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15 Best Mindvalley Courses

15+ Best Mindvalley Courses Of 2023

With over 70 content-packed courses to choose from once you sign up for a Mindvalley membership with one of the largest online learning platforms, the truth is that it can initially seem a little overwhelming, especially because of the sheer amount of subjects and topics that are all beneficial in their own ways.

To make it easier to decide which of all the courses to get stuck into, we have compiled a list of the most popular and best Mindvalley courses, highly-praised, and detailed courses on Mindvalley that you can check out today and try out for yourself if you have a membership.

1. The Mastery Of Sleep By Michael Breus

Many of us underestimate just how important our sleep schedule is to our daily lives, and in this 28-day-long course, Dr. Michael Breus not only covers why sleeping at the right times can benefit our physical and mental well-being but also improve conscious parenting mastery as well.

But he also goes into great detail about how to address concerns such as insomnia, deprived sleep, and snoozing through an alarm. 

2. SuperBrain By Jim Kwik

American brain coach Jim Kwik delivers a few different courses on Mindvalley, but SuperBrain might just be his best one yet as he guides viewers through his 8 key principles, and how to integrate them into daily life and the workplace. 

These include a class on how to change our habits, increase our efficiency, and remain focused during a tumultuous period, which are skills all of us can benefit from no matter what our profession is.

3. Uncompromised Life By Marisa Peer

If you’re feeling a little lost in life, whether it be in your personal development or in personal matters, Marisa Peer has designed this course just for you as she seeks to transform the way you think by improving your self-esteem, belief in the future, and sense of spirituality. 

The course is very accessible and easy to grasp with plenty of group coaching activities and rehearsals to ensure you get to grips and fully understand everything she explains in the bite-size videos. 

4. Be Extraordinary By Vishen Lakhiani

4. Be Extraordinary By Vishen Lakhiani

As the founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani knows a thing or two about being labeled as “ambitious”, and in this course, he shares his experience with being able to dream big while still realistically achieving your goals at peak performance, even when you experience constant setbacks or doubt from your peers. 

If you have a dream idea that you want to see become a reality, no matter how ambitious it might be, this is the perfect course for you. 

5. Conscious Uncoupling By Katherine Woodward Thomas

Maintaining a strong relationship with our friends, families, and partners can be very challenging, especially as we get older and have far less time in the day than we used to, which can stir up negative emotions in many of us.

In Conscious Uncoupling, Katherine Thomas not only talks about how to hold onto relationships that we value, but also how to let go of others and find inner peace and assurance within ourselves that we made the right decision.

6. Unlimited Abundance By Christie Marie Sheldon

Many of us can become consumed by our mental doubts, whether it’s the fear that we won’t be good enough for a job or a lack of confidence in taking on an assessment.

These are emotions that can cause so much indecision in our lives and this is what Christie Marie Sheldon discusses in Unlimited Abundance. 

Christie teaches viewers a few different methods and techniques for overcoming these mental blocks in this course so that we can live a life full of confidence and without worry. 

7. Energy Medicine By Donna Eden

In each incredibly detailed episode of this Energy medicine course, Donna Eden discusses the importance and the science behind energy systems within our body and teaches several techniques we can use to feel confident and energized before a big presentation, a sports match, or that crucial test that we need to pass. 

8. Hero Genius. Legend By Robin Sharma

This course almost feels like an autobiography in the way it is laid out, but we are guided through the fascinating life of Canadian writer Robin Sharma.

We also get an insight into the habits that helped him reach his dream as he turned from a litigation lawyer to one of the highest-selling authors and top leadership experts in the world. 

9. The Quest For Personal Mastery By Srikumar Rao

9. The Quest For Personal Mastery By Srikumar Rao

Through a 45-day course of this best Mindvalley quests, elite coach Srikumar Rao helps viewers to understand the “inner landscape” and how we can better appreciate where we are in life and how far we have come, rather than dwelling on regrets or worries for the future. 

This is an excellent course for helping to manage negative thoughts and worries that constantly race around our brains so that we can stay focused and productive in the present moment. 

10. Lucid Dreaming By Charlie Morley

Lucid dreaming is something many of us have heard about, but we may not know just how many benefits come from being able to control it. 

Charlie Morley guides viewers through this course that goes over what lucid dreaming is, how we can master it, and how to then use it to better understand our true dreams and intentions in life going forward.

11. SuperReading By Jim Kwik

Many of us are required to read through so many emails, articles, notes, and additional resources as part of our jobs, and this can end up taking so much time out of our day.

Jim Kwik proposes to solve that issue with Super speed reading where he teaches how to scan for crucial information and absorb everything you read using 10-20 minute long sessions. 

12. Beyond Fasting By Ronan Oliveira

There aren’t many most popular Mindvalley courses that explain food habits and dieting as well as Beyond Fasting.

A class dedicated to helping you learn what to eat and when to eat it by taking a look at the real meaning behind “Fasting” and how to incorporate it into our own lives. 

13. Duality By Jeffrey Allen

If you’re struggling to contain your emotions and keep them in check after a traumatic period or a disappointment in your life.

This Mindvalley course delivered by spiritual guru Jeffrey Allen is all about teaching viewers how to recognize their positive emotions while also manifesting their hopes and dreams into reality. 

14. Speak & Inspire By Lisa Nichols

Public speaking in front of a crowd is no easy task, whether it’s for a business meeting, or as the speaker at a conference.

Speaking confidently and fluently is something Lisa Nichols in her career has mastered as she shares her best tips, techniques, and methods for becoming a great speaker in Speak & Inspire. 

15. Introducing Conscious Parenting Mastery By Dr. Shefali

Introducing Conscious Parenting really is a course you can’t miss out on if you’re struggling with the responsibilities of being a parent when it comes to physical and mental health, or if you are going to be one soon because it is the best life vision and life visioning mastery.

Dr. Shefali covers every basis of being a good parent, from bonding activities to changing diapers, and goes into detail about what makes a good parent and role model for children. 


If you’re stuck on what course to try next after already testing out a few on the recommended tab.

Check out these amazing classes that are all guaranteed to help you feel confident, happy, and healthy in your personal growth, uncompromised life, and career.

In a world as busy and hectic as our own, we can start feeling lost incredibly easily whether it’s from...
Mindvalley is an online learning platform that turns the focus away from gaining skills, and toward gaining personal insight. Offering...
In a world as busy and hectic as our own, we can start feeling lost incredibly easily whether it’s from...
Mindvalley is an online learning platform that turns the focus away from gaining skills, and toward gaining personal insight. Offering...