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Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley Review 2023: Everything you Need to Know

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that turns the focus away from gaining skills, and toward gaining personal insight.

Offering courses on the mind, body, and relationships, plus entrepreneurship and achieving career goals, a Mindvalley subscription might be your chance at self-improvement.

If you have a passion for exploring new concepts and are motivated by personal growth, then Mindvalley might be the education platform for you.

With slick videos and highly qualified instructors, this is luxury online learning.

However, Mindvalley is limited in comparison to similar spaces in the industry.

In this Mindvalley Review , we’ll take a look at what Mindvalley is, what it has to offer, and the potential benefits and downfalls. 

Brief Overview Of Mindvalley

Established in 2002, Mindvalley is an online learning platform offering courses that are designed to make your life better.

The lofty intention of Mindvalley isn’t just about learning a skill.

Instead, they offer courses to unleash the potential of your mind, body, and spirit.

A subscription to Mindvalley is meant to be a subscription to a better life…

Some pretty high promises, from an online learning platform!

What Mindvalley Students are Saying

But with 10 million students from around the world learning from over 200 authors, speakers, and activists, plus a course completion level supposedly 333% better than the industry average, Mindvalley is certainly an intriguing prospect. 

Mindvalley sets itself apart from its competitors (Mindvalley Vs Masterclass) by offering group courses broken into bite-sized classes.

This is a community learning platform for transformational learning.

A place to improve yourself by receiving daily instruction from actual experts. 

But how well does Mindvalley live up to its ambitions and what does Mindvalley teach?

  • Unlimited Access: Dive into quests, meditations, and more, anytime.
  • Live Interactions: Engage with live workshops and trainings.
  • Community Connect: Join a private social network for support and networking.
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Who Are The Mindvalley Instructors?

While some online learning platforms impress subscribers with big name celebrity instructors, Mindvalley is a little different.

You’re unlikely to recognize any of the names offering classes through the platform.

Don’t let you put that off. The instructors running Mindvalley courses are at the head of their field, they just aren’t household names….. yet!

Lisa NicholsMotivational Speaker & Influence Expert
Vishen VishenFounder of Mindvalley
Jim KwikAccelerated Learning Coach
Marisa PeerBritain’s #1 Hypnotherapist
Emily FletcherMeditation Instructor
Ben GreenfieldBiohacker & Fitness Visionary
Katherine Woodward ThomasAuthor of Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”
Barbara Marx HubbardAmerican futurist, author and public speaker
Neale Donald WalschAuthor of the Conversations with God
Srikumar RaoLeading MBA Lecturer
Dr. Shefali TsabaryFounder of Conscious Parenting
Steven KotlerAward-winning Neuroscience Author
Dr. Michael BreusThe Sleep Doctor
Michael BeckwithSpirituality Speaker & Author
Marie DiamondGlobal Transformational Teacher
Ken HondaJapan’s ‘Zen Millionaire’
Naveen JainEntrepreneur and Philanthropist
Keith FerrazziBestselling author, CEO & Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight
Alan WattsThe Legendary Philosopher
Ken WilberAuthor, Philosopher, Integral Theorist

But with just a little bit of research, you’re likely to be impressed by the credentials of your course leader. 

The Mindvalley instructors are carefully selected to deliver the best educational experience possible.

Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley has a growing number of courses, divided into several categories that we’ll cover in more detail below.

Each course runs as a series of daily lessons, hosted over a set time period.

Mindvalley Categories Exaplined

As you work through the course, you can discuss and communicate with your “Tribe” (aka other Mindvalley students), to share your progress and receive feedback. 

Mindvalley isn’t a place to go if you want a course in anything and everything.

This is a platform closely focused on self growth and improvement, and reaching the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. Within this, the best Mindvalley courses are offered in multiple categories:

🧠 Mind

The mind category is aimed at expanding and enhancing your current ways of thinking, for a better mindset that will allow you to take control of your life.

Upgrade your belief systems and inner programming. Retune your mindset. Harness your mind to transform your reality.

The Silva Ultramind SystemVishen212,604
SuperbrainJim Kwik2,725,992
Uncompromised LifeMarisa Peer1,535,560
Be ExtraordinaryVishen1,086,404
Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for AbundanceMarisa Peer407,581
The M WordEmily Fletcher306,719
The 6 Phase MeditationVishen54,515
Everyday BlissPaul McKenna43,461
Total Self-ConfidencePaul McKenna29,622
The 3 Most Important QuestionsVishen26,851
Live By Your Own RulesKristina Mand-Lakhiani13,473
Calm Mind: A Scientific Guide to Managing Anxiety and DepressionDr. Caroline Leaf7,310
The Queen EffectRolene Strauss6,718
The 5 Elements of HappinessDr. Tal Ben-Shahar4,974
Mastering the Growth MindsetVishen2,681
Super ProductivityVishen1,192

Many of the courses within this category focus on changing your current approach to learning and thought.

The Mind category is home to one of the most popular courses on Mindvalley: Superbrain with Jim Kwik.

Designed to rewire your thinking style for quicker, more efficient learning, Superbrain is a major draw to Mindvalley.

💪 Body

Making a positive life change for better health is the focus of the Body category on Mindvalley.

The Longevity BlueprintBen Greenfield260,872
The Mastery of SleepDr. Michael Breus133,414
10XRonan Diego de Oliveira66,382
Total Transformation TrainingChristine Bullock25,254
The Mindvalley Yoga QuestCecilia Sardeo22,151
Beyond FastingRonan Diego de Oliveira20,143
Modern Qi GongLee Holden19,858
Advanced Home WorkoutsRonan Diego de Oliveira