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Martin Barrett
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How Does Mindvalley Work? [What You Need To Know]

How Does Mindvalley Work? [What You Need To Know]

Mindvalley is an online learning platform founded by Vishen Lakhiani, that makes some pretty impressive boasts about what it can do for members.

Instead of teaching you a skill, Mindvalley claims to provide a transformational experience, with the help of classes led by big names in the field of personal development.

If you’re curious about what Mindvalley Cost has to offer, you probably want to know just how Mindvalley works. Mindvalley is a subscription service, and members can access a range of free courses taught through short Mindvalley classes that are released daily.

This bite-sized learning experience is crucial to the Mindvalley method. Interested in learning more? In this short Mindvalley review, we’ve taken a look at everything you need to know about how does Mindvalley work and whether is Mindvalley worth the money you spend?

How Do You Learn With Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is slightly different from the standard online learning platform, as the focus is primarily on personal growth. Mindvalley Mentoring has courses focused on expanding your mind, nourishing your soul, transforming your relationships, and becoming a better you. 

Mindvalley urges you to “step into your greatness”, describing itself as a transformation platform, instead of an education site. This isn’t the platform you choose if you want to, for example, become better at math.

But if you want to enhance your overall learning capabilities, Mindvalley might be the place for you.

To enhance the learning experience, Mindvalley users take part in a “Quest”, and receive short daily lessons. This is designed to help people retain information, so they can learn something every day.

Mindvalley also offers a community experience. You can see success stories, connect with peers, and discover new ways to incorporate the Mindvalley life assessment. 

How Does Mindvalley Membership Work?

The best way to use Mindvalley is to sign up for a membership subscription. You can choose a yearly membership or a monthly membership.

You can cancel your membership at any point, although keep in mind you won’t be able to claim back any money already spent. Once you’ve created your subscription, you can begin to explore what Mindvalley has to offer. 

Enjoy 15 Days of Free

When you first sign up for your Mindvalley events account, you’ll be given 15 days to use the site, before deciding if you want to continue the subscription. Be aware that at this stage they have already taken a payment!

If you don’t cancel your subscription, it will automatically convert you into a full member after 15 days.

If you aren’t interested in the course offerings, don’t like the learning style, or simply don’t have time for Mindvalley, then you can cancel the subscription. You’ll need to head to the refund page and request a refund.

You don’t need to give a reason, and you should get your money back quickly. 

How To Use Mindvalley

Interested in trying Mindvalley? Here’s the kind of thing you can expect from a subscription.

Take The Mindvalley Quiz

Don’t worry, the Mindvalley quiz isn’t the learning platform putting you to work straight away. Instead, it’s a chance for Mindvalley to discover your interests, so they can offer you better recommendations.

You can complete the Mindvalley quiz in minutes, before setting up your profile. These steps simply ensure Mindvalley is offering you the best material for your interests.

Starting A Mindvalley Quest

How Does Mindvalley Work? [What You Need To Know]

The courses at Mindvalley University are different from your standard learning course, and not just in the subject. Instead of online courses, Mindvalley is home to “Quests”. 

These Quests are the bulk of the Mindvalley curriculum, and although they might sound strange, they are essentially lecture-based Mindvalley courses.

Quests are divided up into seven key categories: Mind, Body, Soul, Entrepreneurship, Career, Relationships, and Parenting. There are also Mindvalley Programs, but these work a little differently.

Once you’ve selected your Quest, it’s time to start learning. There are two methods for completing a Quest. You can choose to “Join a Class” or “Go at your own pace”.

“Join a Class” provides the most immersive experience. When you join a class, you work alongside other Mindvalley students. New lessons will be unlocked for you daily, so you’re encouraged to make learning a part of your daily routine.

“Go at your own pace” unlocks all the lessons at once. From here, you can dip into them as and when you want to. This method does lose some of the Mindvalley immersive experience, but it’s a good choice for busy members.

The “Join a Class” method allows you to make the most of the Mindvalley learning experience. Each class is given a specific start date, so you complete the Quest with fellow Mindvalley members.

If the start date is a little in the future, Mindvalley offers introductory videos, which you can browse while you wait for the Quest to begin. 

Completing A Mindvalley Quest

Mindvalley Quests provide you with daily lessons related to a chosen subject. When you sign up for a Quest, you’ll be given a brief overview of the course, and then you can get started with your first lesson.

Each lesson lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. This method has been designed by the Mindvalley team to work with how the brain learns, not how we think it learns. By giving bite-sized lessons, it’s easier for the brain to absorb and retain the information. 

The Quests are presented in different methods by Mindvalley teachers, but they primarily use high-quality videos to facilitate the learning experience. 

Quests typically last between one week and four weeks, with new lessons released frequently (typically daily). The lessons never exceed this limited time range, so you can easily fit a Quest into your daily routine.

Mindvalley instructors recommend you join each Quest as part of a Class, rather than learning at your own pace. Instead of tackling a lesson as and when, it encourages you to try habit stacking — adding your Mindvalley time on top of an already formed habit.

This method keeps learning consistent, to create the transformative experience Mindvalley tries to offer. 

Engage With The Community

Mindvalley aims to recreate the college experience, and a key part of this is community. When you join Mindvalley, you don’t just gain unlimited access to Mindvalley Masterclasses. You also gain access to an engaged and helpful member base.

The Mindvalley app can be used to connect to the community and to keep in touch with learners from the same class. You can join a Local network, and see people near you who are active on Mindvalley.

Or you can join a Program network, and connect with learners who have similar goals and are completing the same Quests. 

Add A Meditation

As mentioned, Mindvalley is different from other learning platforms, and one way it distinguishes itself is with meditations and self-improvement courses. 

Mindvalley offers subscribers access to a range of daily meditations, designed to assist the transformational experience as you complete your Quests. Many of the meditations are aimed toward completing certain goals, and you can even make your personalized meditation. 

Adding a Mindvalley meditation to your daily routine, perhaps by using the habit-stacking method, can help you focus on your transformational goals.

Final Thoughts

Mindvalley offers an unusual online learning experience, designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Each Mindvalley course is presented as a Quest, a series of daily lessons that help the user retain information, and transform into their better self.