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Martin Barrett
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Can A Family Share A MasterClass Membership?

Can A Family Share A MasterClass Membership?

The online learning platform MasterClass offers some great value with a range of subscription options and there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you cannot find the right course for you.

Yet with so many online courses available that are expert-led by known leaders in their fields, MasterClass remains a great resource for online learning.

As with online learning platforms, it should be easy to allow the knowledge to spread to others.

With MasterClass, you can use a plan to allow another individual and even a family or friends to share the same membership in order to lower the MasterClass cost.

In this guide, we will look at whether a family can share a MasterClass membership (see also ‘How To Teach On MasterClass‘).

We will also look at how to add another individual to your Duo or Family plan, profile tracking with multiple people on the same plan, and whether several individuals on the same plan can enroll in the same class at the same time.

Can A Family Share A MasterClass Membership?

Yes, it is possible for a family to share a MasterClass membership. They will need to add their profile via the account holder’s profile once they are logged in and, currently, that is only possible via the web browser.

You can use a MasterClass Family plan and have the rest of your family with their own profile and it is really simple.

However, this cannot be done via the MasterClass app, not on one from Google Play or one downloaded from the Apple App Store. 

With the Family plan, classes can be viewed on a total of six separate devices simultaneously using individual profiles.

Courses can be downloaded and viewed offline with unlimited access and each individual can participate in their course.

Each of those individuals will have access to every single class that MasterClass offers too which is of exceptional value.

Worksheets and interactive assignments will be available for every individual and there is also bonus content to enjoy. 

Remember, it does need to be a biological family that shares a Family plan. There is no DNA testing to ensure that an individual is a blood family relation.

Friends can also join the Family subscription plan and it may be the ideal option for a small group or business that all want to learn from a few MasterClass courses. 

How To Add Another Individual To Your Duo/Family Plan

Thankfully, it is so easy to add another individual or family member to your Duo or Family Plan. Of course, the account holder’s profile is automatically added to the MasterClass account as part of the sign-up process.

Once the account holder has logged into their MasterClass account and selected their profile, they can select the ‘Profiles’ option, located in the top right-hand corner of the web browser.

From there, click on the ‘+ Add Profile’ button and then enter a profile name for the new individual.

You could even upload an image of their face or an image that is personal to them.

Click on ‘Continue’ and there you have it, that individual has their own profile and access to MasterClass.

Do remember that you can only add individuals to your plan via the MasterClass website. 

Profile Tracking With Multiple Individuals On The Same Plan

Can A Family Share A MasterClass Membership?

If you do have several individuals from your family or friends using the same plan, then you may be worried about whether they are able to track their own progress.

They should be able to learn at their own pace and MasterClass is able to provide profile tracking for every individual.

Any person on the same plan can use their own, unique profile, to see their own progress and see how far they have gone in the online courses that they are enrolled in.  

Can Several Individuals On The Same Plan Enroll In The Same Session Class?

Currently, only a single user from the same plan is allowed to enroll in a specific session class.

That does prevent other individuals on the same plan from learning simultaneously from the same course on separate devices yet with so many courses available it should not be difficult to find another course to take.

This is a feature that MasterClass hopes to be able to change to allow multiple users on the same plan to view session classes independently of each other. (See ‘How To Give Masterclass As A Gift (How It Works).’)

The Subscription Options On MasterClass

There used to be a simpler time when you could only purchase an annual MasterClass subscription that acted as an all-access pass to all of their new classes.

If you did want all those classes, you could simply buy access to a single individual class.

Times change and MasterClass now offers three different subscription options, effectively in tiers with a range of price points. 

The Individual annual subscription is priced at $120 per year which works out to an average of $10 a month. You can watch masterclass classes on one device at the same time so no sharing. (Check out ‘Your Guide To The Best MasterClass Discounts, Deals, And Promos‘.)

The plan also does not allow for downloads so you can only view session classes with an internet connection, not offline. 

The Duo Masterclass annual membership is for two devices so is ideal for a couple or two friends, or two family members if no one else from the family wants to join in.

It does allow for downloading for offline viewing and costs a bit more at $180 per year which is an average of $15 per month.

You may as well halve those prices for an individual on that plan which works out at just $120 per year and $10 per month. (Find out why is MasterClass so expensive ‘here‘.)

With perhaps the best value of all the MasterClass subscription options, the Family plan costs $240 per year.

The MasterClass subscription can be shared between up to six devices and allows for downloading session classes to be viewed offline. Less than $3.50 per user per month.

Final Thoughts

Though each family member will likely have an experience of their own education, they can all be involved with learning on MasterClass.

With the Family plan, a total of six devices can watch whichever expert-led class that individual chooses, and there is a lot to choose from.

It is relatively easy to set up a new individual on the Family plan and the value is exceptional.

Each individual can also track their progress in their classes via their profile, the difficulty may be deciding which classes to go for first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have the names of the plans changed over time?

Yes, what was once called the Premium plan has since been renamed to be called the Family plan. It still retains all the same features, it just comes under another name.

That is also the case for the Standard plan, which is now called the Individual plan, and the Plus plan, which is now called the Duo plan. (See ‘