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Mindvalley Review

Mindvalley Review: Everything you Need to Know

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that turns the focus away from gaining skills, and toward gaining personal insight.

Offering courses on the mind, body, and relationships, plus entrepreneurship and achieving career goals, a Mindvalley subscription might be your chance at self-improvement.

If you have a passion for exploring new concepts and are motivated by personal growth, then Mindvalley might be the education platform for you.

With slick videos and highly qualified instructors, this is luxury online learning.

However, Mindvalley is limited in comparison to similar spaces in the industry.

In this Mindvalley Review , we’ll take a look at what Mindvalley is, what it has to offer, and the potential benefits and downfalls. 

Brief Overview Of Mindvalley

Established in 2002, Mindvalley is an online learning platform offering courses that are designed to make your life better.

The lofty intention of Mindvalley isn’t just about learning a skill.

Instead, they offer courses to unleash the potential of your mind, body, and spirit.

A subscription to Mindvalley is meant to be a subscription to a better life…

Some pretty high promises, from an online learning platform!

But with 10 million students from around the world learning from over 200 authors, speakers, and activists, plus a course completion level supposedly 333% better than the industry average, Mindvalley is certainly an intriguing prospect. 

Mindvalley sets itself apart by offering group courses broken into bite-sized classes.

This is a community learning platform for transformational learning.

A place to improve yourself by receiving daily instruction from actual experts. 

But how well does Mindvalley live up to its ambitions?

Who Are The Mindvalley Instructors?

While some online learning platforms impress subscribers with big name celebrity instructors, Mindvalley is a little different.

You’re unlikely to recognize any of the names offering classes through the platform.

Don’t let you put that off. The instructors running Mindvalley courses are at the head of their field, they just aren’t household names.

But with just a little bit of research, you’re likely to be impressed by the credentials of your course leader. 

The Mindvalley instructors are carefully selected to deliver the best educational experience possible.

Mindvalley isn’t a platform where anyone can teach, and it values experience over name recognition. 

Mindvalley Courses

Mindvalley has a growing number of courses, divided into several categories that we’ll cover in more detail below.

Each course runs as a series of daily lessons, hosted over a set time period.

As you work through the course, you can discuss and communicate with your “Tribe” (aka other Mindvalley students), to share your progress and receive feedback. 

Mindvalley isn’t a place to go if you want a course in anything and everything.

This is a platform closely focused on self growth and improvement, and reaching the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit. Within this, courses are offered in multiple categories:


The mind category is aimed at expanding and enhancing your current ways of thinking, for a better mindset that will allow you to take control of your life.

Many of the courses within this category focus on changing your current approach to learning and thought.

The Mind category is home to one of the most popular courses on Mindvalley: Superbrain with Jim Kwik.

Designed to rewire your thinking style for quicker, more efficient learning, Superbrain is a major draw to Mindvalley.


Making a positive life change for better health is the focus of the Body category on Mindvalley.

Mindvalley Review

As well as offering some fresh takes on sustainable diet and exercise plans, the Body category also offers courses focused on healing and caring for the body.

The Mastery of Sleep by Dr. Michael Breus is particularly popular.


Finding inspiration, clarity, and harnessing your intuition: this is the focus of the Soul category on Mindvalley.

Discover how to harness your personal energy with Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, or try a course focused on meditation, Feng Shui, or Chakra healing.


The Entrepreneurship category of Mindvalley isn’t just about the steps to take to grow your business.

Instead, the focus is on taking control of your career, becoming a leader, and using personal growth to aid achievement.


While many of the Mindvalley courses are about personal and spiritual growth, the Career category has a higher focus on learning skills.

For example, Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols teaches public speaking.


Looking to improve your relationships? Mindvalley has courses on better parenting, building communities, finding a partner, and even moving on after a break-up. 

As a quick note, Mindvalley does, from time to time, reorganize categories, presumably to deliver a better user experience.

And some of the courses offered come under multiple category headings.

Mindvalley doesn’t offer the same expansive range of courses that you might find with other online learning platforms.

It also doesn’t offer the same skill-based learning that you might be looking for.

However, if you want courses for self-improvement and personal growth, Mindvalley has a wealth of options available.

User Experience

If the courses on offer have caught your eye, then you might be wondering about the actual experience of learning with Mindvalley. 

Again, Mindvalley takes a slightly different approach to its biggest competitors.

Each course is broken down into “Quests”, or lessons.

These lessons last for roughly 20 minutes, and blend practical experience with instruction.

At the end of most lessons, you’ll be given a task to complete, to put your learning into practice.

A course typically lasts for several weeks. 

Mindvalley has chosen this lesson style for a specific reason: it’s science-backed.

The “micro-learning” method has been shown to improve learning by breaking down complicated topics, and integrating learning with real experience. 

This bite-size learning technique should make it easier to absorb and understand information, gradually building your knowledge base until you’ve mastered a topic.

And these mini lessons also make you more likely to finish a course.

With just 20 minutes of learning required throughout the day, it’s easy to fit the lessons around work and family.

You can also build up a habit, so you return to the course again and again.

This micro-learning method is one of the reasons Mindvalley has a completion rate 333% better than the industry average.

Mindvalley also encourages community involvement.

As you complete a course, you’re encouraged to interact with your Tribe (Mindvalley users following the same course).

By sharing your personal experiences, and seeing what others are going through, you have a support system for your learning.

Mindvalley Review

The bite-sized lessons and community engagement that characterize Mindvalley are excellent for those who have struggled with self-motivated learning.

By following the Mindvalley Quests, you’re encouraged to learn daily or fall behind.

And with the community supporting you, it’s easier to stay engaged. 

User Interface

The Mindvalley website is clear, and incredibly easy to navigate.

With a smaller load of courses on offer, it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The details of the courses are clearly laid out, including exactly how long each course lasts for, and what the daily lessons are. 

Mindvalley also offers excellent customer support.

As well as the standard email support, you can contact the Mindvalley team via WhatsApp or iMessage.

And, of course, there’s the extensive Mindvalley community, who can offer assistance when needed.

Mindvalley is also available as an app, which can be downloaded to your Smartphone, tablet, and even an Apple TV.

As Mindvalley requires you to complete daily Quests, the app is an incredibly useful resource to stay on top of your learning.

You can complete your Quests on the go, when it’s convenient for you.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the production quality of the Mindvalley courses.

The videos and Quests offered by Mindvalley are high quality, with a sleek and professional finish.

It’s clear that the people behind Mindvalley want to create an immersive learning experience, where you really feel connected to the best of the best.


Mindvalley is primarily a membership service.

Membership gets you access to most of the Mindvalley courses, including all courses not offered in partner programs, allowing you to undertake Quests as you choose.

As Mindvalley adds new courses, these are included in the membership.

Mindvalley is one of the most expensive online learning platforms available.

If you plan on subscribing to Mindvalley, make sure there are multiple courses that interest you.

As well as the courses, membership gets you access to the Mindvalley online community. 

While all courses created and produced by Mindvalley are included in the membership, partner programs have to be purchased separately.

And these can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.

These are high quality courses, but beware of the price tag if you only have a casual interest in online learning.

Mindvalley have previously offered their core courses as a one-off purchase, but they do seem to be switching solely to a subscription based service.

Mindvalley also used to offer some of their core courses for free, but, again, they appear to be moving away from this.

However, they do release free lessons weekly, if you want to get a taste of what’s on offer.

Curious about Mindvalley but not ready to commit to the price tag?

Mindvalley does offer a 15-day free trial, so you can try a course out, and see if it works for you.

Who Is Mindvalley For?

Mindvalley is for those with an interest in self-improvement of all types.

This is a learning platform focused heavily on the process of learning, rather than achieving a single outcome.

If you’re looking to grow as a person, in your relationships, and in your career, then Mindvalley has many interesting courses led by quality instructors. 

With a structured learning schedule and a heavy focus on online communities, Mindvalley is also for those who have struggled with self-motivated learning.

The bite-sized courses fit easily into the everyday, which is necessary, as Mindvalley offers a closely structured lesson plan.

However, Mindvalley isn’t for everyone. For those interested in skill based learning, Mindvalley has very little to offer.

While some of the courses have a practical focus, the majority of Mindvalley courses are centered on personal improvement. 

Mindvalley Pros And Cons


Mindvalley offers courses from an impressive range of sources.

The instructors might not have immediate name recognition, but they are always at the top of their field.

When you subscribe to a Mindvalley course, you know you’re learning from the best.

The bite-sized lesson plan means you’re more likely to complete a Mindvalley course than a course from other online learning platforms.

It’s easy to fit the course into your day to day, and the combination of lecture-based lessons and practical tasks ensures that learning is effective.

The production level of each Mindvalley course is impressive.

Everything is sleek and well structured, and you really do feel like you’ve invested in quality.

And this quality is consistent. No course feels like an afterthought.

Finally, Mindvalley has an extensive online community, providing help and feedback.

This motivates learning, making you more likely to complete a course, and come back for another.


The biggest disadvantage to Mindvalley is the cost.

This is an expensive platform, and the subscription service requires frequent use to justify the expense.

Mindvalley has a limited catalog, and the courses on offer aren’t for everyone.

The heavy focus on self-improvement means there are few skill based courses.

And while Mindvalley are expanding, they seem unlikely to ever offer the same range of courses you might find on, for example, Masterclass.

The daily Quests are a pro of the Mindvalley system, but, realistically, they aren’t for everyone.

If you have an erratic schedule, you might struggle to fit the Quests into your day. 

Conclusion: Is Mindvalley Worth It?

Mindvalley is an online learning service with an expensive subscription.

However, the courses on offer are incredible quality, and the structured lesson plans are excellent for those who want to learn effectively.

While the limited course catalog won’t appeal to everyone, if you’re interested in personal growth, Mindvalley is definitely worth checking out.

In a world as busy and hectic as our own, we can start feeling lost incredibly easily whether it’s from...
In a world as busy and hectic as our own, we can start feeling lost incredibly easily whether it’s from...