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Is Teachable Worth It? – Teachable Coupon Review 2022

Teachable Coupon Code (2023): Flat 50% Off


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We will outline the benefits of Teachable, the different pricing plans to find out which is currently suitable for your course. Here are the official coupon codes for you to save from day today.

Teachable Coupon Code May 2023


Some of the best teachable coupon codes are mentioned below.

  • Teachable coupon code (MAGIC10) – offers 10% discount on all the annual plans
  • Teachable coupon code 2023 (Yearly Savings – Upto 25%) – Enjoy 25% on all the plans
  • Teachable coupon code 2023 – If you sign up for emails, you get a 15% off teachable coupon code
  • Teachable coupon code 2023 – 20% of pro plan for the new users

Steps to claim a teachable coupon code

There a certain steps to be followed in order to redeem a particular teachable coupon code. Although very easy, yet the steps can guide you.

To activate a particular teachable coupon code, a link with the name of “Activate Exclusive Promo link” button above this will take you to the Teachable site.

One of the premium plans needs to be selected for the teachable coupon code.

Note: A teachable coupon code is not available with the free trial.

For entering a coupon code, account setup is the fundamental step. Once you enter the pricing options, username and email, the website will immediately ask for the school name and the course name.

The teachable coupon code entering option comes with the checkout. Once you proceed towards the checkout page, the pricing option with the coupon code appears. There, you can find the bar where you can enter the teachable coupon code.

Once entered, the coupon code will successfully apply the discount.

A coupon code can be used for a particular course or a school as well.

Steps to create a teachable coupon code

A very easy process can be adopted in order to create a teachable coupon code.

First you have to create a coupon for which coupon code can be created. For the creation of coupon codes, signup is a a mandatory step. This can be done from the admin dashboard.

Next step in creation of coupons for offering coupon codes is to go to the coupons and select category from the drop down menu.

Next, fill up the form for the generation of coupons

Setup a price for the coupon that can be used as a course promo code or as a simple coupon code

Next step is an important one; create a coupon code.

Among the famous coupon codes, MAGIC10 is considered best teachable coupon code which gets 10% off all annual plans.

Another terminology that can be used to create best teachable coupon code is e.g., use EDWIZE50 which means 50% off, not this is an example. The name of the coupon code should be attractive enough to garner the attention of the students and professionals immediately.

The coupon codes are a very famous way to attract the audience of your course is struggling to get the desired enrollments. Using coupon codes, an instructor can allow many students and professionals in his class by compromising a certain cut in the offered price tag

Teachable discount code and promo codes

Besides the teachable coupons, there are certain teachable promo codes and discount code available.

A teachable promo code is associated when a promotional campaign starts for a particular course or a school. Teachable itself allows certain promo codes, when it successfully allows a third party integration.

A teachable discount code allows a discount on particular annual plans. Both the promo codes and the discount code can be offered and used through a teachable account.

Teachable coupons for discounts and promos are very famous. Using these teachable coupons, healthy discounts can be availed. Some of the famous teachable promo code and teachable discount coupons are mentioned below.

  • Teachable discount coupon – Save 20% @ Teachable (Annual Plan Discounts)
  • Teachable promo code – 0% on Professional Use Code :
  • Teachable promo code – No transaction fee on pro and business plan
  • Teachable discount coupon – Save 10%on pro plan

Different teachable discount code and promo code are also available each month to keep the interest of the audience intact. Similar to the teaching coupon codes,, teachable discount coupon is very easily redeemable as well.

A bulk coupon generator can also be used to create single use coupons which can only be used within your schools domain.

These codes along with all the features are available with all the teachable pricing plans except the free plan. A special teachable coupon code, therefore, is a very effective, necessary and attention seeking commodity, which not only attracts the learners but also advertise the platform on a large scale.

Multiple use coupons

Three different types of multiple use coupons can be created within the schools domain.

These coupons can be very effective in selling courses and are normally announced during a schools anniversary week or during holidays.

The three types of multiple use coupons are mentioned below.

The first category is the all product coupons in which the coupons can be used with all the subscription plans that the school is currently offering

The second category is the product type coupons, which are applied on all the subscription plans but they are specific to a particular product type. There are three types of products available i.e., bundle products, coaching and courses. The coupons created for coaching courses will not apply to the courses and bundle products.

The third category is the price plan specific coupons. As the name implies, these coupons are specific to a particular subscription. These are applicable to a particular pricing option and do not apply elsewhere.

To learn more check out our in-depth Teachable review or visit our collection of Teachable guides and tips to get you going.

Introduction to online education

Online education is a mode of learning without any physical boundaries. Students and professionals not only gather knowledge from a lecture database and online tutoring videos, but also they get a chance of one to one interaction with their peers. The one-to-one interaction boosts their confidence and instills the ability to work as a team.

The major advantage of online education is that it is highly flexible; it covers the different time zones of students belonging to remote areas of the world. The fee structure and contents are flexible as well. Online education has opened many avenues for students who are interested in gathering knowledge and information.

Teachable – a remote learning platform

Teachable is a great online course creation platform that allows its users to sell and create online teachable courses through the Teachable website.

It is basically a hosted online course platform that is very convenient and user-friendly for teachers who intend to disseminate knowledge and make a livelihood in the process as well.

Teachable offers a free trial through which you can easily create an online course, offer it, and learn free courses as well. After completion of the trial, a subscriber has to choose among the three paid plans i.e., teachable basic plan, professional plan, and business plan.

What does the Teachable platform deliver that other online learning platforms don’t? Numerous reasons make Teachable distinct from its rivals, but if you want a learning management system that is designed for instructors, then this should be your go-to learning platform.

The online courses at Teachable are quite simple to prepare and the platform is well suited for the average course creator who intends to expand their potential in providing online courses.

With unlimited chances to sell online courses and to pick from a wide array of pricing options, including credit cards and available Teachable coupon codes, Teachable is a user-friendly learning platform that you need to have on your checklist if you intend to get started with online courses.

In this Teachable review, we will discuss the online learning platform in detail. So, keep scrolling to discover more. In addition, we will also discuss some of the striking features that the platform has to offer, before discussing the teachable subscription options, teachable plans, and their pros and cons.


What is Teachable?

What is Teachable?

Brief History

Teachable was founded in late 2013 by Ankur Nagpal, a graduate of UC Berkeley. There’s an interesting story about how Teachable was founded by Ankur Nagpal.

Initially, Nagpal was looking to teach a marketing course on a different course platform.

He grew increasingly frustrated with the limited accessibility of the course platform and decided to develop a better course platform with more personalization features and a more profitable payment system.

At first, he launched Fedora; and after two years, the company evolved to become a widespread online course platform to provide all types of courses, from business analytics to baking.

Presently, Teachable has transformed into an online course platform that not only provides its classes but also acts as an avenue for instructors to create and sell their courses online and save money. It has over 100,000 instructors who have built myriads of online classes making over $500 million to date by disseminating technical knowledge.

Current Ranking

As per the latest rankings of online tools published by Capterra, a free online marketplace vendor, teachable achieved a popularity score of 31/50 and a rating score of 45/50 through many teachable reviews which is quite impressive, considering it is quite new as compared to most of its counterparts.

How to start?

It is basically an online courses creation, online learning and courses selling platform that allows instructors, creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs of all sizes to create and sell their own personalized, engaging and informative online coaching courses, contents and coaching products.

The course production is completed with the help of preparation of online assessments in the form of assignments, quizzes, course projects, surveys etc.

In order to create courses, the teachable account has to be created first. In order to initiate the account creation process, signup is required the user name and email address of the candidate. Once the signup process is completed, you can create courses using a set of attractive and user-friendly features which are very convenient to use. A list of such features are mentioned in the next section.

Unique Features and Functionalities of Teachable

Unique Features and Functionalities of Teachable

This easy to use course creation platform has some very exciting features which are very helpful for the people who are new to this platform

Teachable allows customization in all of its plans i.e., the free plan, teachable basic yearly plan, professional plan and teachable business annual plan.

In order to use teachable, the fundamental step is to create and sell your own product i.e., teachable courses. By clicking a “+” sign, teachable courses or coaching product type can be selected. 

Teachable offers two category of courses i.e., coaching products and course products.

A teachable online coaching course is based on a specific curriculum in which instructor tests the knowledge of the students based on specific assessments. Advanced reports can be generated in order to assess the results.

A teachable coaching course is designed as per the requirements of a specific client, in which the instructor regularly interacts with the client or set of clients in order to teach them.

Once the desired category is selected, basic information form has to be filled in order to complete the process.

A course is published once the pricing options are finalized. An instructor can also offer teachable coupons in their own online course.

To create coupon codes for a specific pricing inside a product: Within Site > Coupons, toggle to the Product Coupons view. Use the drop down menu to select the specific product in your school you wish to discount. Click the Add New Coupon button.

A teachable coupon code can be created for teachable schools or for a specific course as well.

The main teachable features are divided into three categories.

Content Management

The content management can be categorized into four sub categories i.e., Quizzes, Blended learning, Built-in course authoring and tests/assessments.

Tests and assessments are made by instructor for his own course, so that the retention level of students can be assessed.

Built-in course tutoring allows instructor to effectively and conveniently create and publish his own course. Blended learning is a mixture of physical classes and virtual mode of lecturing, while quizzes are made for surprise assessments.

User Management

User management can also be sub-divided into four categories which makes it convenient to use teachable i.e., asynchronous learning, activity dashboard, course tracking, and training administration.

Asynchronous learning refers to the activity whereby students can use teachable and access the contents of the curriculum on different times.

Activity dashboard lets you use all the teachable features in a convenient and friendly manner. It will be discussed in the later section.

Course tracking feature lets an instructor to track the progress of a particular student or an entire school. Using this feature, the number of bulk student enrollments can also be tracked through advanced reports. It also allows manual student imports.

Through training administration, one can keep back-office tasks. The back-office tasks include course registrations, course certifications, schedule of courses, email reminders and organization of courses.

Learning Management

Similar to the content and user management, the learning management can also be categorized into four sub-types i.e., synchronous learning, course publishing, progress tracking and e-commerce management.

Synchronous learning is a mode whereby a class of bulk student enrollments interact with each other and the instructor at the same time.

Course publishing is to publish a course on the platform, once all requirements are successfully met.

E-commerce management allows selling online courses in an effective manner. Through e-commerce management, it is very convenient for the instructor to transfer the saved money to the billing address.

The progress tracking in teachable allows you to track the progress of each task i.e., how much the course has progressed in terms of different factors such as registrations, progress of students etc.

Key Functionalities

Teachable allows many functionalities through which user can not only create an effective online course, but also track all the features as well. Some of the key functionalities are shown below.


Most convenient and most frequently used features are included in the dashboard of the website. It consists of a blend of features and tabs which lets you use the portal in an efficient manner. It also helps the user in order to create amazing media lectures.

It also allows you to register for a free webinar which helps in creating online courses, accepting payments and track the progress. Overall it helps you to create courses that gives students world class learning experience.

Accessing users

The “users” tab allows you to gather all the information pertaining to the people registered in a course. The users on a teachable platform may include authors, online business owners, owners, and students.

Teachable has also customized the user section by providing a search bar and filters, which let you access a bunch of users fulfilling a specific criterion. Typically, there are 33 filters to fine tune your search for a particular filter.

However, the common filters being used are sign up by people before and after the event, user information based on email address or name, user information based on country code etc. The real use of the filters is to identify a specific set of people that are interested in your marketing campaigns or courses.


Most users are interested in a course which not only fulfills their curriculum based criterion but also its title page looks pleasing to the eye as well. In order to help the creator with the aesthetics, site tab offers three sub option.

Theme customization

It allows the instructor to select a color of his own choice for the display of navigation links, navigation bars, tools and videos.

It also allows picking of a special font as well.


This option is divided into two sides. The left hand margin is used to edit images and text. The right hand margin is used for the alignment of images and text as well as to control the background color and image opacity.


The navigation tab is used for the creation of login page for the students, as well as the professionals. It also has a space for entering the URL which can be linked with the webpage of the company. Navigation has following three categories.

Bios tab consists of all the information related to the instructor. It consists of the details that are related to the area of expertise of the instructor. A strong biography lets the instructor build a strong admission campaign and advertise his courses.

In comments section, instructor can ask the learners to give comments related to a course. The comments from the learners are very crucial towards improving the course quality. The section also allows replying to particular comments as well.

The coding snippets option allows a user to add a source code which may alter the pages configuration. This option is not recommended for the novice professionals.


Sales feature lets an instructor control all the features related to transactions and sales related to his course. It also allows an instructor to add professional teachable coupon for particular discounts related to his course.

As soon asthe course is up for sale, a collection of data starts filling up. The data can be assessed through transactions tab in teachable and it shows entries such as date of purchase, purchased courses price, student details etc. Different filters can also be applied on the transactions in order to access a particular data. You can filter the data based on date, price, subject, student name etc.

The statements show the record of all the transactions made in your account. The statements can be monitored on an individual level as well as the school level.

The breakdown tab consists of pictorial representation of all the transactions made in a month. This option is very convenient for the users, as it gives them a glimpse of monthly transactions for free.


The emails tab on teachable platform allows an instructor to communicate one on one with a student, with all the students of the course or he can communicate with the whole school. The emails tab is subdivided into following three categories.

The compose tab lets you compose an email just like any other emailing platform. You just have to enter a subject followed by the appropriate content in the body.

History tab lets you see all the emails that were sent and received since the creation of the account. Specific filters such as date, time, user and subject can be used to filter the emails.

The settings section allows sending the custom notifications to all the students. The notifications may be sent on specific occasions such as delayed assignments, completion of a course, lack of attendance etc.

Cloud LMS

Teachable is unique in that it offers a cloud learning management system (LMS) platform. This is a reliable and responsive solution for hosting your course; so, you don’t have to wonder how you’ll obtain a host for that course.

In addition, everything is carried out on the online platform; hence, there’s no need to have or manage a website.

What’s more, there’s no need for installing any software on your PC to get started because everything is fully online. Once you subscribe to a plan and sign in, you can create your course and work on it whenever you want.

Demo Options

With the Teachable course platform, you can instantly check out the platform once you create an account. The site offers you a full demo that enables you to build a fully functional online course.

Interestingly, with this demo, you can create your course and offer it for sale. The only problem associated with selling your course on a free plan is that you’ll be charged astronomical prices.

Custom Domain

With the Teachable course platform, you can utilize their domain to link to yours. It’s quite simple to connect your current website under a different custom domain.

You can also customize the experience of your learners fully by utilizing Teachable’s power editor to create engaging videos, lectures, and coaching sessions.


Teachable had simplified everything for you so you can track all your facts and figures. It’s possible to generate impressive sales pages that can increase traffic with a highly flexible page editor. You can also track learner insights and sales alike with the comprehensive dashboards of the course platform.

It provides numerous methods that course creators can use to make a living. What’s more, you don’t have to pay much to register for Teachable.

You can provide Teachable coupon codes as well as advanced pricing options such as subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles, and the like. In addition, Teachable provides affiliate marketing tools that can help you market your business and get paid too.

From affiliate payouts to pixel support, Teachable has taken care of everything so there’s no need to worry about them.

Moreover, this course platform supports international payments in over 130 currencies, including PayPal and mobile payment options – so, you can pursue your course even on the go.


When it comes to interacting with learners or accessing manual student imports, Teachable is among the leading course platforms in the market presently. Building classes and targets have never been easier with in-built task creation, call hosting and more.

When scheduling and hosting via Calendly, you can manage intakes, learning, booking processes, as well as other scheduling activities.

Teachable integrations

If you want third party integration with your course or school, teachable has defined specific functions for it. Whether you want to integrate Facebook scheduler to remain in touch with your social community or integrate with Asana which is a very handy platform for scheduling projects, teachable is the answer. It also allows integration with coupon sites as well for offering a third party discounts to the users. Some of the famous integrations are mentioned below.


Teachable can be configured to effectively integrate with zapier, a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows.

Teachable can be configured with zapier using the three easy steps i.e., first we need to authenticate both the apps. After authentication, we have to select one of the apps as the trigger and the other will follow.

Once integrated, the desired data can be shared among the two apps.

Google Analytics

Teachable can also be effectively configured with google analytics. It is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.


Teachable can be integrated with several multimedia tools which can be used for the improvement of aesthetics of lectures.


Another very convenient platform with which teachable has announced its integration is MailChimp. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service.

Teachable already has built-in email client through which one time emails can be sent to the students. However, integration with MailChimp allows certain attractive features such as, sending automatic emails, tracking and monitoring of email performances, and automatic addition of a new student in the email list.


Another very important application with which teachable has successfully integrated its services is convert kit. ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease. Teachable can be easily integrated with the convertkit using couple of easy steps.

Connect a website

With teachable, you can easily integrate your website as well. The instructors usually have their own website which they desire to integrate with teachable. This can be done in a couple of steps.

Teachable’s Pricing Structure & subscription options

Teachable’s Pricing Structure

Free plan

Free plan is for those who are not ready to commit to the whole activity yet. Free plan costs $0 to use and lets the user access the features.

An instructor can offer free plan of their course to allow students to have a sneak peak of their course.

Students have to provide credit card detail before enrolling the free trial. Once the free trial ends, he/she is charged for the subscription he chooses.

Only one course can be registered in a free plan. Custom domain options and direct integrations are not allowed in a free plan.

Free plan are a part of all the recent platforms and no doubt allows a company to effectively advertise their product. Similarly, a free plan of a course allows an instructor to advertise his course.

If you’re using the free plan and make any course sales, you’ll be charged a 10% transaction fee, a 2.9% credit card fee, as well as an extra 30 cents.

Basic plan

Teachable offers multiple payment plans, each with a different price tag so that you can easily find a plan that fits your budget and needs. First, there’s the free version, followed by a basic plan.

The basic plan is ideal if you intend to try out the platform and assess if it can suit your needs. However, basic plan is not recommended if your idea is to stay on the platform for a considerable time.

Up next to the ladder of teachable pricing plans is the teachable basic plan payment subscription. The basic plan costs $29 monthly which is an ideal option for beginners. Some of the basic plan features are; you receive almost everything you may need – from unlimited students, unlimited videos, and automated signups.

When you make course sales in a basic plan, you’ll be charged a 5% transaction fee, a 2.9% credit card fee, and an extra 30 cents.

A teachable coupon code offer the ability to sell your products at a reduced price. These can be used throughout your school or for one specific product.

There are certain teachable coupon codes or teachable discount codes available through which concession in a particular plan can be availed in a basic plan and premium plan. We will discuss the details about teachable coupon codes in the section to follow.

All in all a teachable basic plan has all the basic plan features you need to kick-start a seriously money earning campaign. The basic plan isn’t very costly either. Normally, students are the ones who opt for teachable basic annual plan.

Professional plan

The annual plans offered by the teachable are designed in a way to appeal specific set of audience. Different annual plans are made based on the expertise and skill level of the professionals.

The other option is the professional subscription, which is billed annually at $99 per month. The professional subscription offers access to everything in the basic plan and also integration with Stripe and PayPal.

You can receive instant payouts so you don’t need to worry about the fees. You can also utilize the payment processor of Teachable. You only pay a 2% transaction fee, a 2.9% credit card fee, and an extra 30 cents.

The impressive aspects of Teachable’s professional plan are:

  • The ability to add extra authors and owners to a course
  • You can offer graded tests to students and generate personalized reports regarding their progress
  • Access to branding features
  • You can issue certifications to show course completion

In short, teachable professional plans offer students and professional certain attractive services such as custom domain, direct integrations and custom API.

Business plan

The most among the annual plans is the business plan. It is also the one which provides most features as well among all the annual plans.

The business plan is the best of all the plans, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

This annual plan is designed specifically for professionals who use teachable for working on enormous course platforms that have plenty of course authors and sales. The business plan works for those who intends to focus on creating customized courses and wants customer support service at all times.

You don’t have to pay any transaction fees or credit card processing fees with this annual plan, but you’ll part with a jaw-dropping $249 monthly. Besides the features that come with the aforementioned plans, you also get theme customization and live customer support. With the business plan, it is very convenient to use teachable for creating customized courses.

  • No fees on free courses
  • Student management
  • Value-added tax for the EU
  • Integrated processing of payments

Reasons to Try Out Teachable – Benefits Associated with this Course Platform

Reasons to Try Out Teachable – Benefits Associated with this Course Platform


One of the main advantages of using the Teachable course platform is that it’s extremely simple to understand and use. To create an online course using teachable is very convenient and easy

Although you may have to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the software, the majority of the features and functionalities are very intuitive.

You can upload all your content and organize it just how you want it. You will also achieve a highly attractive end result too.


With this course platform, it’s possible to add mixed media capabilities, such as PDF files, video, and audio. As a result, you can provide your learners with more perspective regarding a topic and offer an extra learning technique.

What’s more with this course platform, you can also start a blog on the admin page. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying extra fees for web hosting in a different location.

With Teachable, you can also register your domain name instead of using the subdomain of Teachable at a reasonable cost.


If you intend to get started with various affiliate marketing features but aren’t aware of where to start, then you’ll find Teachable to be quite handy. It has an in-built payment option which ensures instant payouts, although you’ll part with a part of our proceedings in exchange.

Using the sales features, instant payouts can be ensured for the entrepreneurs and the professionals, without having to go through the hassle of value added taxes.

Fortunately, Teachable takes most of the hassle from the equation; so, it’s certainly worth it. You’ll also gain access to unique tax settings that you can use to make your site more intuitive.

The instant payouts makes teachable a very convenient platform for those who are looking to withdraw payments on weekly or fortnight basis.

All you need to do is to integrate your billing address with the payment information and you are good to go.


From the checkout page to resources that can enable you to upsell your online course when you send a personalized thank you page, Teachable provides numerous resources to make your course more marketable.

You can even add videos to thank the learners for undertaking your class or course.

Teachable offers multiple extra marketing tools that assists the entrepreneurs and professionals in marketing their products, schools, courses and coaching courses.


The inability of learners to interact with the course material is one of the most prevalent complaints that are echoed regarding online courses. Luckily, Teachable allows you to conveniently insert comment and discussion sections into your online course.

This not only makes your course look more professional but also makes it simpler for you to interact with your learners during lessons.

Teachable legit allows you to have synchronous and asynchronous interaction with the students, which is a very important aspect of online teaching.

The Bottom Line

Like with any other online course platform, Teachable offers plenty of features and advantages to instructors and learners alike, including issuing Teachable coupon codes for learners to access your content.

Hopefully, this Teachable article has offered sufficient information to decide if the platform is ideal for you. With lots of pricing options, marketing tools, and intuitive, friendly user interfaces, there are plethoras of reasons to try out Teachable today!



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