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What Does Mindvalley Teach?

What Does Mindvalley Teach?

Mindvalley is an online learning platform founded by Vishen Lakhiani like no other. Rather than having a focus on education in a typical sense, this platform focuses on self-improvement in various aspects – including the mind, body, and soul. 

As a platform with the purpose of helping people become their best selves, Mindvalley can be used to train yourself mentally and physically. The platform, while expensive compared to other online learning platforms, has a lot to offer, and what does Mindvalley teach us? 

If you want to learn the specifics of what Mindvalley teachers teach us, then just keep reading. We are going to cover everything you need to know about what this platform offers in the sections below. 

Mindvalley Overview

In this short Mindvalley review, Mindvalley is an online learning platform that specializes in personal growth and personal development with unlimited access. You pay for Mindvalley classes and Mindvalley membership and receive incredibly high-quality content, lessons, quests, and workshops in return. 

Classes are run by professionals in their field, and even many celebrities work on the website in their areas of expertise. You can expect to find Mindvalley courses about the body, mind, soul, and so much more on the official website when you sign up. 

What Does Mindvalley Teach?

Mindvalley specializes in self-improvement in different aspects. It focuses on ways to improve your mental and physical health, but also your relationships with both others and yourself.

There are entrepreneurship classes as well as parenting and career classes for anyone who may feel like they need help in those areas of life. 

A Quick Disclaimer

There is very limited information available to the public without signing up for Mindvalley. In many cases, the free courses are hidden from view.

However, don’t let this put you off, as there is a 15-day money-back guarantee for memberships – both monthly and annual. 

This means that you will have the opportunity to check out the online learning platform’s courses and content for over two weeks to see how Mindvalley is for you. You can easily change your mind, or continue with your subscription – it’s totally up to you. 

Just be aware that this online learning platform is an expensive one, so don’t expect anything to come cheap. With that being said, they do offer very high-quality products, with excellent mentors and trainers. It’s simply up to you to decide whether Mindvalley worth the money or not. 

Courses On The Mind

The first category that the Mindvalley quest covers is the mind. There are a number of courses available on the official website, with some sneak peeks at some courses that are being added to the site soon.

These “coming soon” courses include things like “10 Questions for Self-Love”, “The 5 Elements of Happiness”, and “The Queen Effect”. 

Each of these looks at a different aspect of the mind – love, happiness, and confidence. This online learning platform can help you achieve the best version of yourself, no matter what aspect of your life you need help with.  

Courses On The Body

Since Mindvalley University takes a holistic view of an individual, you can expect to see plenty of body transformation and health courses and information. In this section, you will be able to find online courses about fasting, transformation training, mastering sleep, and so much more. 

These classes go beyond fitness. Rather, you can expect to learn everything you need to know regarding your own physical health. The importance of sleep and diet, fasting techniques, exercise and training, and so much more are all options when you sign up. 

Courses On The Soul

Mindvalley quests can help you get in touch with and maintain your soul and spirituality. Here, you can learn about all the secrets to your life, and what you need in it.

There are courses on unlocking transcendence, duality, chakra healing, meditation, envisioning, Feng Shui, and so much more. 

As for the “mind” category, there are some “coming soon” courses for people to be excited about. These include things like “magical living”, “The Art of Manifestation”, and “Ultra Presence”.

By taking part in these courses, you can learn all about how to transcend negative thinking, manifest your Mindvalley life assessment, and awaken your full potential. 

What Does Mindvalley Teach?

Courses On Entrepreneurship 

The learning doesn’t end there! You can also learn lots of useful entrepreneurship skills through Mindvalley, too. This online learning platform can teach you the skills you need in order to be successful in any endeavors you might choose to take on. 

Courses On Career

You can also take career growth programs and work productivity courses through Mindvalley. These can help you become more efficient and productive not only at work but in your daily life, too. There are trainers and mentors on the site who can help you achieve your best.

Courses On Relations

Mindvalley also offers plenty of courses and help relating to relationships, sex, and sexuality. There are a range of courses at your disposal if you sign up, which can help you reclaim your life, and improve your relationships – maybe even help you create new ones. 

In their “coming soon” section, the online learning platform advertises courses on integrity dating, reading body language, and Maybe Musk’s seven rules of life.

Not only that, but there are soon going to be new courses on activating sexual energy, the science of great sex, and female sensuality. 

Courses On Parenting

Parents who sign up for Mindvalley can also get lots of help with everything relating to being a parent – from raising children to dealing with toddlers and teens.

One of the most notable courses on offer in this category is “The Path of Conscious Parenting”, which provides Mindvalley masterclasses and Mindvalley events designed to help parents. 

Who Would Mindvalley Suit?

We know that no one thing will be suitable for everyone’s individual needs and preferences. So, to help you decide if Mindvalley is something that would suit you, you may want to think about these things. We think that this platform is great for the following:

  • People who love self-help podcasts and books
  • Anyone who wants to do some self-improvement (which includes mental, physical, and spiritual improvement)
  • People who need some daily motivation to achieve their goals
  • Anyone who would like to be part of a supportive and engaging online community
  • People who have a love for online learning

Final Thoughts

Mindvalley is full of potential. It offers a lot to its members, but there are both positives and negatives to consider when signing up for something like this.

You should be aware of the fact that this online learning platform, while it offers its members a lot, is not a cheap option by any means. 

However, Mindvalley mentoring, training, workshops, and so much more on areas that are barely covered in other online learning platforms. 

You can choose to sign up and see what you think if you feel like their courses will benefit you in any way. Just remember that they have a 15-day money-back guarantee, so you will be able to test this platform out without saying goodbye to your money too soon. 

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