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How Much Does It Cost To Join Mindvalley

How Much Does It Cost To Join Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that focuses on personal growth rather than professional growth.

Instead of you finding the right course, Mindvalley has a Mindvalley quest plan that helps you find the right course through their helpful self-assessment tools. Using Mindvalley quests, you can find online courses that will:

  • Sharpen your mind
  • Reshape your body
  • Tap into your soul
  • Become a better entrepreneur
  • Grow your career
  • Enhance your relationships

But, how much does it cost to join Mindvalley? Mindvalley predicts that all the Mindvalley programs are valued at over $15,000, but many individuals wanting to subscribe have to wonder how much it costs to subscribe.

To help we’ve come to help you find out how Mindvalley works and how much it will cost. (See also ‘Mindvalley Review: Everything you Need to Know!‘)

If you’re looking to subscribe, we’ve found that each program has an enrollment fee between $199 and $499, but how much is a membership?

Advertised as being under $2 a day, we’ll be taking a closer look at the price for Mindvalley’s subscription.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Mindvalley?

The price of Mindvalley depends on the page you buy on and the type of membership you want.

Mindvalley is available under monthly and yearly subscriptions, but special offers may exist.

Let’s just go into a little more detail about each subscription and how much can Mindvalley cost in the long run.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership for Mindvalley costs $149 per month, but there is a special offer where it is available for $99 per month.

It’s a pretty steep price for a monthly subscription, but you’ll have the same all-access membership that you would have with an annual subscription. 

If you get Mindvalley at its usual price of $149 per month and pay that amount for the whole year, it would cost $1788 for the entire year.

As it’s based on cost less than $2 per day, with a monthly membership, a daily offer would be $4.90 per day. So a monthly subscription would require you to put aside nearly $5 daily to match the cost.

They offer an occasional $50 discount, with the price coming to $99 per month, depending on where you subscribe.

If you pay $99 for the whole 12 months in the year, it will cost you $1188 altogether.

Advertised as less than $2 per day, the overall daily price for Mindvalley would come down to $3.25, which means that it costs more with a monthly membership than an annual subscription.

Annual Subscription

The yearly membership for a Mindvalley subscription is usually $599 per year, but you can get it discounted to $499 a year.

Compared to the overall fee for a monthly subscription, we can understand why so many people prefer it.

However, the price is still pretty steep. Here, we’ll compare the two subscriptions and how much you can save with an annual subscription.

If you subscribe to Mindvalley’s yearly membership of $599 a year, that would cost $49.92 each month, which is nearly $100 cheaper than the standard monthly membership.

As the daily membership is generally accepted as being under $2, we can see that the annual fee is $1.64, so a yearly membership would definitely cost under $2 a day. 

Using the $100 discount of $499 on Mindvalley’s site, you’ll find that it would have been $41.58 each month if you paid monthly.

That makes it over half the price of a monthly membership.

If you were to spend daily, it would only cost $1.37, making it less than $2, as advertised.

Mindvalley encourages you to pay for an annual subscription, but the price is still steep, and it’s a commitment to sign up.

What Can You Do With A Mindvalley Subscription?

What Can You Do With A Mindvalley Subscription

If you’re considering signing up for Mindvalley, it’s essential that you know what you’re signing up for.

We’ve briefly touched upon the courses you can take on Mindvalley, but what will you have access to by subscribing? 

By subscribing to membership with Mindvalley, you’ll have unlimited access to their entire curriculum. (Check out ‘Mindvalley Vs Masterclass (Honest Comparision 2023)‘)

You can access the best-in-class programs and Mindvalley mentoring to promote your own personal development and self-improvement.

Not only can you access the best programs for Mindvalley classes, but you can also attend Mindvalley events like the weekly Mindvalley Live sessions hosted by Mindvalley teachers who are the biggest trainers, bestselling authors, and celebrities in the industry.

You’ll also have access to Mindvalley Meditations, which will lead you through guided and ambient meditation audio.

If you want to connect with other users, you can use Mindvalley’s private social network, where you can share your thoughts with other members worldwide.

How Does The Mindvalley Membership Work?

You don’t only choose the courses available by selecting a Mindvalley Membership.

Instead of choosing a specific course, there are particular tests that you have to follow first. 

First, members will have to take a self-assessment to help identify where they’re struggling and doing well.

This allows the algorithm to find suitable Mindvalley courses for you to have a structured roadmap.

Once you know what courses you need to take, you can download the Mindvalley application and log into your account.

Once you have your account set up, you can choose which program you want to do first.

In this area, you can find out which programs the algorithm has set aside for you and select the one that you like the look of most.

Once you’ve done this, you can find the course you want to do first.

They will also offer you resources to help you get started to

To help you find the right course, they established an A.I. to help customize individual transformative learning, which makes it perfect for students who want a curriculum to match their needs from the self-assessment.

While before, they solely focused on courses that promoted personal growth, over the years, they have also implemented more courses on business and career.

So, you’ll find there are resources available if you want to also find a course that focuses on your career. 

Finally, we mentioned how Mindvalley has a community platform that members can join to find fellow students.

Using this, you can possibly find a study buddy to join you and start discussions about what you’ve learned or get insight from other members. 

Can You Cancel Your Membership?

You can cancel your membership if you’re unhappy with it or don’t want to commit.

However, if you want a refund, you will have to cancel within the first 15 days.

The good news about their refund policy is that you just have to go to the Refund Page.

You don’t have to email or call customer service; you only need to click one button. 

If you want to try it out, you can use these 15 days as a trial period to see if it’s right for you. Just remember to cancel before the 15 days are up to ensure you’re eligible for your total refund.

Bottom Line

Mindvalley is an education platform that is suited to personal growth, but it is expensive.

There are often celebrity speakers who offer lessons, but if you’re looking to learn something specific, it may not be worth the price.

So, is Mindvalley worth it for you? Before committing, you can always try it out for 15 days and cancel before the time is up, and you’ll get your money back. If you find it suitable, try out Mindvalley University for a fully immersive experience!

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