind, in this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Teachable’s free and paid plans, looking at each plan’s features and which is the best option for your circumstances. (Check out ‘Setting Up And Logging Into Your Teachable Account (Full Guide)‘)

Let’s get straight into it! 

Does Teachable Have a Free Plan?

If you’re unfamiliar with teachable, essentially it is an all-in-one platform allowing your online course creation process and distribution. 

Here, you don’t have to worry about any of the finicky processes, Teachable handles that for you. 

407141000004170417407100This includes everything from customer support and payment process to web hosting – providing you with the opportunity of creating amazing content for your online courses. 

However, that being said, setting up your own platform to host your courses can be somewhat challenging, and you may be wondering whether you can test out Teachable before committing to payments. 

Well, luckily for you, you are able to do exactly that.

Teachable offers a free Teachable basic plan to allow its users the chance to test out the platform before making a major commitment. 

Then, once done, you can choose whether or not it is the right platform for you.

Here, you can upgrade your free package to a paid one, allowing you to launch your course online. 

What Comes In The Free Plan?

In all of Teachable’s plans – yes, even the free one – you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Unlimited video
  • Unlimited students
  • Basic quizzes
  • Discussion forums
  • Integrated sale pages and integrated payment processing

When getting started with Teachable, you don’t have to worry about any upfront costs, although, if you’re looking to start selling your course, you’ll need to upgrade your free plan. (Check out ‘Can You Have A Career On Teachable? [A Guide]‘)

Why Use The Free Plan?

If you’re looking to get familiar with the platform without having to pay the monthly fee, then Teachable’s free plan is ideal for you. 

Moreover, if you’re currently setting up your course, then staying on the free plan until everything is finalized and ready for launch is a good option, too. 

Here, you’re able to view and make the most of all the different features without having to worry about paying transaction fees on top. 

Although, the only drawback when it comes to the free plan is that it is only available for a 14-day trial period. 

Teachable Pricing: Paid Plans

Besides their free plan, Teachable also offers a variety of paid Teachable pricing plans to choose from. These include:

  • Free Plan – $0/month
  • Basic Plan – $29/month
  • Professional – $99/month
  • Business – $249/month

The free plan is primarily used to allow you to set up your online course without the burden of a monthly subscription impacting your process. 

Although, if you’re looking to make the most out of all the features and make money from your course sales, then you’ll want to upgrade using one of these options, like the Teachable business plan. 

Teachable’s Basic Plan

The Basic plan offered by Teachable can be categorized as falling somewhere between the Professional and Free plan in terms of features. 

This is because, while you may not receive all the same benefits of the Professional plan, you will be rewarded with a lower price tag. 

Below, we have outlined all the features you’re provided access to on the Basic plan that you wouldn’t receive on the Free plan.

These include:

  • Coupon codes
  • Create a custom domain
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate program
  • Drip content
  • 3rd party integrations 

The Basic plan is ideal for those course creators who may not have the extra money to splurge on a higher costing plan but still want to make the most of the platform. 

Unlike the Free plan option, you’re provided with a 5% commission rate on the Basic plan, as opposed to a $1 + 10% rate. 

This means that on a course worth $100, you’re left with $95 as opposed to $89. 

While this transaction fee of 5% saves you some money, after only a few sales per month, it may be a better option to choose the Professional plan instead. 

Teachable’s Professional Plan

For any online course instructor, Teachable’s professional plan would be an ideal option for you. 

While it may sound like a high price tag at $99 per month, it may actually help you save money in the long run. 

As long as you’re looking to transform your online course into one that generates a huge income, then the payoff will be worth it. 

Using the Professional plan, you don’t need to worry about paying any transaction or commission fees. 

This is one of the most attractive benefits of this plan, alongside the opportunity to fully utilize a range of different features, too. 

Under this plan, you will also qualify to receive instant payouts, rather than only receiving monthly PayPal deposits that require a 30-day delay, as you would find on the free plan. 

Plus, you’re also provided access to live chat support, which is ideal if you run into any troubles while using the platform.

This is different from the basic plan, which only provides you with email support. 

Moreover, the Professional plan offers advantage reporting, providing you with an overview of the performance of your course. 

In addition to this, you can also get an unbranded website that can contain up to five owner/author accounts. 

Likewise, you’re able to bulk import students, distribute graded quizzes, and much more. 

Finally, you can even create an optional refund policy.

However, we still recommend offering a 30-day refund policy. 

Monthly Vs. Annual Plans

Monthly Vs. Annual Plans

On top of varied payment options, Teachable also provides you the option to pay your chosen plan in either monthly or annual installments. 

If you choose to pay monthly, the Basic plan costs $39 per month, whereas the Professional plan costs £99 per month. 

If you choose to pay annually, you’ll receive a pretty decent discount, too.

When billed annually, the Basic plan comes out at $29 per month, whereas the Professional plan comes out at $79 per month. 

If you’re starting off your online course journey, then starting out at a monthly Basic plan may be ideal. 

From here, you can easily upgrade to a Professional plan once the sales start coming in and you’ve accumulated enough money to make a profit. 

However, once you have determined which plan is the right choice for you, you’ll want to consider the annual rates, too. 

For the Basic plan, you save $120 per year, whereas, on the Profession plan, you save $240! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Business Plan?

The Business plan will set you back a whopping $249 per month and isn’t an ideal option for anyone starting out or is an independent course creator. 

Teachable’s business plan provides support for up to 100 admin-level users and only makes sense for large businesses to use where various instructors can upload content. 

What Is The Cost Of Teachable?

Teachable doesn’t cost anything if you choose to begin with the Free plan. 

Although, if you’re looking for additional features and the ability to sell online courses, then the most popular option is the Basic plan which costs $29 per month. 

In addition to this, they also offer a Profession plan, which costs $99 per month. Plus, the most expensive option is the Business plan, starting at $399 per month. 

What Is The Free Plan Offered By Teachable Like?

Even though Teachable provides you with the option to choose a free plan, this is somewhat limited.

For once, you’re only allowed access to the platform for a 14-day period. 

Once this period has ended, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee to continue to use Teachable services. 

When looking at the different payment choices, you can either pick a monthly payment – although this means an increased cost – or an annual recurring payment – which results in a slightly lower cost overall. 

While Teachable doesn’t technically offer a Free plan, they do provide you with the opportunity to test out their services using a trial period. 

This is ideal for those determining which site is most appropriate for their requirements, this allows you to make the most of the features and products without having to pay an additional fee or upfront costs on top. 

Here, you can gain a feel for whether or not the platform will be suitable for your online learning course without having to make any huge commitments. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to make the most of Teachable over a short period of time, then this may be a good option for you. 

What Are Teachable’s Payment Plans Like?

Teachable offers a number of different payment plans. As previously mentioned, they do offer a ‘free’ plan – otherwise known as a trial period – but this is only applicable for a limited amount of time.

However, having said that, it does provide you with full access to their services. 

Besides the free plan, there are some other payment options available, these include:

  • Basic – This option is the least expensive and is ideal if you’re looking to use Teachable for casual purposes. Here, you’re provided access to all the basic features, including domain support, community integration, and an unlimited amount of students. 
  • Professional – If you’re wondering what the most popular option is, it is the professional payment plan. With this plan, you’re provided access to the same basic features, however, there are some additional perks, too. These include certificates, group coaching calls, compliance, and graded quizzes. 
  • Business – For those who own large businesses and are looking to train their employees, this is an ideal option for you. While it is the most expensive service, you’re provided with everything Teachable offers. 

The great thing about Teachable’s payment plans is that you’re provided with the option to be billed either annually or monthly.

While there isn’t a huge difference in terms of cost, you’ll pay less money in the long run when paying annually.

Are There Other Online Course Platforms?

Even though Teachable is a great online course platform ideal for anyone starting out in the business and looking to create and sell an online course, you may be wondering if there are any other platforms you should consider.

This is always a good mentality as you should strive to receive the best products possible. 

When it comes to competitors, Teachable’s main competition is Thinkific when looking at pricing and features.

Both platforms offer very similar features and very similar price points. 

Another platform you may be interested in is Kajabi, this is an online learning platform that provides more design and marketing features.

Plus, you could even choose to create your own online learning platform using a website such as WordPress.

If you choose to go down this route, then you need to make sure you’re setting up and configuring all the required features for everything to run smoothly. Likewise, you can also pay someone to do this, too. 

Final Thoughts…

Teachable is a great platform if you’re looking to sell online learning courses online and improve your online course business.

However, before you do this, you’ll want to determine which plan is the best fit for you. 

Here, you’re provided with four payment options: Free (trial period), Basic, Professional, and Business plans.

Depending on your requirements, this will help you choose the best one. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you of everything you need to know about Teachable’s payment plans.

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