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Martin Barrett
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how much does udacity cost

Udacity Pricing & Plans 2023 (How Much Does Udacity Cost)

The tech space is a fast-growing field and a great data science career track to pursue. As the industry is expanding and investments increase, there are many opportunities for upward mobility.

However, the tech landscape can be a confusing place that many are fearful of entering. 

With the skill levels and knowledge required for many tech jobs, people are put off or simply don’t have the right experience to start a new career path with industry leaders. 

Luckily, online learning platforms offer the opportunity to develop new skills like data structures and knowledge at the learner’s own pace.

Balancing free online courses around current commitments is an effective way to upskill yourself and get a potentially higher-paid job like a data science engineer.

This article will break down how much does Udacity cost for programs and financing options available to Udacity students. 

How Does Udacity Work?

Udacity is an online learning platform that focuses on tech-related subjects. To enroll in one of their courses, students must make an account from which they can manage their studies. 

There are three types, of course, routes students can take; Udacity Nanodegree program, a singular paid course, or an Executive Program.

Each of these is designed to fit a specific need, more information about these can be found on the Udacity website. 

Once enrolled in a Udacity course, students will watch video lectures, complete tasks and quizzes after each lesson, and complete projects to demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge of their course material. 

Over the course of their learning, these projects will be condensed into a portfolio that can be shown to prospective employers.

When the Udacity courses have been completed, students will receive a certificate to validate their learning and capabilities. 

Udacity Plans

The standard payment option Udacity offers is a monthly subscription. Students pay for each month they learn with the platform; this amount depends on the individual course.

When browsing through the program catalog, the cost of enrollment is indicated on each individual program details page. 

To give students a better idea of the types of costs that are associated with the platform, many of the courses currently offered cost around $399 per month at the time of writing this article. These may be subject to change. 

The program pages of the courses provide an estimate of how long it will take to complete the course. If a course cost $399 per month and it took the student four months to finish it, the total would be $1596. 

Note that the longer it takes the student to complete the course, the more it will cost. The timeframes are just guidelines that indicate how long it will take the average student to complete the course. 

Other Options

Certain courses offer great value-for-money options. For example, if a course only takes an average of three months to complete then Udacity may offer a 3-month access fee which comes at a discounted rate when paid for upfront. Savings of up to 12% can be found. 

Unfortunately, not all courses have these deals and they are subject to availability.

This can be frustrating when students have a specific course in mind, but there are alternative options to help those struggling financially. 

how much does udacity cost

Can You Get A Free Trial?

A 30-day free trial is on offer with Udacity, this offer means students have access to one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs for free.

Within this month, students will be able to learn skills and even work on a capstone project which can be submitted.  

It can be distressing to spend a lot of money upfront on an educational program when the outcomes are unknown.

This free trial is a great way to get a feel for the program and determine whether or not it is worthwhile to continue learning in this way. 

Learning online isn’t for everyone, taking opportunities such as these can help save time and money in the future.

Payments will automatically be charged after the one-month trial period has ended, so it’s important to cancel this beforehand to avoid being charged.

Financial Support Options

The platform doesn’t accept any federal, state, or local aid to fund programs.

For those that need help financing their education, Udacity offers discounts to all students who submit a Financial Support Discount form. 

These discounts will be based on the information given to the platform by the students and they will have up to seven days to apply the discount code if they wish before the offer expires. 

Filling in a simple form from the course program page can help to get students a personalized discount, which can be used on any of Udacity Nanodegree programs. 

Scholarship Programs

Udacity offers a number of scholarship executive programs that help students begin a career in tech.

The ‘Aspire to Tech scholarship program is available for AT&T Aspire-supported organizations and similar groups that are focused on increasing diversity in tech. 

Those applying for the scholarships will be enrolled in one of three cutting-edge programs.

No previous programming experience is required for these courses, all coding will be taught over eight months and help the individual land their dream job at the end of the program. 

There is more detailed information regarding the scholarships and who is eligible to apply on the Udacity website. 

Does Udacity Offer Free Courses?

A number of free courses are also available on the platform which creates a more accessible community around the brand. Even with discounts, not everyone can afford to take part in these courses. 

Currently, there are around 200 free courses for students to pick from. These won’t be as in-depth as the Nanodegree, but they can still supply students with essential knowledge.

Although they won’t have to pay, students will have to sign up for a free Udacity account. 

The Bottom Line

Udacity offers a range of free and paid courses that help students gain real-world knowledge through data analysis and skills in the tech industry.

The paid courses aren’t cheap, but there are a number of ways to receive financial help and acquire discounted rates. Always thoroughly check the program product pages for information on costs. 

Udacity is an online learning platform that was founded by three former Stanford University professors, including Sebastian Thrun, David S....