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11 Teachable Alternatives

11 Teachable Alternatives You Should Know About

Once you decide to take your teaching skills online, you can choose from multiple LMS and CMS platforms.

LMS or learning management systems provide course-building functionality. CMS or course management systems focus on the individual developing their own courses and provide the platform from which to launch these courses.

Since online teaching involves plenty of work despite course creation being a once-off activity per course, you should choose a supportive platform from which to launch your new career.

Which platform is best for your purposes?


Let’s explore your options with these Teachable alternatives.

1. Tovuti


Tovuti is an LMS platform that allows for rapid course-building and delivery.

You can track various data elements as your business grows, and you can use their free trial to test the site’s capabilities. Course development and delivery are interactive. It should be fun when you realize that you can build numerous courses as you grow.

Students use their own dashboard, which is equally user-friendly and helpful to manage their e-learning journey. Course creators can provide students with discounts, badges, and checklists.

Once students complete the course, you can automate the certificate generation process. Tovuti is scalable and caters to significant training needs.

Unfortunately, this Teachable alternative is costly, with prices rising to about $450 for every feature monthly. Where Teachable provides users with a free plan option, this site does not.

2. Lessonly


Lessonly is a strong competitor in the LMS market and is one of the Teachable alternatives that all users should consider.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking at starting your own education business or a student looking for e-learning options, Lessonly is among the best choices.

Lessonly delivers services to almost 900 large corporates and boasts more than three million users. This platform is SCORM compatible, allowing the transfer and integration of various files for use on its system.

Educators and students can access discussion boards, enjoy file compatibility, access statistic, and more.

The primary objective of this site is to enhance company onboarding, promote the achievement of high NPS scores and deliver inimitable customer service.

One element of this unique service delivery is to ensure students gain a valuable learning experience online. Lessonly adds to this experience with the addition of their mobile app to facilitate knowledge acquisition.

The basic plan on Lessonly will set you back about $300, which caters to up to 20 users. Lessonly’s basic plan costs more than Teachable’s business plan, but you will benefit from comparing features and functionality before choosing either of these sites.

3. Invanto


Users can access various functions on the Invanto platform.

These functions comprise a tool to create a membership site, e-learning courses, marketing tools, software to conduct tests, and gamification. Where Teachable offers a one-click system to upsell student reports, Invanto does not have this feature.

Similarly, Invanto doesn’t possess the course compliance that Teachable has. However, Invanto does have the tools to upsell your digital courses. Invanto’s downfall is their app offerings to promote new features without fixing problems in these apps.

This element is frustrating as entrepreneurs and students can’t access certification features for lengthy periods. Invanto’s pricing structure also does not reflect its value.

If you decide to choose Invanto as a Teachable alternative, do more research to determine whether this site will provide you with the customer service to iron out problems.

4. Pathwright


Pathwright is a lesser-known but user-friendly e-learning site.

Users and students should find that the learning methods on this site offer a valuable experience. Pathwright comes with multiple teaching tools that make course delivery a student’s dream. Educators can compile their courses in text, audio, and video to cater to various learning preferences.

Course creators can trust that the Pathwright LMS site is scalable to grow with their needs. Your education materials are cloud-hosted, and you retain ownership of all your material for life. Users can sell membership course bundles and export their data as the need arises.

You can use the site free of charge for as long as you like while experimenting with course development and site features. Only when you want to start selling courses will you need to choose a paid plan.

Their starter plan will cost about $99 per month, including unlimited course offerings for up to 1,000 members. Pathwright is worth the cost and is a solid Teachable alternative for anyone serious about teaching and learning.

5. New Zenler


New Zenler is the new kid on the block in LMS for educators and students.

Touted as one of the most comprehensive platforms to date, New Zenler has obviously learned from earlier platforms.

Learning from the mistakes of others helps improve site performance, marketing, people management, course creation, and multiple other features.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use New Zenler in its beta mode or go directly for one of its pricing plans. Either way, this LMS is set to be a powerful contender in the market, as it vies for market share.

Anyone who is serious about teaching online and wants to grow their careers should try New Zenler. Although this platform’s pricing is costlier than Teachable, it is definitely worth a closer look as a viable Teachable alternative.

6. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine (AOM) shares many similarities with other LMS sites in that it uses a drag and drop system of templates to build your site.

You can choose several different themes to brand your site and enjoy the support of specific LMS tools to develop and promote your courses.

Entrepreneurs can generate student assignments and quizzes and employ various teaching materials to increase student interaction. Academy of Mine uses several payment gateways for convenience and access to many marketing tools to increase visibility.

AOM predominantly targets other businesses for employee training, using its SAAS (Software as a Service) platform as a drawcard. Organizations can establish a scalable business suitable for ongoing growth. Both the site and courses are customizable to meet customer needs.

AOM also highlights professional development in the workplace, ensuring organizations can use their own branding. Additionally, the AOM platform is designed for seamless integration with existing websites.

This Teachable alternative is customizable and includes free development in all their pricing plans. Users can also look forward to excellent customer support around the clock.

If you need a customized integration, AOM delivers. If you want to integrate your AOM site with Shopify, Zoom, HubSpot, and other services, AOM makes this integration possible.

Users rank this platform highly, stating that it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and provides a seamless experience for educators and students.

7. Zippy Courses

Zippy Courses

Zippy Courses optimizes its LMS site for teaching and selling.

Educators get to build their site, design their courses with text, video, images, and opt-in forms.

You can sell different course versions across the platform tiers. A particular launch window allows for the sale of evergreen courses or to halt sales, as you please.

Course creators can sell complete courses at once or enable drip sales for selling parts of the course. No technical skills are required to allow for this feature to activate this marketing technique with a few choice options.

A built-in email scheduling system is available to keep your students current about e-learning options.

This platform fully integrates with other websites and services, or you can design your sub-domain from this site. You can develop as many courses as you’re capable of, choose the plan you want, and cancel at any stage.

This Teachable alternative is a strong competitor in the world of LMS, has unlimited pages, students, courses, and much else. The pricing model that Zippy Courses applies is also reasonable, indicating great value for money.

8. Skilljar


Skilljar was established in 2013 and has since grown to be a leader in the LMS field.

This company touts itself as proficient in employee onboarding and engagement with the purpose of excellent customer retention. It boasts an impressive list of corporate customers who want to make employee training simple and effective.

If you haven’t realized it yet, Skilljar’s focus is strongly customer-oriented rather than being educator-focused. This focus doesn’t mean that course-creators are ignored by any means.

In fact, the opposite is true. Skilljar is SCORM compliant, allowing for the smooth transfer of files across systems and formats. Teachers use multimedia in course development, including live training, PDF, video, and quizzes.

Users can brand their sites as they wish across several portals. They can also issue course certification, rely on analytics to improve their businesses, and use a single sign-in system. Customer support is multilingual, and this support team is based in the U.S.

Anyone wanting to use this platform can request a quote for customized training. Is Skilljar a viable Teachable alternative? This platform appears to cater to a different market than Teachable, so it is probably not ideal for anyone wanting to start out in the e-learning environment.

9. BrainCert


BrainCert has an integrated WebRTC API system which makes the virtual classroom a realistic experience.

Teachers can quickly integrate BrainCert software into an existing website, use the interactive whiteboard for virtual classes, teaching as many as 100 students at a time.

Instructors can rely on a mobile-friendly app to engage students in continuous learning no matter where they are. They also have access to diverse line and shape tools and many others to generate ongoing interest.

The marketing of courses on this platform is also simplified through various software applications. This simplification ensures that instructors can bundle their classes as they see fit for improved market reach.

Digital certificates, coupons, dashboards, and virtual collaboration are just some of the tools present to help deliver the best possible instruction online.

This company is an LMS with its own corporate community meeting place, but more importantly, BrainCert delivers a comprehensive, integrated e-learning platform.

This e-learning site is ideal for corporate training as it provides for scalable growth. Training needs can be tailored for specific customers.

A tracking function to record learning progress ensures employee learning is well-developed. Dashboards are specifically designed to ensure that corporate HR, training managers, and general managers can stay abreast of employee learning.

Skills gaps can quickly be analyzed and met with BrainCert without the hassle of multiple learning platforms, which simplifies company training. Site personalization also helps promote student engagement.

BrainCert is a promising Teachable alternative with its free teacher package. If the free package doesn’t serve your purpose, there are three pricing plans to choose from, ranging from about $99, $100, or $260 for the basic, pro, or business plans.

10. Canvas


Canvas is one of the most popular Teachable alternatives, which boasts many helpful features.

This LMS has cloud-based technology for easy storage of all files. Teachers use a range of software for course creation. Canvas has 99,99% uptime, which makes it a reliable foundation to launch and provide virtual classes.

Users can customize their sites and learning material for widespread use that makes for intense student engagement.

Canvas comprises a valuable learning object repository (LOR) and has a Canvas Network for indexing courses. Registration and payment gateways are intuitive, but reviews indicate that other site elements are cumbersome and not user-friendly.

Despite many less than positive reviews, millions of instructors, students, and businesses appreciate what Canvas offers.

11. Blackboard Learn

Blacboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is another Teachable alternative that adds value to instructors’ and students’ lives.

If you’re excited about sharing your skills, you can use this platform to scale your business. Continue adding courses as your business expands to enjoy a flexible business model that highlights increasing employee engagement for corporates.

Sign up for a world-class e-learning journey on a reliable platform and gives you multiple tools to continue engaging students in the learning process.

Content management is a simple, convenient activity. Instructors get to personalize course offerings to maintain audience interest. This site ensures that instructors and students can continue collaborating in meaningful ways to share the journey to new knowledge acquisition.



There are numerous Teachable alternatives that instructors, students, and businesses can select to support their interests.

While all these LMS and CMS platforms have many pros and cons, it is almost impossible to tell them apart.

Only once you gain practical experience using a site can you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Teachable alternatives that offer free trial periods are an appropriate deciding factor in selecting the most advantageous LMS or CMS site from which to launch your new career.


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